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Other Citizens Comment On The Frightening Abilities Of The NSA Through Its Echelon Satellite Spy Network & Signals Intelligence Operations - The NWO

Alleged Former NSA Employee

"The NSA is so far ahead of the rest of the world, hackers in particular, that you can't fathom it. They are unequivocally the best at what they do. We were doing things in the 60's that you still cannot do, and doing it so well the enemies of Democracy were not even in the race. I worked for them from 1964-68, as a military employee, and occasionally, today, the media or some group of historians will publish things from that era as though it were new. I have never been as proud of anything I did as I was then, and remain, because we were America and her allies' first line of defense. "

Comment by Scott — September 28, 2004 @ 10:22 am

Another Target Of NSA Mind Control

"NSA is far beyond what anyone can guess today just as they were in the 1960s when no one knew anything about NSA. Cryptography is a subset of Sigint which is the overall mission of NSA. It is my belief based upon personal experience for the past 3.5 years that NSA is behind brain wave monitoring and feedback surveillance R&D. This is just another signal to be decoded. It's been done and works. I've been a target. What need is there for cryptography when the brain can be read accurately? Anything can be decoded. It's just like using the keystroke capture programme "Magic Lantern" to break any code by watching plain text before or after in the computer.

NSA developed TEMPEST then let the world know about it because it was obsolete for all practical purposes in my estimate. Brain wave monitoring and feedback is carried out by satellite and can target anyone. I believe that the big push is to use the Echelon system to step into the interception of brain waves and keyword process everything in the way that all communications are being processed now with Echelon. I also believe that this will be the major part of the SDI and not protection against missiles.

Knowing when the order to fire is being prepared will be the objective. This will have to develop above ground at some point. In this environment cryptography becomes a curious sideline. The real application for mathematics will be in analysing the function of the brain. So far this has been done remarkably well. Nobody has any idea just how far advanced this actually is at present. No one can duplicate the effort because this R&D has been using human guinea pigs like me. The R&D is lethal. Nevertheless, the effort is massive."

Comment by Gary D Chance — September 28, 2004 @ 1:31 pm

Most people may have no idea, Gary, however, as a long-term target of the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations - by way of the NSA's EMF dial up network - I have every intention of making certain that every person on this planet learns of the NSA's real use for Echelon - the remote neural monitoring by way of computer to brain link of every citizen on this planet. According to AKWEI VS NSA, all Americans have already been electronically branded by the NSA through its Signals Intelligence Echelon spy network. All the NSA's operatives need to do is to dial up our unique brain signature and they can track us for the rest of our lives without our knowledge or consent; not to mention using us for their classified mind control experimentation while we live our lives, never knowing that we've been turned into unwitting lab rats for this New World Order strong hold.

Americans are living in their homes thinking that they are safe, because a burglar hasn't broken in and tried to harm them. However, the real threat is an invisible one (at least invisible to the naked eye, since the eye cannot detect this part of the infrared spectrum); the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, which agencies like the NSA have used to exploit our own electromagnetic fields.

The greatest scandal in American History, yet your average American citizen hasn't the vaguest notion that their privacy has already been destroyed by this technology, and that in the future it will be their minds which will be destroyed next.

I also agree with you in regard to the NSA's use of Tempest -- it's likely nothing but a red herring being used to divert people's attention away from Echelon. The future for such spying and polygraphy is in the wireless technology field, and via satellite spy networks like Echelon and the Iridium satellites which utilize cell phone towers as an adjunct medium for spying on all of us.

Moreover, most people who own a cell phone will not be pleased to learn that these phones were created by Intel agencies like the NSA, CIA and FBI as both another source in which to spy on us, as well as another venue for the mass mind control of our population.

Cell phones operate on the same electronic frequencies as the human brain - this is not by accident, but instead by design.

Americans, as well as the rest of the global population must begin to think in terms of the Illuminati and its New World Order agenda, and not in the context of the matrix which they have been cleverly duped into adapting to. The so called real world is an Illuminati induced illusion used for the express purpose of deception.

The horrifying reality is that the real world is that of the New World Order, and the destruction of humanity itself.


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