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The FBI Is A New World Order Controlled Organization Whose Primary Function Is To Promote An Atmosphere Of Terror Within The United States

"Your odds of winning a major lottery sweepstakes are far better than ever having the U.S. Intel community admitting to their treasonous crimes."

FBI - The CONsummate Perversion Of Law Enforcement

If the FBI had been presented to the American people as the domestic spy agency which it has since 1924 always been, instead of the facade of a federal police force that it's been represented as, the FBI would have been abolished practically from the day it was created.

Like the CIA, a primary function of the FBI is to promote an aura of fear within the American people. It is such fear that these agencies use in which to control Americans. Another important aspect of such control is Intel's illegal spying on U.S. Politicians in order to uncover information which could be damaging to their reputations. This information can then be used to either destroy their careers, or to blackmail them so that they support the Intelligence community's agenda, while refusing to investigate allegations by the American public of wrongdoing by these Intel agencies.

The FBI and CIA will also utilize the NSA's Signals Intelligence network in order to conduct a protracted fishing expedition on any politicians or judges of interest, in which these men and women will be illegally spied upon in order to uncover any aspect of their lives which these agencies can then use for the express purpose of blackmailing the intended parties.

For the FBI in particular such use of blackmail is the agency's stock in trade. The agency is also notorious for circulating disinformation, as well as blatant lies in regard to those targets of the Intel community who can not be indicted.

This particular tactic is a very *convenient one for the FBI, because their target is denied their right to due process of law, while the FBI can circulate whatever information (much of the time complete fabrications) they decide to without ever being challenged in a court of law. The target is tried in the court of public opinion, oftentimes in covert ways which allow the FBI leeway in which to demonize the target without ever presenting exculpatory information which in a court of law would be mandatory, and serve the interests of those whom they target.

*The FBI has no intention of ever allowing a jury to hear of the heinous crimes that it has subjected a person targeted for COINTELPRO and non consensual human experimentation to, so the Bureau makes certain to both demonize these targeted persons in public, while propagating extensive and oftentimes costly psychological warfare operations against them, in which to force these people into committing suicide. However, if such a cover operation fails, then the FBI attempts to entrap the target into a situation in which they can be incarcerated; once this is done and the target is out of public view, the FBI can then murder them, with the plausible excuse that the person committed suicide.

The late actress Jean Seberg is one of the best examples of someone whom the FBI told such vicious lies about, including one in which the FBI stated that the father of Seberg's unborn child was a member of the Black Panther Party. A lie which caused Jean Seberg such distress that she lost her baby due to a miscarriage, and later committed suicide as a result of her despair.

All this time the FBI just kept on pushing Seberg over the edge knowing that their despicable and vile tactics would result in her untimely death. The FBI has done the same to this author as well as his own family in what is a clear attempt by the Bureau to commit murder through the use of the same type of psychological warfare that they used on Jean Seberg and a myriad of others. Such attacks in which those being targeted kill themselves, is a case of alternative homicide, where the perpetrators get away with their crimes.

The FBI is also not above destroying the lives of some of its own agents; the few within the FBI who actually have a conscience and cannot abide by the rampant criminality that they witness occurring within the Bureau. One such example is former FBI agent Richard Taus, whom the FBI framed on pedophile charges.

Moreover, most FBI agents are cold blooded torturers and murderers whose weapon of choice is the psychological operation, while blackmail through FBI entrapment schemes remains as their most effective weapon in controlling those whom the agency cannot succeed in getting indictments on. Which is why the FBI's agents must be exposed for these outrageous and inhumane operations and made accountable for them, while the FBI and its history of illegal surveillance, blackmail, deception, torture and murder are removed from the American way of life for good.

Such blackmailing schemes are the primary function of a spy agency like the FBI - the ability to blackmail important policy makers, in order to maintain control of them. However, judges and politicians aren't the only targets of such illegal spying.

Moreover, based on the substantial number of complaints in regard to the Intel community's illegal spying and use of myriad Americans for non consensual experimentation, and the U.S. Congresses refusal to open a formal investigation into the Intelligence community's activities, it would appear that Intel's blackmailing schemes via COINTELPRO continue to be very successful. In short, they control most of our elected officials and how they vote on any issues which are of direct concern to the New World Order and its control over the American people.

Furthermore, when the Intel community finds itself dealing with a politician or judge whom they cannot dig up dirt on, Intel will then attempt to entrap the official in a sting operation in order to control them, or fabricate damaging information in order to harm the reputation of the official.

Contrary to popular belief, there are honest judges and politicians within the United States. However, by the scale of the enormous and treasonous cover up regarding the Kean Hamilton Commission Report and the official mega lie that the three branches of the federal government have adopted as their truth regarding the attacks on 9-11-2001, it would appear that such honest judges and politicians are most definitely a minority in this country. And as such, always in danger of being targeted by the Intel community who seek to find a means in which to control them.
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