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Intel's Threats Against This Author Continue/ Family Member Coerced By FBI & DHS Admits That It Would Be Dangerous To Speak Out Publicly

"We've Met The Enemy And We Are Theirs"

Art Carney - In An Episode Of The Honeymooners Sitcom

Yesterday, during a brief conversation with a Family member, I was told that the information that I have documented on this Website is going to cause me problems. This statement has been made by Family members and others associated with such members in the past.

As for problems, for the past three decades I have been illegally used by an agency of the U.S. Intel (NSA) community for non consensual human experimentation, while being subjected to the most precedent setting and egregious violations of my 4TH Amendment rights of any American citizen in this country's history.

A situation in which both agents of the FBI and NSA have colluded in a protracted and illegal campaign in which to violate my rights under the color of law, while hiding these crimes under the cover of law. A "nasty habit" which largely characterizes the existence of the New World Order controlled Intelligence community in the United States.

In 1993, I was also infected with Lyme Disease (a U.S. Military created biological weapon) which kept me bedridden for much of the time from 1993 until 2001, and permanently damaged my health. As for what life is like suffering chronically from the horrid effects of this biological weapon, type chronic Lyme Disease into the Google search engine and you can learn for yourself what a complete nightmare this illness is; as well as the millions of lives that it has destroyed.

Moreover, for the past six years I have been subjected to a 24 hour a day campaign of psychological warfare courtesy of the same New World Order controlled Nazi trash that violated my rights in the first place, and who are at present attempting to drive me to a state of complete insanity.

So this Website is going to cause me trouble? This Family member has an amusing sense of humor! It's just unfortunate that they have been subjected to the FBI's extortionate tactics, in which to remain silent regarding the crimes that Intel has subjected our entire Family to.

Obviously, a community that is less than pleased that so much accurate information in regard to their own rampant criminality is being circulated. And by an American citizen whose constitutional and inalienable rights they have egregiously violated for decades, and who are now in once again precedent setting fashion, publicly demonizing after a failed long-term campaign in which to entrap this author.

Once again, a situation in which collusion between the FBI and NSA has taken place, and in which the agents involved should be indicted for these color of law crimes against both my family and person. And in particular for the use of this author as a target of non consensual human experimentation by the National Security Agency (for mind control research which includes the criminal use of my person by the NSA for remote satellite tracking, while subjecting my person to the NSA's computer to brain link brain scanning technology, as well as directed energy weaponry. The ultimate violation of any citizen's constitutionally protected rights; especially when one considers the abject violation of due process of law in such cases).

So I'm in trouble? They should hang these F'ing Nazi bastards! The same trash that burned nearly three dozen children alive at WACO, amongst their myriad of assorted atrocities.

Family Member Admits That Silence Is Survival

This family member also admitted to having seen Aaron Russo's documentary on the privately held Federal Reserve System and does acknowledge that the Federal Reserve is clearly operating illegally. However, this person's outlook is that since he has large responsibilities and needs a job, and would not be able to keep his job should he speak out against the U.S. Federal Government and its criminal activities,
that he is relegated to acquiescing to the loss of his inherent rights as an American citizen in order to keep a roof over his head.

In other words, he's acknowledged his enslavement for a paycheck.

Unfortunately, he is like a very substantial number of American citizens who now find themselves in similar situations; one in which they are not at all content with how this government is being operated, yet are afraid to challenge the abject criminality taking place and by what are clearly those whose idea of government is that of a criminally run oligarchy; and by whom our elected officials are not only controlled, but also beholden to.

Clearly, this if you can't beat 'em join 'em ideology is destroying what is left of the United States, and a primary reason why so many states are now seeking to secede from the federal government.

They will no longer tolerate a federal government that does not respect their constitutional freedoms, while pathologically deceiving them. Moreover, such intent for a mass exodus from the federal government makes it clear that many individual states do not believe the official 9-11 Commission Report chaired by Kean and Harrison, and suspect that a rogue element within the military industrial intelligence complex is definitely responsible for orchestrating and implementing the attacks on 9-11-2001.

As for the Intel community, they have wantonly disregarded the constitutional rights of my family, self and myriad others in this country. And this Website is testament to this fact. Furthermore, any threats by Intel (however covertly they are deployed) made to this author will only provoke additional articles in regard to the Intel community's history of treasonous criminal activity.

And while there are those who've chosen to surrender their freedoms to this cadre of treasonous reprobates, there are still some of us who will fight to the death to defend our rights regardless of the consequences. For noncooperation with a government which operates as a complete and criminal fraud, and in diametrical opposition to the very Constitution which it feigns to uphold, is the duty of a country's citizenry.

While cooperation with such a government should be considered in and of itself to be an act of treason. If you are a duly authorized official of the U.S. Federal Government and in any way, shape or form violating the U.S. Bill of Rights, you are a treasonous criminal.
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