Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Commemorative Edition Gold Coin Celebrating Wall Street Swindler Bernie Madoff By Those Who Support & Protect The Criminal Federal Reserve System?

Bernie Madoff - Lone Villain Or Convenient Fall guy?

What many investors who've been swindled out of billions by former Wall Street tycoon Bernie Madoff want to know is why did Madoff take a plea deal without using his constitutionally protected right to have a fair trial?

Self preservation is the likely cause here, since if Madoff had refused to take this plea deal, he may have faced an even worse fate by the criminals whom he's obviously covering up for. A situation like that of the late Enron CEO, Ken Lay, who suffered a very expeditious and what to some appeared to have been convenient heart attack, after being indicted on a myriad of charges which could have implicated many others in Enron's money laundering scheme.

Yes, in all likelihood, Mr. Madoff has been made the fall guy for some very powerful people who will never be arrested, tried or convicted for taking part in the criminal conspiracy to bilk billions of dollars from well intentioned investors. And even worse, the FBI probably knows all about it, and will now be used to perhaps dig up a few other insignificant people, in order to placate investors who've earned the right to be furious.

This while the U.S. Media has been carefully used in which to demonize Madoff, while conveniently ignoring the fact that he acquiesced quite easily to giving up his right to a fair trial. A perplexing situation in which one must ask what evidence could Madhoff's attorneys have offered up during the trial, in which to implicate myriad others in this enormous scam? Those who will now walk away with their ill gotten gains while Madhoff -the lightening rod- does their prison time for them.

And while the Madhoff case is considered to set precedent in regard to the amount of money stolen from the public through a financial swindle, the reality is that the Federal Reserve System has managed to steal trillions of dollars from the American workforce since the early 1900's, yet remains protected by the U.S. Congress and FBI.

One must also wonder given the man's global investment connections, just how many others Madhoff may have been working with (or perhaps for) at the time of his arrest? And in understanding the gravity of this situation, was Madhoff himself, threatened to cop a plea or perhaps face something worse, like the murder of family members? Or even that of himself?

Moreover, while there are those who believe that justice was served today with the guilty plea of Bernie Madhoff, it clearly was not, since many of those who should have been implicated for their malfeasance in this swindle will walk away with the billions in monies that they siphoned off from Madhoff's financial ponzi scheme.

Hence, the real criminals have won again, while casting off one of their own in an obvious act of self preservation. After all, it was the 19Th Century philosopher Soren Kierkegaard who stated that the greatest good could be attained by serving the greatest number of people at the expense of the few. A perversion in this case, yet a doctrine that Bernie Madhoff himself is now experiencing the reality of, having been thrown to the wolves by his peers. And which those whom he and his cohorts have swindled are now experiencing the inverse of.

Kierkegaard's statement is clearly in need of revision here, in that a corollary is necessary; there are times where the greatest evil is served by a select few and at the expense of the greater good - as we have seen with the Illuminati and their pernicious intentions.

A tragic irony.

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