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The CIA's Role In The 1970's Patty Hearst Kidnapping -- The Patty Hearst Case Is One Of The Best Examples Of Collusion Between The FBI & CIA

By the early 1970's the U.S. prison system was in shambles, and there was a move in which to completely reform the prison system in order to actually rehabilitate prisoners so that they could reenter society and make a meaningful contribution.

However, the wealthy Illuminists in the United States had no interest in seeing finances dedicated to improving prison life, or reforming prisoners. And they decided to use the CIA and FBI in which to foment a plot to sabotage these efforts.

In 1974, the late alternative journalist Mae Brussell wrote an excellent article for The Realist Magazine, in regard to how this situation unfolded and why the CIA orchestrated kidnapping of Hearst publishing heiress, Patricia Hearst, became the focal point in the CIA's attempt to derail efforts in which to reform the U.S. prison system; and moreover, how the FBI aided and abetted the CIA at every turn.

In light of the lucrative business that prisons have become since the second half of the 20TH Century, and where organizations like Wackenhut now dominate the industry, Ms. Brussell's article has even greater impact in the present day.

Why Was Patricia Hearst Kidnapped? By Mae Brussell
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