Friday, March 06, 2009

Osama Bin Ladin -- Legitimate Terrorist Or Dumbwitted CIA Asset Used As A Pawn In The Attacks On 9-11-2001?

Next week we go into detail regarding who Osama Bin Ladin really is (or was - suffering from kidney failure rumours have persisted that Bin Ladin died a few years ago). And his use by the CIA as an Intel figurehead in several terrorist attacks before and leading up to those on 9-11.

In further posts, this author will also describe more of the specific ways in which the FBI has coerced family members, as well as neighbors and local community into taking part in myriad forms of psychological operations, in an Intel organized conspiracy against this author; one orchestrated with the express intention of both obscuring the crimes committed against my person as a long-term target of non consensual human experimentation, as well as protecting specific agents from prosecution for these felonious crimes.

The Intel community's crimes against me are without precedent and have resulted in the most scandalous and treasonous exposition ever documented by an American citizen, in regard to the United States Intelligence community's Nazi background, and electronic branding of all American citizens by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations - the electronic brain fingerprinting of every citizen within the United States without their knowledge or consent is indicative of the fall of the U.S. Federal Government, and its replacement by a shadow government which uses only the masque of a democratic republic in which to propagate its grand deception.

Moreover, Intel continues in its efforts to make me homeless, through its demonization campaign; a situation in which there is absolutely no semblance of constitutional due process of law, and the most abject violations of the 4TH Amendment in American History.

The objective here as it is with all legitimate targets of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation is to murder me by covert means. However, at this point, the FBI and DHS in particular have become so desperate in their failure to silence me, that they are now attempting to completely circumvent the Bill of Rights, in an extremely calculating and risky way. Especially when one considers the classified terahertz light technology which they have and continue to deploy against me by way of the infrared spectrum.

Technology that Intel uses in which to not just spy upon my person, but also to use me to unwittingly spy on others, by electronically accessing the visual cortex region of my brain so that the NSA can see the images that I see through my own eyes. In essence, turning me and other persons who are used in such despicable ways, into a form of mobile spy camera which Intel can then use to gain information on others whom we are in contact with.

This is the most egregious violation of the 4TH Amendment by a federal government agency in American history.

As such, and given what the Intel community now has to lose if this technology is exposed globally, there is no longer any doubt that they will become far more aggressive in the future in their attempt to permanently silence me. They already remain quite aggressive in these efforts, no longer concerned with the illegality of their actions, and more brazen than ever in their dismantling of the Bill of Rights.

All the more reason for my regular readers (who at this point are quite substantial in number), as well as those who are new to this blog, to read through it as expediently as possible, in order to *educate yourselves in regard to the very technology that I (and numerous others) have been illegally subjected to for several decades.

*Realistically, there is no way to protect yourselves from this satellite based terahertz technology; technology which allows for the remote access and manipulation of the human brain. However, at least having a fundamental understanding of this technology, and that the U.S. Intelligence community will deploy it against any citizen without that citizen's knowledge or consent, will allow you to understand that any sense of privacy that you think you have, no longer exists.

From my own very unpleasant experiences with the FBI, NSA and DHS, I am also well aware that the Bill of The Rights which most Americans believe is in force to protect them, is in reality no longer acknowledged by the Intel community in the United States (or the United States Congress or Justice Department), and that the NSA can be used by agencies like the FBI in which to electronically target and track any person in America by way of their own unique EMF field and spectral gas signature; allowing the Intel community to perpetrate such hi-tech predatory crimes as protracted illegal satellite surveillance on anyone without a court order.

As such, the American people have become extremely vulnerable to this infrared exploiting technology, since even their own thoughts can be remotely decoded and read by the NSA without their knowledge or consent. As such, the citizens of the United States must now learn for themselves the very nature of how the NSA's Signals Intelligence program operates, its vast capabilities, and the threat to individual privacy that the Nazi indoctrinated Intel community represents to both the American people and those of other countries.

Agents whose psychopathology includes that of megalomania. These agents and their minions truly believe that they have the right to violate another person's inherent and inalienable right to the constitutional rule of law. An abusive trait which has historically characterized the global intelligentsia, and one which long ago laid the cornerstone for both civil disobedience and revolution.

Moreover, many of these agents consider themselves to be children of God, yet on closer inspection, utilize religion as a foil in which to harm others, while delusionally claiming their own sanctity.

In the United States, this painful aspect of history is again being repeated. And by those whose own obtuseness prevents them from benefiting by the most important lessons to be taken from history itself. These agents prefer violence to peace, and exist for the hunt, while attempting to foment unrest whenever possible.

The destruction of humanity appears to be their true goal, with violence, torture and murder remaining as the core of their lexicon.
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