Friday, February 27, 2009

Zecharia Sitchen's Earth Chronicles Research Finds Its Way Into Hi-End Audio

Will wonders never cease? Dr. Zecharia Sitchen, well known for his translations of the ancient and arcane language known as Akkadian, and whose Earth Chronicles' series of books has forced many people to completely reconsider the basic foundation of their religious beliefs, is now being honored in a new line of audiophile equipment. A phono preamplifier called the Nibiru; named after the 12TH Planet in our solar system which Dr. Sitchin believes has never been identified by modern astronomers because of a very long elliptical orbit which takes roughly 3600 years for Nibiru to complete.

An integrated amplifier called the Tiamat, after what Sitchin says was the origin of the planet Earth before it was struck by Nibiru and separated into what would become the Earth, the Earth's satellite moon, and the Milky Way asteroid belt; which Sitchen has stated is actually the Heaven of the Roman Catholic Bible.

Filling out these "Earth Chronicles" Hi-Fi components is a high performance outboard power supply called the Enlil, whom Sitchin claims was the eldest son of the head of the extraterrestrial species the Anunnaki; a God named Anu. And who along with his brother Enki, oversaw the development of the Earth and the creation of the human species through genetic engineering (something which was said to have taken place more than one hundred thousand years before the birth of Jesus Christ).

According to Dr. Sitchin, humans are a hybrid of the prehistoric apeman's DNA and extraterrestrial DNA. Created as slave labor to work the gold mines (which Sitchin has claimed were represented as the Hell of the Roman Catholic Bible), humans did not evolve in the way in which Charles Darwin has claimed, but were instead created through DNA gene splicing technologies that the Anunnaki were expert in more than a half a million years ago, and from time to time subjected to "refinements" in order to improve our intelligence.

See the components at this Website. When you get to the site click on the Products logo, then Hi-Fi.

Also See Dr. Sitchin's Website to learn more about his research regarding the Anunnaki.
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