Friday, February 20, 2009

Former Minor League Baseball Player Robbie Tolan Shot After A Traffic Stop By A Racist Cop With A History Of Abuse

Robbie Tolan, a resident of the affluent suburb of Bellaire, Texas, was a minor league baseball player, and the son of former major league baseball player Bobby Tolan. A few months ago, the younger Tolan was followed home by a Bellaire Police Department officer, who had mistakenly been told that Tolan was driving a stolen car.

At least this is the account that the Bellaire Police Department is sticking to.

What occurred afterwards has become the latest in a horrifying illustration of both racial profiling, as well as the psychopathic mindset of far too many police officers in the modern day, who shoot first and ask questions after the damage is done.

Upon leaving his vehicle, Tolan was about to enter his family's home, when the officer who had been following him told him to lay on the ground. When Tolan asked why, he was told that he was driving a stolen car, to which Tolan replied that the car was not stolen.

At this point Tolan's Mother and Father appeared at their front door attempting to find out what was wrong, only to be manhandled by the police officer and his partner.

Moreover, even though the younger Tolan was unarmed, the moment that he approached one of the police officers telling him to stop roughing his Mother up, the officer opened fire shooting Tolan, who was seriously wounded.

Robbie Tolan claims that he was racially profiled by this police officer, and that he was doing nothing wrong at the time he was stopped. As it turns out, the police officer later admitted that Tolan's car was not stolen, and that he'd made a mistake regarding the license plate.

However, one must wonder if the police officer's claim to have been mistaken about the license plate was just a ruse in which to cover up for the fact that this police officer may have simply been interested in searching Tolan's car, and looking for a plausible reason in which to do so.

Unfortunately, the surgery to remove the bullet which is now lodged in Tolan's liver was unsuccessful, and he must now live with this condition for the foreseeable future. One which may subject him to dangerous infections which could become life threatening.

This condition may also prevent Robbie Tolan from returning to the game of baseball.

Tolan's case is the latest in a disturbing illustration of how persons of color are being singled out for racial profiling in the United States, even when many of them have done nothing wrong. Such profiling has become far worse since the attacks on 9-11 and passage of the fascist Patriot Act; unconstitutional legislation that has turned America into a militarized police state, and its law enforcement into little more than New World Order mercenaries who with each passing day, become less accountable for their own actions.

More on racial profiling and the wrongful shooting of former baseball player Robbie Tolan:
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