Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Dangers Of Speaking Out Against the Jesuit Controlled Vatican & Its Role In Shaping The Luciferian New World Order Global Dictatorship

"Others who have done similarly are James Arrabito (was murdered), Vyzygoth and Greg Szymanski (online alternative radio programs) father Alberto Rivera (murdered) and ex illuminati Leo Zagami and John Todd (disappeared)."

James Arrabito and former Jesuit Alberto Rivera speak out in the following video, against the Jesuits and their Illuminati doctrine, as well as their control over the Vatican and Roman Catholic Church.

Both Arrabito and Rivera have since been murdered for their attempts in which to expose the Jesuits as the founders of the Illuminati, as well as propagators of a one world global government based on Luciferianism. However, there is tremendous adversity in the enlightenment which one experiences when rising above the Illuminati matrix which controls global society. You now realize that virtually everything that you and your loved ones have been told throughout your entire lives has been an abject lie. And because of such enlightenment, the Jesuits and their Illuminati faction now want you dead.

And will use any means (including their controlled law enforcement system) in which to murder you - covertly or otherwise as they have done with Father Alberto Rivera and James Arrabito; since they can ill afford to have the global population being made aware of such a diabolical deception.

Furthermore, if you cannot be murdered in a plausibly deniable way, their logical choice is that of black propaganda -- a campaign in which to both demonize and dehumanize those whom they target for such destruction. Something typical of the extreme COINTELPRO measures taken by Illuminati controlled agencies like the FBI, when they've failed to indict or murder people whom they have illegally targeted for such outrageous crimes, and in desperation must now promulgate expensive covert slander campaigns in which to demonize these people.

Of course, nothing the FBI or its Illuminist brethren have done is legal. However, that has never prevented them from committing such outrageous crimes. What is all the more troubling is that when common sense dictates that there is nothing legal in what the FBI is doing, yet the public blatantly disregards the FBI's criminal actions, this is illustrative of problems within society itself, which have become even greater than that of the FBI and its Orwellian operations. A situation in which the Illuminati have tainted far more than just the government in the United States.
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