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The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - How The NSA Can Use Your Own EMF Field In Which To Dial You Up Like A Phone Number

The FBI's PitBull/Blackmailing Establishment

The following information is a primary reason for the families of those targeted for the technologies mentioned herein to be coerced into silence, as this author's family has been over the past several years. Such intimidation tactics can also force family members to take part in the psychological warfare campaigns against targets of the FBI's COINTELPRO operations.

Especially when one considers that Intel agencies like the NSA, CIA and FBI are utilizing the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations in which to covertly torture and murder a myriad of citizens in the United States (and without a doubt other countries as well). These atrocities are being committed by way of the infrared spectrum, which allows the NSA to home in on the unique EMF bioelectric signature of a particular citizen, and by way of a supercomputer controlled satellite system like Echelon, utilize classified electronic warfare technology in which to target, torture and murder selected citizens.

As such, these citizens are remotely targeted for extermination which can be manifest in ways which on the surface appear to be a normal cause of death; for instance, directed energy weaponry can be used to remotely cause heart attacks, strokes, aneurisms, cancers and virtually any other illness which would give a coroner the plausible excuse to diagnose the deceased has having died from a natural cause.

The perfect crime, which allows these covertly perpetrated murders to take place through the infrared spectrum, allowing the murderers at agencies like the NSA complete anonymity; and as such total impunity from prosecution.

Moreover, the NSA and other Intel agencies use the FBI to cover up their crimes (as well as the classified technology described below) by using coercive tactics which include the threat to interfere with the finances (pensions, salaries etc.) of family members.

If family members have children under the age of 18, the FBI can also threaten to have them removed through social services (even though there is no legitimate reason for doing so). However, this is a very effective means of giving the FBI leverage over those whom it attempts to victimize.

The FBI can also engineer the firings of family members from their jobs even though these family members have successful histories within the job market. This allows the FBI even further control over the lives of these family members, who will now consider themselves fortunate to hold even a marginal job, knowing that the FBI can at anytime, orchestrate the unlawful dismissal of these family members by coercing their employers to terminate their employment.

This is the type of Gestapo authority that the FBI has criminally obtained since the attacks on 9-11-2001.

As part of such intimidation tactics, the FBI also moves in on the friends and business contacts of family members who are then used to reinforce the agency's manipulation of the lives of those subjects whom the FBI illegally targets for warrantless surveillance; as they have done with this author for several decades.

Here, the FBI's psychological operations are manifest in a myriad of ways; especially if the FBI can find anything to use to coerce the friends of family members, in order to force them into taking part in these psychological operations.

Under the Patriot Act, the FBI has conducted such despicable operations frequently and with devastating consequences, while never once being held accountable for their crimes against those whom they victimize, as well as the United States Bill of Rights itself -- which the FBI has attempted to destroy through such covert and criminal operations.

Moreover, such vicious and treasonous attacks have resulted in the destruction of the TI's relationships with family members, as well as the relationships of family members with former friends and business associates.

All the more reason for Websites like this one to exist in efforts to document the extreme violations that the FBI is perpetrating against American citizens, under the Patriot Act; legislation which has given the FBI powers beyond anything that Hitler's Gestapo could have dreamed of. This juggernaut of evil is now able to operate without any semblance of legality, while making up its own rules as the FBI goes; and with the blessing of the United States Congress and the Department Of Justice - both treasonous in their sanctioning of such unlawful actions by the FBI and its cadre of Nazi disciples.

As a result of such complete unaccountability, the family members of TI's are not only forced to take part in the FBI's psychological warfare, but to also blatantly lie about doing so, out of fear that the FBI can destroy their lives through the use of such aforesaid means as those mentioned earlier in this post.

As such, the family members of TI's become brainwashed into seeing the FBI as their only means in which to survive (Stockholm Syndrome) instead of the cause of their problems, as the FBI in reality is. Making these family members as much victims of the FBI's criminal activities as the TI's themselves are. Such lawlessness and disdain for basic human rights by this federal stain on the U.S. Constitution and the American people, will eventually lead to a civilian uprising in this country.


The NSA's EMF Scanning Network

"This modulated information can be put into the brain at varying intensities from subliminal to perceptible. Each person's brain has a unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies. Sending audio information to a person's brain at the frequency of another person's auditory cortex would result in that audio information not being perceived."

-John St. Clair Akwei (NSA Mind Control Target)

More On The NSA's Psychotronic Technology

NSA SIGINT can remotely detect, identify and monitor a person's bioelectric fields.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence has the proprietary ability to monitor remotely and non-invasively information in the human brain by digitally decoding the evoked potentials in the 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt electromagnetic emissions from the brain.

Neuronal activity in the brain creates a shifting electrical pattern that has a shifting magnetic flux. This magnetic flux puts out a constant 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt electromagnetic (EMF) wave. Contained in the electromagnetic emission from the brain are spikes and patterns called "evoked potentials". Every thought, reaction, motor command, auditory event and visual image in the brain has a corresponding "evoked potential" or set of "evoked potentials". The EMF emission from the brain can be decoded into the current thoughts, images and sounds in the subject's brain.

NSA SIGINT uses EMF-transmitted Brain Stimulation as a communications system to transmit information (as well as nervous system messages) to intelligence agents and also to transmit to the brains of covert operations subjects (on a non-perceptible level).

EMF Brain Stimulation works by sending a complexly coded and pulsed electromagnetic signal to trigger evoked potentials (events) in the brain, thereby forming sound and visual images in the brain's neural circuits. EMF Brain Stimulation can also change a person's brain-states and affect motor control.

Two-way electronic Brain Link is done by remotely monitoring neural audio-visual information while transmitting sound to the auditory cortex (bypassing the ears) and transmitting faint images to the visual cortex (bypassing the optic nerves and eyes). The images appear as floating 2D screens in the brain.

Two-way electronic Brain Link has become the ultimate communications system for CIA/NSA personnel. Remote neural monitoring (RNM, remotely monitoring bioelectric information in the human brain) has become the ultimate surveillance system.

It is used by a limited number of agents in the US Intelligence Community.

RNM requires decoding the resonance frequency of each specific brain area. That frequency is then modulated in order to impose information in that specific brain area. The frequency to which the various brain areas respond varies from 3 Hz to 50 Hz. Only NSA Signals Intelligence modulates signals in this frequency band. (See Table 1 below)

This modulated information can be put into the brain at varying intensities from subliminal to perceptible. Each person's brain has a unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies. Sending audio information to a person's brain at the frequency of another person's auditory cortex would result in that audio information not being perceived.

The Plaintiff (John St. Clair Akwei) learned of RNM by being in two-way RNM contact with the Kinnecome group at the NSA, Ft Meade.

They used RNM 3D sound direct to the brain to harass the Plaintiff from October 1990 to May 1991.

As of 5/91 they have had two-way RNM communications with the Plaintiff and have used RNM to attempt to incapacitate the Plaintiff and hinder the Plaintiff from going to the authorities about their activities against the Plaintiff in the last 12 years. The Kinnecome group has about 100 persons working 24 hours a day at Ft Meade. They have also brain-tapped persons the Plaintiff is in contact with to keep the Plaintiff isolated.

This is the first time ever that a private citizen has been harassed with RNM and has been able to bring a lawsuit against NSA personnel misusing this intelligence operations method.



Remote monitoring/tracking of individuals in any location, inside any building, continuously, anywhere in the country.

A system for inexpensive implementation of these operations allows for thousands of persons in every community to be spied on constantly by the NSA.

Remote RNM Devices

NSA's RNM equipment remotely reads the evoked potentials (EEGs) of the human brain for tracking individuals, and can send messages through the nervous systems to affect their performance. RNM can electronically identify individuals and track them anywhere in the US.

This equipment is on a network and is used for domestic intelligence operations, government security and military base security, and in case of bioelectric warfare.

Spotters and Walk-Bys in Metropolitan Areas

Tens of thousands of persons in each area working as spotters and neighbourhood/business place spies (sometimes unwittingly) following and checking on subjects who have been identified for covert control by NSA personnel.

Agents working out of offices can be in constant communication with spotters who are keeping track of the NSA's thousands of subjects in public. NSA agents in remote offices can instantly identify (using~ RNM) any individual spotted in public who is in contact with surveillance subject.

Chemicals and Drugs into Residential Buildings with Hidden NSA Installed and Maintained Plastic Plumbing lines.

The NSA has kits for running lines into residential tap water and air ducts of subjects for the delivery of drugs (such as sleeping gas or brainwashing-aiding drugs). This is an outgrowth of CIA pharmapsychology (psychopharmacology).

Brief Overview of Proprietary US Intelligence/Anti-Terrorist Equipment Mentioned

Fixed network of special EMF equipment that can read EEGs in human brains and identify/track individuals by using digital computers. ESB (Electrical Stimulation to the Brain) via EMF signal from the NSA Signals Intelligence is used to control subjects.

EMF equipment that gathers information from PC circuit boards by deciphering RF emissions, thereby gaining wireless modem-style entry into any personal computer in the country. All equipment hidden, all technology secret, all scientific research unreported (as in electronic warfare research). Not known to the public at all, yet complete and thorough implementation of this method of domestic intelligence has been in place since the early 1980s.

Editor's Note:

I tried ringing Mr Akwei to find out what was the out-come, if any, of his court case. He firmly but kindly told me that he could not speak about anything to do with the case over the phone and hung up. A subsequent conversation of similar length resulted in the information that he did not wish his address or phone number published with this article.

So, if we hear of any developments, we'll let you know.

Its totally obvious from the above article that the US National Security Agency is none other than a covertly run terrorist organization.

Their highly sophisticated technology that is used to monitor and manipulate the minds of millions of innocent people daily, is a blatant expression of the dominating and authoritarian mentality that exists behind the facade of our so called democratic society.

"George Orwell's "THOUGHT POLICE" is an absolute reality in today's world.

Whether we realize it or not, every individual within our society is negatively effected by this dictatorship attitude.

It has to change - It will change - It starts with you!"

- George Farquhar (Project Freedom)


A number of individuals targeted for the types of electronic warfare discussed in the above excerpts from John St. Clair Akwei's 1991 lawsuit against the NSA, have mentioned that George Farquhar has not been heard from in some time and wonder what may have happened to him -- especially since his promulgation of AKWEI VS NSA and the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network.
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