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Brandon Mayfield Concerned That The FBI May Have Videotaped His Family & Self Within The Privacy Of Their Own Home

Brandon Mayfield, the lawyer/activist who was wrongfully incarcerated by the FBI in regard to its incorrectly identifying him in an act of terrorism, has stated his concerns that the FBI may have spied on him within the privacy of his own home and made illegal tapes of both Mayfield and his family which the FBI still maintains.

Mayfield's naivete concerns where the FBI may have placed its cameras, when in reality the cameras used were likely infrared cameras attached to a group of spy satellites that were recording every second of his life while he was under investigation, and may likely still be doing so, in spite of his vindication by the U.S. Federal Government.

There's also little doubt that Mayfield and his family were under the NSA's Signals Intelligence surveillance system, since this appears to be the U.S. Federal Government's most invasive form of satellite predation available at the present time. So Mayfield would not have ever found cameras in his own home, because by being remote neurally monitored in such ways, he and his family members could have easily been turned into remote spy cameras; a situation in which the FBI, through the NSA, could have picked up on every conversation that his family was having, while remotely decoding the sub vocalized thoughts of each family member.

The FBI would like the public to believe that they get their information by planting microphonic devices within the homes of American citizens, when in reality, the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations have made such black bag jobs virtually obsolete for several decades.

Moreover, in all likelihood, Mayfield has been remote neurally monitored by the NSA as many of us have been, and may still be monitored in such ways without his knowledge or consent.

If this is the case, then it would be even more ironic as well hypocritical given the government's written apology to Mayfield and his family, who later sued the U.S. Federal Government and won more than 2 million dollars in a settlement:

"The United States of America apologizes to Mr. Brandon Mayfield and his family for the suffering caused by the FBI's misidentification of Mr. Mayfield's fingerprint and the resulting investigation of Mr. Mayfield, including his arrest as a material witness in connection with the 2004 Madrid train bombings and the execution of search warrants and other court orders in the Mayfield family home and in Mr. Mayfield's
law office."

Mayfield also states the following in regard to his harassment, which this author and his family can well identify with given the FBI and NSAs' illegal surveillance and COINTELPRO waged against us for many years.

"We lived in 1984," Mayfield told reporters Wednesday. "I'm talking about the George Orwell, frightening brave new world in which Big Brother is constantly watching you."

"I, myself, have dark memories of stifling paranoia, of being monitored, followed, watched, tracked," he said, choking back emotion.

"I've been surveilled, followed, targeted primarily because I've been an outspoken critic of this administration and doing my job to defend others who can't defend themselves, to give them their day in court, and mostly for being a Muslim."

*Mayfield also stated that the government refused to tell him where their surveillance cameras were placed, which has left his family wondering if their private conversations and intimate moments were videotaped.

*In all likelihood, the NSA still has the videos that Brandon Mayfield is concerned about, archived on one of the mainframe supercomputers which the agency stores its information on. So even if the FBI destroyed copies of these tapes, the NSA will still have the originals.

"The days and weeks and months following my arrest were some of the hardest and darkest that myself and my family have ever had to endure," Mayfield was quoted as saying.

"And all because of this government's ill-conceived war on terror. ... What I really want is for this not to happen to anyone else."

*Unfortunately such illegal spying and violations of the 4TH Amendment are happening to a very large number of American citizens, most of whom are not even aware that such spying is taking place. At least Brandon Mayfield received a sizable settlement from the government for his pain and suffering. However most of those being targeted for such predation have received no compensation; many of whom are in fact being targeted far worse than Mr. Mayfield and his family have been (although the targeting the Mayfield family has been subjected to is in fact a terrible violation of their rights as American citizens).

"Wednesday's settlement includes not only a $2 million payment and an apology, but also an agreement by the government to destroy communications intercepts conducted by the FBI against Mayfield's home and office during the investigation."

Moreover, in spite of this settlement, it is doubtful that Brandon Mayfield will trust this government to do as they say in the case of destroying any surveillance tapes they have taken, since one can hardly trust the U.S. Federal Government to be candid in regard to any of its dealings. It continues to lie to the American people about the facts behind the attacks on 9-11-2001, while promulgating the official 9-11 Commission lie.

Given such treasonous lies, why would Brandon Mayfield or for that matter any American citizen believe one word that the U.S. Federal Government has to tell them?

The Mayfields are fortunate in spite of such an egregious attack on their rights as U.S. citizens, to be able to get on with their lives, since many of U.S. Intel's targets have experienced the systematic COINTELPRO destruction of their lives, without ever being arrested, charged or convicted of a crime.

This is post 9-11 AmeriKa, where the neocon's shadow government has now taken complete control of the U.S. Federal Government, which has quite clearly become nothing but a pawn being used for their own interests. One in which the due process of law and other provisions once made sacred by the United States Constitution have become nullified under the fascist Patriot Act and the fraudlent war on terror.

"Mr. Mayfield and his family felt it was in their best interest to get on with their lives," said Mayfield's attorney, Elden Rosenthal.

"No amount of money can compensate Mr. Mayfield for being held as a prisoner and being told he faced the death penalty [for the Madrid bombings]."

"Mayfield said his suit was not about money. "

"It's about regaining our civil rights, our freedom and most important, our privacy," he said.

"He and his attorneys said the settlement will allow him to continue the portion of his lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Patriot Act.

Mayfield contends that his home was searched under provisions of the Patriot Act."

Mr. Mayfield's attempts in which to legally challenge the constitutionality of the Patriot Act , as courageous as they are, will likely result in a similar judicial shuffling, as we have seen in cases like that of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, and Charles Schlund's lawsuit against the Bush 43 Administration; since both of these are landmark cases which if heard by a jury, would threaten the survival of the neocon run shadow government in this country.
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