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The Late Film Maker Aaron Russo's Interview With Shock Jock Alex Jones About The New World Order Has Become Even More Important In The Present Day

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

-- Goethe

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves."

-- Edward R. Murrow

The American Middle Class Is Not Free

American soldiers looking in caves for an enemy that will never be found, while the American people are tricked into believing in a war on terror that will be used to destroy their freedom under the pretext of fighting such a war. A war in which no winner will ever be declared, because the only real enemy is a fascist operated shadow government harbored within the United States itself.

The Illuminati's New World Order agenda has been gradually enforced on the American people for more than a century and half, as this cadre of satanists gradually sought to usurp the power of the U.S. Federal Government for their own Orwellian agenda.

A perfect illustration of this is in the fact that most Americans have been taught to believe that the United States is a democratic nation, when it was in fact created as a constitutional republic.

Those who created the United States understood that a democracy was one of the worst forms of government ever created, in that it did not offer inherent protections to the liberty of all American citizens; but instead only to those who ruled by majority vote.

In the United States, the notion of a democracy as being an exemplary form of government is nothing but Illuminati propaganda used to serve its New World Order construct for enslaving the American middle class.

And it has thus far worked very effectively.

Moreover, in reality the PNAC/Bush Administrations' war on terror has been nothing but a red herring, used to deceive the American people into believing that they must surrender their constitutionally protected freedoms. Aaron Russo was correct in stating that the war on terror is a complete fraud being used by the Illuminati in which to bring about a global one world government dictatorship, under which the American middle class will become enslaved by the Illuminist elite.

The war on terror is a textbook illustration of class warfare being used by the Illuminati's central bank elitists, in which to destroy the rights of the underclass. And thus far the Federal Reserve System central bank in the United States, has through the U.S. Federal Government, orchestrated the war on terror con job which has been quite effective in convincing the American middle class that they must give up their privacy in order to protect themselves.

The result is that Americans have lost the freedoms that the founders of this country fought to preserve. And now the United States with its Bill Of Rights in shambles is just like any other fascist country; with a government by and for the corporate elite, and at the expense of humanity itself.

The Federal Reserve System controls the U.S. Federal Government through its practice of printing counterfeit money and then lending it at usury interest rates to the U.S. Federal Government, which the government then uses to operate. However, the U.S. Treasury could be printing this money interest free, thus avoiding the mounting debt owed to the privately controlled Federal Reserve System. Moreover, the Federal Reserve System has no intention of ever seeing this artificially created debt paid off, instead using it in which to control the American workforce.

For example, when one considers that the Federal Reserve System is printing paper which is based on nothing but thin air, the Fed can print as much money as they like each year.

The only protection that the American people once had in preserving the value of their currency was that it was based on the gold standard. However, when the privately held Federal Reserve System took Americans off the gold standard in 1933, that led to the creation of inflation which has all but destroyed the value of the Federal Reserve Note and the purchasing power of the American people.

The Federal Reserve System is a complete fraud. Also notice how the Illuminati were clever in naming this privately held corporation. They included the word "Federal" in order to deceive the American people into believing that the Federal Reserve System was actually part of the U.S. Federal Government, when it in fact never has been.

The Federal Reserve System is no more a part of the U.S. Federal Government than the Federal Express courier service that delivers packages to your home. At least with Federal Express, you are actually getting a legal service, instead of the unconstitutional fleecing that the American middle class is being subjected to by the Federal Reserve System.

Moreover, since the Federal Reserve System is counterfeiting money based not on the gold standard or anything else of intrinsic value, they can print as many trillions of dollars a year as they want to. And this means that the Illuminati controlled Federal Reserve System doesn't need the money collected through the federal income tax which is imposed by the Federal Reserve System's own private collection agency ( The Internal Revenue Service) on the American workforce. Further proof that the Federal Reserve System is nothing but a pawn of the Illuminati used to control the U.S. Federal Government and the American people.

At some point in time the American middle class must all collectively realize that they have been deceived by their own government, and eventually find a way in which to rid themselves of the Federal Reserve System and the IRS; to demand that the U.S. Congress enforce the constitutional mandate which solely authorizes the United States Treasury to create U.S. currency; and to go back on the gold standard in order to preserve the value of this currency in the future.

And this means taking back all of the gold bullion which the Federal Reserve System has stolen from the U.S. Treasury, under the pretense of holding it as collateral for the artificial debt that the Federal Reserve System has fraudulently created in this country, since the Jekyll Island Seven bribed U.S. Senators to pass the criminal Federal Reserve Act; which led to the creation of the Illuminati's Federal Reserve System central bank.

Another point here is if the United States is a capitalistic country, how is it that a communistic central bank like the Federal Reserve System can exist in this country?

The graduated system of taxation in the United States was taken right out of Karl Marx Communist Manifesto. And this system of taxation is clearly illegal, yet supported by the United States Congress. What Americans must begin to ask themselves is why the U.S. Congress would allow a communistic system of taxation to exist in the United States, much less be imposed on them? Exactly who is controlling a Congress which would allow for such a treasonous deception of the American people?

Aaron Russo takes on the Illuminati controlled U.S. Federal Government:

Also see Aaron's legacy to the American people, the documentary which will be responsible for the eventual destruction of the Illuminati and its New World Order -- America From Freedom To Fascism:

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