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U.S. Intel's Destruction Of The Political Career Of Senator Robert Torricelli -- Further Evidence Of U.S. Intel's Nazi Origins Via Project Paperclip

Senator Robert Torricelli, 9-11, & The FBI

As Senator of the State of New Jersey, the U.S. State which held the distinction of having the largest number of 9-11 casualties, Robert Torricelli did not just want a formal investigation to determine who was actually behind these attacks - he demanded one.

In fact, it was only through the former Senator's persistence that there be a formal investigation in regard to what he termed the CIA's incompetence, that the 9-11 Commission was formed and conducted (albeit a highly compromised) investigation into the attacks on 9-11.

However, this investigation did not give Torricelli or the rest of the American people the answers that they were looking for. In fact, the 9-11 Commission only served to muddy the waters in regard to the facts concerning these attacks, while giving the CIA and the rest of its Intel brethren a reason in which to get even with the tenacious Senator.

Not long after the 9-11 Commission had finished an investigation which was tampered with from the White House on down, and only served to prove that there were myriad people within the U.S. Federal Government who did not want the truth regarding the 9-11 attacks to ever reach the public domain, Robert Torricelli would find himself stalked by the FBI, who as the Americanized Gestapo that the agency has always been, sought to neutralize him as punishment for his condemnation of the CIA.

As a result of the FBI's smear tactics, Robert Torricelli's long political career was brought to an abrupt end, as an election which he should have won in a landslide, was mired by the FBI's black propaganda campaign against him, resulting in an unexpected and depressing loss.

Moreover, in spite of the FBI's allegations against him, Torricelli never served any prison time, making the FBI's attack on him even more suspect; especially since this attack was timed in which to derail the former Senator's election campaign.

A standard "MO" for how this Illuminati whore has always operated; completely outside the constitutional rule of law in this country, and with total impunity enabling its psychopathic agents to commit their crimes without concern for being made accountable for them. History has shown us that the Nazi idealized Intelligence community in this country has been able to commit virtually every crime imaginable, including the tortures and murders of myriad American citizens, while never being held accountable for these crimes.

One would have thought that at the very least in situations in which the FBI was blatantly looking to cause "trouble" which resulted in its murders of American citizens, that some of the FBI's agents would have stood trial.

However, in cases like WACO where the FBI and BATF burned men, women and little children alive, in Ruby Ridge where they shot a young boy and his mother to death, and at Wounded Knee where the bureau murdered more than 70 Native Americans under its COINTELPRO operations, not one agent was ever brought to trial.

In fact, in recent memory the only victims of the FBI who actually beat them in a court of law did not do so because the U.S. Congress or Department Of Justice finally stood up in the defense of American citizens (they did not), but because a courageous attorney by the name of J. Tony Sera had tired of seeing the FBI getting away with steamrolling the rights of American citizens, and decided to take them on.

Not only did Tony Sera take the FBI on in a federal courtroom (historically the FBI's own turf), he beat them, winning a 4.4 million dollar judgement for his plaintiffs: the late eco activist Judi Bari, and her still living associate, Darryl Cherney.

The FBI needs to be taken on in the way that J. Tony Sera took them on in the case of EarthFirst! And the American people need to take the FBI on in the way that J.Tony Sera took the bureau on. For this is the only way that the FBI and the rest of its Gestapo minded Intel brethren are going to get the message that we are tired of having them steamrolling our constitutional protections under the Bill of Rights, and will not take this abuse any longer.

The FBI and its Draconian ways of operating belong in the stone age as does the fascist Patriot Act; not the modern day world.

Moreover, many Americans have already noted how most government whistle blowers are treated when attempting to expose serious corruption within the U.S. Federal Government -- especially ex-agents who for their honesty and integrity are considered to be traitors -- they are set upon by the FBI (or the government organization whom they blew the whistle on) and stalked relentlessly until their reputations and careers are systematically destroyed by the very types of white collar criminals within the hierarchy of this government, who've historically used the FBI to take care of their problems.

In 2006, the FBI was used in this very way in which to intimidate an NSA whistle blower by the name of Russell Tice, who publicly claimed to have information in regard to NSA corruption that would shock the American people. This author believes that what Mr. Tice was referring to was the NSA's electronic brain fingerprinting of the entire American population decades ago, as well as this agency's ability to remotely affect the brain states of those citizens being targeted through a technology which takes advantage of the infrared spectrum, known as (RNM) remote neural monitoring of the brain, by way of computer to brain link.

A technology first discussed in detail by a former *NSA employee in his 1991 lawsuit against the NSA, and which this author has been illegally subjected to for decades by the NSA, and is certain that is being implemented on myriad Americans, who are being used for government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation.

A technology which even many so called government whistleblowers either have no knowledge of, or if they do, refuse to discuss for their own safety.

*Read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA at the following link:

And further proof that the U.S. Intel community does not rule justly or by the constitutional rule of law in this country, but instead through vicious and despicable criminal tactics which leave a blight on both American law enforcement, as well the society which it is supposed to be protecting.

And these intimidation tactics also apply to our elected representatives as we have seen in the FBI's attack on former Senator Robert Torricelli.

The Intel community's message to Senator Torricelli and the rest of our elected representatives is as follows: if you look to publicize our corruption and do anything which might result in the scaling back or perhaps even abolition of our community, we will do whatever is necessary to punish you for it; including the destruction of your reputations and careers - a message that has served U.S. Intel well, since few of our politicians have had the courage to take this Nazi idealized community on in any substantive way, fearing that they would use the FBI to retaliate by either investigating them, or propagating smear campaigns which would result in the types of career destroying scandals that the FBI is notorious for perpetrating.

Former Senator Torricelli has now learned this first hand with the FBI's destruction of his career.

Exactly Who Are The Real Terrorists?

"The naive view of terrorism is that it grows up directly out of oppression, economic misery, and political despair. Oppressed and exploited people, or those who have been colonized by a foreign power, come together spontaneously in ones and twos, create an organization, and after a certain time of preparation go over to armed struggle against their oppressors or occupiers. But this is the rarest of exceptions.

This view pays no attention to the most important institutional actor in the world of terrorism -- secret intelligence agencies like the CIA, FBI, NSA, KGB, Stasi, MI-6, and the rest. Secret intelligence agencies in their modern forms go back to the Republic of Venice, which was famous for its intelligence directorate, the Council of Ten, and its pervasive network of spies, informers, and provocateurs. And the Republic of Venice was the longest-lasting oligarchical system in world history. Despite their cultural differences, all of these secret intelligence agencies are fundamentally alike. Terrorism generally starts within these secret agencies, or nowadays more likely in their privatized tentacles -- as for example the intelligence community in the United States has existed since President Reagan's Executive Order 12333."

"Secret intelligence agencies are fatalists to the extent that they regard all large-scale sociological and political changes as inevitable. As soon as they identify a new phenomenon which they have not yet penetrated, their only thought is how to infiltrate their agents and assets into it, so they can steer it or influence it when the time comes.

The world of secret intelligence agencies is a realm of falsehood, camouflage, deception, violence, unspeakable cruelty, treachery, and betrayal. It is the most desolate and grim sector of human endeavor, where no human values can subsist. It knows neither hope, nor mercy nor redemption. It is the one area of human life where Hobbes's maxim holds true -- it is the war of all against all. But not as chaos -- as an ultimately controlled phenomenon which serves the goal of preserving the state power that the intelligence agencies serve."

-- Author Webster Tarpley
9-11 Synthetic Terrorism MADE IN USA

A Thought For Those Being Remote Neurally Monitored

Since a government's use of computer to brain link by way of the infrared spectrum in which to illegally monitor your persons is a treasonous violation of your inherent rights as inhabitants of this planet, much less the constitutional rule of law within your respective countries (for those whose countries actually have a constitution), it is recommended that you research the crimes being committed by your respective governments and their intelligence communities. This way, the agents who are using RNM technology in which to violate your privacy, will actually, and inadvertently, be given a history of the crimes committed by their own agencies.

In the case of Gestapo-run agencies like the FBI, CIA and NSA, their history of crimes is quite extensive and have taken place well beyond the borders of the countries which they are chartered to function in. Moreover, also remember that if you will not defend your own rights as citizens of your countries, you have no reasonable expectation of your respective governments doing so for you. Since most rarely if ever have done so in the past. And the United States, for all of its rhetoric in regard to defending basic human rights has one of the worst human rights records of any country on this planet, and a government that in modern times has existed as a democracy in name only, while espousing a fascistic ideology not unlike that once practiced in 1930's Italy.

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