Thursday, January 15, 2009

CIA Guerrilla Warfare -- Psychological Operations Like Those Used Against Targets Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation & Organized Stalking Crimes

Those victims of government sanctioned mind control research via satellite tracking systems like the NSA's Echelon, are being subjected to a form of guerrilla warfare which also includes the use of other forms of psychological warfare carried out by communal groups referred to by the TI community as organized stalkers.

The following article is alleged to have been written by CIA operatives to describe how these operatives use such psywarfare to impose their will on the minds of the agency's victims. Most TI's are already well acquainted with such psywarfare since they are targeted for it daily.

This article is a useful primer on how these covert operations are deployed. Especially since it describes the types of tactics used by the FBI and other Intel agencies when they seek to undermine the constitutional protections guaranteed to all American citizens under the Bill Of Rights.

And under the Patriot Act, legislation which has been specifically designed to allow the authorities to determine whether or not you are entitled to such constitutional protections (exactly who has the right to take any American's constitutional protections away?) , the only way in which you are going to have such protections in the future is to enforce your rights and be willing to fight to the death if necessary to defend them. Because the U.S. Congress has clearly demonstrated that they have no interest in defending your rights -- especially if you are a member of the Proletariat middle class, who continues to be subjected to the most outrageous violations of their rights, and through a Communistic system of taxation that is being used to break them both spiritually and financially.

As always, caveat lector.
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