Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FEDS Continue To Cause Major Arguements With Family Members In Efforts To Make Me Homeless -- More Battles With The Malignant FBI & Its Provocateurs

Editor's Notation: As a result of the following subterfuge, family members have left our home and are quite possibly meeting with FBI or other Intel agents (which they are always forced to deny) who are covertly orchestrating the COINTELPRO attacks on my person. As such I will note further developments. In particular here, I should note that the directed energy attacks on my person which have included aggressive attacks on my ability to breathe properly, as well as the use of ULF waves (ultra low frequency) waves in which to cause dizziness, nausea and fatigue have abated considerably over the past two months.

Once again, I cannot overstate the importance here: My family has been "brainwashed."

Moreover, since Intel's latest decrease in the DEW attacks on my person, has not resulted in ending the campaign in which to document these attacks, but instead increased my efforts, I suspect that the FBI and its Intel cohorts may in fact once again begin to increase these attacks against my person in their concerted effort in which to murder me, since their goal is to obscure the extensive crimes which they have and continue to perpetrate against myself as target of non consensual experimentation.

The FBI and NSA in particular are nothing but a group of lawless and disgusting thugs wh0se operations are so far outside the rule of law that they must at some point be abolished. These fuc*king agents are the dregs of the human race and will be the death of humanity itself if they are not held accountable for these outrageous crimes.

Moreover, U.S. Intel will never admit to using this technology against me, nor to the extensive crimes which they have and continue to commit against family members, in efforts to wage a COINTELPRO campaign which has now lasted for nearly three decades.

My family continues to be both psychologically tortured and manipulated by these federal bastards, whose crimes against us have become so outrageous that they are without precedent. The FBI has subjugated all of us to the life of living in a pressure cooker, where there is no longer even a semblance of the constitutional rule of law.

However, in the final chapter, it will be the FBI, NSA and their criminal cohorts whose lying and treasonous goose gets cooked.

For these reprobates are not only pathological liars, but those who have spent their careers perpetrating treasonous acts against the American people, while propagating the types of Nazi ideals which include torture and murder, that Hitler was condemned for in the mid 20TH Century.

Earlier Today

In what has been a continued effort by the FBI, NSA, Department Of Homeland Security and their cadre of organized stalking criminals to cause further problems between my person and family members, an incendiary argument was initiated by federally coerced family members earlier today.

The tension caused by such U.S. Intel initiated subterfuge has gone on daily for the past five and a half years, and resulted in intense psychological pain to both my family as well as myself; in addition to a number of very heated arguments. Note that before the Intel COINTELPRO of myself went from covert to overt, such arguments were for the most part non existent. Family members loved and respected one another.

U.S. Intel's intrusion, however, now has family members not only taking part in psychological warfare, but extremely cogniscent of everything that they say and do, knowing that we are under satellite surveillance and that they will be judged accordingly. Intel's intention here remains the same: to use psychological warfare in which to drive me to the commission of an act for which I can either be arrested, or incarcerated in a mental facility, where away from the public eye, I can be murdered in a made to appear as suicide.

Raymond Migliore's intention has always been to murder me. However, since he used his badge in which to propagate a campaign in which to do so, Migliore has now involved a great number of people in this attack, while harming a great many others.

This miscreant has always been a malignancy.

As such this has been the FBI/NSA goal for my person for many years now. However, having been infected with the biological weapon Lyme Disease resulted in more than a decade of chronic debility, which greatly curtailed this attack by these Intel agencies. An attack which they became far more aggressive with in 2003.

Yet in 1994, while battling chronic Lyme Disese Intel took advantage of the situation by targeting me with directed energy weaponry, knowing that I would conclude that such physical anomalies were related to the Lyme Disease, instead of DEW attacks, which since 1994 have been a regular part of Intel's attacks on my person.

It should also be noted that the U.S. Department Of Justice granted the FBI access to DEW weapons in 1994.

Moreover the recent aggression in the FBI/DHS demonization campaign against my person is being done in an attempt in which to discredit my accounts as they pertain to being a subject of the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations, and long-term non consensual human experimentation.

The information that I could supply a jury with in regard to these attacks is not something that U.S. Intel is about to let happen, given the classified technology that these Nazi run agencies continue to deploy against my person and myriad others. Especially given what this technology is capable of doing to the mind.

To be subjected to such attacks by those who claim to be law enforcement must be considered to be the greatest farce of all time, since these criminal clowns are the abject opposite of anything that even remotely approachs legitimate law enforcement. They are nothing but a group of power hungry and abusive cretans
who've found their niche in life by finding plausible means in which torture and murder others, while defecating all over the American people and the Bill Of Rights.

How the hell can you respect the badge of a criminal who's nothing but a poser who hides their crimes behind their badge?

I am also certain based on my own observations, that family members are not only meeting with U.S. Intel agents on a regular if not weekly basis (or their provocateurs), but also "brain tapped" by the NSA as I have been for decades, which only further complicates matters.

Moreover, the situation here has become far worse as of late , since these federal monsters are using such provocations in which to harm other family members. A fact that will be further documented every single time that such an intolerable and vicious event like the one which occurred today is propagated by these federal animals. There are many situations which have occurred in the past few decades which I have not yet documented in regard to these Intel attacks on my person, as well as other family members which will be included in future reports.

As I've stated in the past, this covert operation which began nearly three decades ago was initiated by a lowlife piece of scum named Raymond Migliore (a federal employee at the time who may or may not still be in the employ of the FBI), and is without a doubt one the most grievous violations under the color of law ever perpetrated by a federal agent of the United States Government, against an American citizen. One which has over the course of the past nearly three decades resulted in Migliore's damaging the lives of scores of people, including my family and person, while violating every aspect of our constitutional protections under the Bill Of Rights.

Migliore is a criminal conspirator who should be indicted and imprisoned for his crimes under the color of law, yet remains protected by the FBI, as this criminal syndicate protects all of those agents who commit similar crimes under the color and cover of law.

And this intense psychological assault is being waged against the families of all persons being targeted by the U.S. Federal Government who have been subjugated to a COINTELPRO which has only grown much worse in recent years, the result of the Bush Administration's authorized Patriot Act legislation.

As such, what these abominable Intel scoundrels are subjecting us to is a vicious attack through the use of psychological warfare, which includes as a primary component in these assaults, the use of psychological operations carried out by virtually every person who comes in contact with either the TI, or the family of the TI.

The Post 9-11 "War On Terror" Is Such A Lie

U.S. Intel's Treasonous Fabrications

This is a clear and calculated conspiracy in which to target specific Americans and to willfully disenfranchise them of their inherent rights as citizens of this country -- a High Crime Of Treason.

These provocateurs include federal government employees such as postal workers, state employees such as utility workers, as well as local law enforcement agencies, fire departments, private contracting companies which service the homes of TI's; as well as both the communities of TI's and their own neighborhoods who take part in these vigilante attacks, in what amounts to a modern day version of Hitler's Brown Shirts here in the United States. A complete atrocity being carried out under the Mega Lie war on terror, which allows this government to declare anyone of interest -- especially those who have spoken out in regard to the fraud that 9-11-2001 continues to be, or some other criminal aspect of this government - to be terrorists.

These pieces of government refuse are nothing but dyed in the wool Nazis whose prime agenda is to destroy the United States Of America while holding her people hostage under the Nazi idealized Patriot Act. And the United States Congress is clearly helping to implement such acts of treason.

And when my family and I are driven to such angry outbursts (which have been initiated by these federal monsters) as a result of such violations of our rights, it only furthers my resolve to expose these filthy low life government rat bastards and their criminal provocateurs, for the complete Illuminati whores that they are. They are violating our rights as citizens of this country and they will not get away with it.

Moreover, these federal reprobates respect neither the rights nor privacy of anyone, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

And they can expect as such, that I will document every aspect of what these low life thugs continue to perpetrate against my family, self and others of the TI community, until the day that I take my last breath or these low life criminal bastards are hung out to dry.

Documenting such crimes which prove that the United States has fallen into the hands of Nazis has become the most important aspect of journaling that can ever be done. Especially since the professional journalists in this country are taking a paycheck for obscuring these crimes, rather than documenting them.

Moreover, our so called government agents are the ones who instead of exposing the attacks on 9-11 as the inside job that they were, continue to blatantly and treasonously lie about who was behind these attacks, and the real reasons for why they occurred. Specifically, that The Project For A New American Century's use of the puppet Bush Administration to orchestrate well in advance of 9-11, the planting of dynamite charges within the World Trade Center Towers, Building Number 7 of the World Trade Center, and the only reinforced area of the Pentagon, which was also struck by "something" on 9-11-2001, were done in efforts to give the PNAC controlled puppet Bush Administration the plausibility in which to attack both Afghanistan and Iraq, even though neither of these countries had anything to do with the terrorist attacks on 9-11.

Moreover, anyone who is familiar with probability and statistics will tell you that the odds of a plane or missile striking the only reinforced side of a five sided building like the Pentagon are extremely remote, and as such greatly defy the laws of such probability.

The fact of the matter here is that the only reinforced side of the Pentagon, the World Trade Center Towers, and Building number 7 of the World Trade Center, were all blown up at the direction of the PNAC controlled Bush Administration having been wired with dynamite charges months in advance of these blasts.

And that the planes used (if in fact they were planes at all, and not some other type of craft cloaked by way of satellite deployed holograms) were in fact just a decoy in which to misdirect the American people away from the truth.

Even more to the point, that the attacks on 9-11-2001 were from their inception a black operation perpetrated by the PNAC controlled Bush Administration, with the cooperation and endorsement of the hierarchy of the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex.

This is why the mainstream media immediately changed its accounts of what happened just hours after these attacks. Even the late newscaster Peter Jennings realized that bombs had been placed in the World Trade Center on 9-11, referring to how you would have to get to the "under infrastructure" of the Towers in order to cause them to collapse within their own footprint as they did.

Jennings would, however, like the rest of the U.S. Media, soon change his opinion and propagate the official Mega Lie, that 9-11 was carried out by Osama Bin Laden and his associates, when in fact the FBI could find no evidence in which to connect Bin Laden with these attacks.

The type of pathological deception which has occurred in every terrorist attack that has taken place in this country since the 1993 attacks on the World Trade Center. Even in 1996 when TWA Flight 800 was accidentally shot out of the sky by the U.S. Navy during a training exercise, the media quickly adopted the official lie propagated by the Clinton Administration run cadre of FBI whores -- those who only worship one god -- the one who signs their paycheck.

As a result, the facts behind this missile take down of TWA Flight 800 continue to be obscured behind a whitewash of treasonous FBI lies being promulgated through the American media system.

Even the U.S. Intel community's covert murder of John F. Kennedy continues to be completely covered over by a whitewashing of such facts, nearly fifty years after Intel committed the greatest act of treason there can be -- the murder of an American president.

And every federal agency that should be telling the American people the truth about these crimes continues to blatantly and treasonously lie to them, while covering up for the most criminal and treasonous presidential administration in American history.

In fact any journalist or expert who's decided to challenge the official and fraudulent explanation for 9-11 has been discredited or quickly adopted to the official lie. Further proof that these journalists like their FBI cohorts are more loyal to those who sign their paychecks, than to the American people whom they are supposed to be reporting truthfully to.

Those who have not adopted to this official lie have been subjected to a character defamation campaign, while being blackballed from their professions; made examples of in order to frighten others into accepting the official and treasonous lie, which they have since done.

The thousands of Americans killed on 9-11-2001 were the victims of a premeditated terrorist plot planned by the Project For A New American Century, and carried out by the Bush Administration and hierarchy within the Military Intelligence complex.

Everyone of these monsters must take responsibility for the deaths of the now more than million people who have been murdered by the covert black operation propagated by the PNAC controlled Bush Administration; including Americans, Afghani's and Iraqi's whose blood has been shed only to make these wealthy Illuminist PIGS even richer than they already are.

And those within the U.S. Media system who are knowingly promulgating these lies are now as complicit in these acts of treason as are those who actually orchestrated the attacks. The blood of those who have been murdered by this treasonous deception is on their hands as well as those cold blooded reptiles who orchestrated and implemented these attacks.

They are a disgrace to this country and to their profession; one which has been permanently tainted by their own cowardice and unwillingness in which to expose the truth behind the fraudlent war on terror and those who are responsible for it. They are nothing but handpuppets who kiss the ass of the New World Order and its
blowhards, while promulgating NWO black propaganda that in reality is completely useless information to the American people.

And nothing will ever change this. That is until these journalists grow a spine and fight back using their 1ST Amendment rights in which expose the NWO instead of aiding and abetting them as they continue to do at present. However, there is that issue of their paychecks, which will continue to be a stumbling block here, since their loyality is not to their countrymen, but to those who pay their food, utility and mortgage bills.
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