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New York State & "Operation IMPACT" -- The Program Which Is Being Used To Disenfranchise New York TI's Of Their Constitutionally Protected Rights

Editor's Note: Out of complete and utter desperation, the FBI and other members of Intel continue their aggressive and illegal attacks on this author, including a precedent setting smear campaign conducted in myriad venues, including the Internet.

These attacks began as the result of an FBI agent who conspired decades ago in which to violate the rights of both my family and self under the color of law. This agent is an unindicted criminal who should have been imprisoned for his vicious attacks on us. Instead, like the rest of the FBI's criminal agents, the FBI covered up for this monster, while he and his criminal cohorts have demonized this author.

This FBI catalyzed smear campaign is being waged against my person in order to discredit my accurate information regarding the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations, and its use in brain scanning American citizens through the Echelon/Tempest satellite network.

In the simplest of terms, the NSA has without your knowledge or consent, taken the unique electromagnetic field that each of your bodies gives off, and used it to finger print you within its vast computer database, as if you were a criminal who had already been arrested, tried and convicted of a crime. The exact term in this case is brain fingerprinting, since its your brain's unique fingerprint that the NSA is interested in here, because it can be used to identify and track you from an NSA spy satellite without you ever realizing it.

If you are now saying to yourself, if this is true this is the biggest scandal in American history, you are partially right. For all intents and purposes, this is the biggest scandal in human history.

It doesn't sound fair does it, to have the NSA violating your privacy in such a sneaky way? But that is how the NSA, FBI, CIA -- in fact the whole alphabet soup operates -- out of sight and out of mind. These agents like getting away with such snooping because they are by nature voyeurs, and are paid well to indulge themselves.

However, just try visiting the NSA and getting out of your car without actually having business there, and you'll likely be escorted out of the area by way of automatic weapon toting guards.

In other words, it's quite alright for the NSA to spy on y0u by way of satellite in your own living room. But Heaven forbid if you ever take more than a passing interest in the NSA's covert activities.

Up until a few years ago the NSA was nearly invisible as far as most Americans were concerned. That is, until George W. Bush got caught using the NSA as his own personal spy agency. Since then, the agency, whose acronym employees once joked stood for "No Such Agency," has become a common household name.

Something which the NSA must be absolutely thrilled about.

And given the NSA's clandestine operations and abjectly threatening existence to the well being of all Americans, it is now only logical that John St. Clair Akwei's long ago hidden lawsuit against the NSA surfaces to enlighten the American public in regard to the outrageous extent to which the NSA has been spying on them.

Given this, isn't it time that you printed out your own copy of AKWEI VS NSA and shared it with your family and neighbors? Shouldn't your entire community know about their own vulnerability to the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations?

As for the FBI's attack on my person, the Bureau has moved to its typical slander tactics, and is using a myriad of provocateurs in order to propagate this defamation campaign -- a COINTELPRO operation based on slander and extensive criminality, being justified under the PNAC run Bush Administrations' bogus war on terror.

As is always the case with the Intel community, the FBI is not operating legally. There has been no trial, nor conviction, yet the FBI and its whore mongers circulate their vicious rumors in order to obscure the abject criminality that these reprobates continue to perpetrate under the color of law.

Committing color of law crimes is a speciality of the FBI - except that the Bureau refers to these crimes as counterintelligence (COINTELPRO) operations. Either way, the FBI commits serious crimes here by violating the rights of American citizens.

Moreover, the information on this Website in regard to such color of law crimes is correct and stands regardless of U.S. Intel's attempts in which to demonize this author through their myriad forms of calumny.

And Lord knows, have these frightening misanthropes ever tried!

In doing so as viciously as they have, the FBI in particular continues to demonstrate why this organization is complete anathema to basic human rights and should be abolished.

Especially when considering that these federal agents are in the commission of crimes under the color of law that would place any American civilian in prison for life.

What Americans must concentrate on in the future is obtaining an explanation from the U.S. Congress in regard to how it is that the National Security Agency has obtained the bio electromagnetic fingerprint of each American citizen, in which to electronically catalogue each citizen into its computer database as though they were criminals; since according to AKWEI VS NSA this is exactly what the NSA has done to each and every American citizen. And without their knowledge or consent.

And no matter how much Intel demonizes myself or anyone else who is promulgating this incredible violation of the U.S. Bill Of Rights, the fact that these Illuminati whores continue to attack us does not for one moment excuse their outrageous and treasonous crimes. They will have to pay for them at some point in time, no matter what extensive forms of calumny they use in which to obscure these treasonous crimes.

I use the word whore here (an ugly derogation) because that is exactly what any federal agent who commits such crimes against the U.S. Constitution is -- a prostitute who has sold out to the criminal shadow government in this country, by failing to enforce the United States Constitutional rule of law. An oath which each of these men and women took when being sworn in as federal agents, yet one which they continue to treasonously and criminally violate.

If you are violating the Constitutional rule of law, you are in the commission of a treasonous offense, and the U.S. Intel community continues to commit such treasonous crimes in the present day. So is it any wonder why they would attack someone who illustrates this unpleasant aspect of the U.S. Intel community's existence and unwillingness to OBEY the constitutional rule of law?

Moreover, if as a federal agent you are using these satellites in which to spy into American homes while watching and videotaping American men, women and children undressing within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms, not only are you in the commission of terrible crimes, you are also filthy and despicable PIGS! You are degenerate voyeurs who in any normal situation would go to prison for such crimes. Your badges do not give you the right to commit crimes; only to enforce the constitutional rule of law -- something you should try doing for a change.

It is about time that the American people began speaking out in defense of their rights, instead of adopting a policy of cooperative silence, while these Intel criminals continue to run rough shod over our inherent and constitutional protections as American citizens.

And with this in mind, exactly what do you have rights for in the first place, if not to defend them when they are being as egregiously violated as they are in the present day?

Or would you rather not have rights at all, since if you fail to defend these rights, that is exactly where you'll find yourselves in the near future. And if you don't believe me, just try writing a letter to your local newspaper about the Mega LIE that the Bush Administration's war on terror is, or that the official explanation in regard to the attacks on 9-11 is a total fraud, and see how long it is before your family disowns you, your friends stop calling, your employer fires you, your neighbors see you as a terrorist, a group of psychotic government freaks remotely tortures you by way of satellite based directed energy weaponry, and you find yourself being stalked by a group of over acting modern day nut jobs who belong in padded cells!

The type of maniacs who have fallen hook, line and sinker for Illuminati orchestrated disinformation programs like "Operation IMPACT."

Operation IMPACT: Hitler's Brown Shirts Are Back!

While listening to a speech being made by New York State Governor Patterson yesterday afternoon, he mentioned a nationally sanctioned policing program known as "Operation IMPACT," which he described as a network of community watch groups that he claims have been very successful in reducing crime.

However, Operation IMPACT is nothing more than a criminal offshoot of the Bush Administration's bogus "war on terror" campaign -- the modern day equivalent of Hitler's Brown Shirt vigilante groups of 1930's Nazi Germany; however neatly and deceptively it's been packaged up for public consumption.

The Illuminati are known for propagating what appear on the surface to be "community oriented" programs which in reality are used to undermine the constitutional protections guaranteed to a country's citizens.

"Operation IMPACT" is such a program.

A situation only made worse by the advanced satellite technologies being deployed by agencies like the NSA, in which in the modern day, the vigilantes of such programs are also able to watch infrared representations of ourselves as we move around within the so called privacy of our own homes.

This is supposed to be the United States of America; not the former Soviet Union or communist China.

To the American TI community, here's where the organized stalkers who are making your lives a living hell are getting their extrajudicial authorization for their Gestapo tactics. You will also note that the Gestapo FBI is involved here as well, perpetrating crimes against you in which you are denied the ability to make a living, while your relationships with everyone from your immediate family to friends and business associates are covertly destroyed.

"Operation IMPACT" is yet one more in a myriad of New World Order attacks on you inherent rights as Americans, and why you should petition the U.S. Federal Government to end this Orwellian and cowardly assault on your constitutionally protected freedoms.

More on Operation IMPACT as well as those Illuminati pawns whom we refer to as our representatives can be found at the following Website -- government agencies that masquerade as your protectors, yet seek to quietly disenfranchise you of your rights as Americans, while never admitting to their real agenda -- to destroy the United States Constitution under the pretext of protecting you from a war on terror which is as fraudulent as the presidential administration that has taken up space in the White House for the past two terms.

Operation IMPACT -- A Disaster For Your Constitutional Rights!

Moreover, the fact that the Governor would have stated that overall crime is down in New York State is not surprising at all given the police state that New York has been turned into since the attacks on 9-11.

However, what Governor Patterson failed to mention here is that under "Operation IMPACT" there are a whole new set of crimes being committed against individual citizens, and by rogue communities in what is essentially nothing more than an extrajudicial system of (in)justice.

A system in which these communities are now being used as squads of criminal vigilantes, in which to attack anyone whom these federal officials deem to be of interest, while denying these people constitutional protections which they are by law entitled to.

Operation IMPACT, like so many of the other pieces of anti-American legislation (including the Orwellian Patriot Act) is now being used by the New World Order in which to disenfranchise American citizens of their constitutionally protected rights, and by federal agencies that have a notorious history of attacking every provision made within the Bill Of Rights for protecting the privacy of American citizens.

These so called agents who harbor themselves within agencies like the FBI are nothing but Nazis whose anti-American activities clearly illustrate their hatred for the American people and the freedoms promised to all Americans by the United States Constitution.

Which is why these "Nazis" are now revelling in their new and unjust powers, authorized under the Patriot Act. However, these scoundrels will eventually hang themselves through their own outrageously criminal activities, which include the most aggressive and heinous assaults against the American people and our constitutionally protected rights ever documented.

These are reprobates who have quietly devised a high tech system of satellite predation in which all Americans are now brain fingerprinted within the NSA's database as if they had been convicted of crimes; when in fact most Americans have never been arrested, much less charged with a crime!

This is outrageous, shameful and criminal behavior by the U.S. Federal Government!

No arrests are made.

No one is indicted.

No one is tried in a court of law.

Due process of law remains completely absent.

Instead, many of these citizens are illegally spied upon while their inherent rights as citizens of this country are completely trampled, while being tried in the court of public opinion - a parallel system of (in)justice.

This, while every aspect of their rights as Americans is completely disregarded, and their lives systematically destroyed. This is blatant Totalitarianism; crimes committed by a group of cowardly and criminal thugs who should be indicted for treason.

Moreover, while these communities of vigilantes may have been brainwashed into believing that they are operating legally, there is nothing at all legal about what these out of control and venomous miscreants are perpetrating here.

They are a significant part of the problem in this country, since they are in fact being used by the New World Order in which to destroy the Constitutional rule of law in America. And they are obviously naive (or brainwashed) enough to believe that while they are allowed to perpetrate these outrageous crimes against other Americans, that at some point in time it won't be their rights which will become trampled in similar fashion.

It is this type of outrageous attack on our civil liberties which is now forcing many Americans to keep silent in regard to what is happening to this country, which is precisely the point behind such attacks -- to frighten Americans into such acquiescence so that they lose their voice in regard to the direction in which this country is taken - this is exactly what has happened since the attacks on 9-11 and under this newly created and Intel controlled police state that the United States has become under the PNAC controlled puppet Bush Administration's bogus war on terror.

Moreover, there can also be little doubt that the FBI and Department Of Homeland Security are largely responsible for engineering this Orwellian and Gestapo minded program, since such anti-American programs are typical of their "M.O." Anytime that they have an opportunity in which to attack the Bill Of Rights, they do so with unbridled enthusiasm.

At least in New York, the TI community now has an official name to attach to the program which is behind the organized stalking crimes that New York TI's are being subjected to and reporting on over the Internet.

In fact, every TI in America can now cite the program which is responsible for their own harassment and violation of these constitutionally protected rights.

Once again, this Totalitarian program is called "Operation IMPACT."

And it's being propagated by our own New York State legislators as well as those from every other state in this country. Which should give us all cause for further concern, since there is nothing legal in what is occurring here, under that piece of anti-American toilet paper known as the Patriot Act.

Moreover, Operation IMPACT is unconstitutional and a clear illustration of the New World Order's attempts to destroy the Bill Of Rights, while using our own legislators for their own criminal means.

These are the types of conspiratorial acts by governments which have historically resulted in civil wars.

Moreover, this is an untenable situation which is not going to be tolerated, and will only encourage aggressive measures to combat such inhumane and government orchestrated acts in the future.

Americans Are Being Remotely Brain Scanned By U.S. Intel

Furthermore, those within the TI community who are being stalked in such ways must also begin to accept the fact that they are being "brain scanned" by agencies like the NSA and FBI for the express purpose of remotely reading their sub vocalized thoughts, since this (as unlikely and unpopular as the concept may seem) is how these federal agencies have been illegally obtaining their information on the U.S. population for the past several decades.

Except that that since 9-11 the NSA, FBI and the Illuminati's ultimate assault on your rights -- the newly created Department Of Homeland Security -- are becoming far more brazen in how they are using these technlogies in which to violate your privacy.

A situation in which the very homes of American citizens have become as transparent as the proverbial fish bowl, as government satellites invade our privacy in the most egregious assaults on our freedoms ever documented.

And once again, the U.S. Media remains completely silent.

There is nothing legal about what these Intel agencies are doing when tapping into your body's own EMF field. This is an act of treasonous aggression by those whose prime agenda is to deprive you of inherent rights that can never be taken from you legally. Even if these treasonous scoundrels have convinced themselves that they have a right to do so.

Moreover, those of us who are promulgating this extremely disturbing information are being attacked by U.S. Intel in the most aggressive and expensive demonization campaigns ever propagated, and with complete disregard for our rights as American citizens. Those of us who have cited specific federal agencies as the source of these attacks are being even more brutally attacked.

However, the fact of the matter here is that our information is correct and the greatest indictment against the U.S. Federal Government ever made in the history of this country.

We are being remotely tracked by our own EMF fields and treated not as citizens of this country, but instead as heads of cattle. A completely unacceptable situation in which every citizen within the United States has been electronically brain fingerprinted by the NSA (the equivalent of being branded as a head of cattle - the result of the NSA's having catalogued our own unique bio electromagnetic fields into its computer database), and exploited by a government which has been charged with our protection, yet has through this parallel system of justice betrayed us in the most unthinkable of ways.

What the FBI, DHS and their cadre of equally evil minded criminals have perpetrated against us is an act of precedent setting treason! One which must be confronted and punished.

Brain fingerprinting technology has been discussed in the media for over a decade, however, those few Americans who even know about this technology have been led to believe that it is something to concern themselves with in the future. When in reality, the NSA has had access to such technology for many decades and been deploying it on the U.S. population by way of satellite tracking systems like Echelon and Tempest, and without their knowledge or consent.

The following article was written in 1999 and goes into some detail regarding brain fingerprinting technology and its uses. However, the article itself is misleading in that it leads the reader to believe that such technology is in its infancy stage, when in fact this technology is at least a half century old and has dramatically evolved to the point where remotely accessing a targeted person's brain from thousands of miles in space, and for the purpose of interrogation has become a reality.

More disinformation from a government that prides itself on keeping Americans in a state of utter confusion.

The following is a 1999 article on brain fingerprinting technology:

Also see:

The following excerpt of an interview with General Michael Hayden, former head of the NSA and now head of the CIA is brief. However, meaningful in that General Hayden states that the United States of America takes its direction from the Intel community. Which is becoming fairly obvious with agencies like the NSA, CIA and FBI committing all sorts of serious and treasonous crimes against the American people, yet never being made accountable for them; and when caught in situations like that described in AKWEI VS NSA, using our own politicians in which to cover up these crimes instead of exposing them. Alas, what we really have is a federal government that serves the wealthy class and the Military/Intelligence sector, while paying lip service to the middle and lower classes of its citizens; yet virtually ignoring them -- similar in some ways to the class structure of the former Soviet Union. God Bless America?

CIA head General Hayden admits that U.S. Intel controls America. It's finally encouraging to at least hear one of these Illuminati pawns admit it.

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