Monday, January 05, 2009

You Can Make The Following Bumper Sticker For Your Automobile & Display It In Order To Expose The Crimes Being Committed By The NSA

The Following Sticker Should Be Attached To The Bumper Of Every Car In America - It Is In Reference To John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against The National Security Agency For Using Its Signals Intelligence Operations & The Infrared Spectrum In Order To Illegally Exploit The Unique Bio Electromagnetic Field That Each American Citizen's Own Brain Emanates.

It Is This EMF field which allows the NSA To Track & Remote Neurally Monitor Americans Without Their Knowledge Or Consent. With This Frightening Technology, The NSA Can Remotely Read And Manipulate Your Thoughts By Transmitting This Information Through The Infrared Spectrum, And Sending It To The NSA's Array Of Super Computers Which Are Located At The NSA's Main Headquarters In Fort Meade, Maryland.

This Is How The NSA Has Been Stealing Information For Years. They Simply Use This Technology In Which To Electronically Tap Into The Brainwaves Of Any Person Who Is Of Interest And Then Decode This Information For Their Own Criminal Means.

According To John St. Clair Akwei, The NSA Can Track & Remotely Monitor Any American Citizen Instantly By Using Its EMF Scanning Network In Which To Home In On Our Unique Bio Electromagnetic Fields.

This Means That All Americans Can Be Instantly Identified And Tracked Without A Warrant By Way Of Their Own EMF Fields, Even Though The NSA Is In Complete Violation Of Our Inherent Rights As American Citizens.

This Is A Blatant Act Of Treasonous Aggression By This Illuminati Pawn & Terrorist.

Even more disturbing is that because the NSA can see what a person being targeted for remote neural monitoring of the brain can see through their own eyes, the NSA is using many of us as a form of mobile "human spy camera" in which to unwittingly spy on others; Once again for emphatic purposes -- NSA operatives can see what we are seeing through our own eyes!

And this is occurring while the citizens being use for such egregious spying are unaware that they are being violated so outrageously.

What This Also Means Is That No Person In The United States Has Any Privacy -- No Sense Of Physical Privacy Nor Any Sense Of Privacy Of Thought, Since The NSA Can Remotely Read The Thoughts Of Any American Citizen By Way Of Its Signals Intelligence Operations.

Is This How The U.S. Federal Goverment Is Respecting The Personal Boundaries Of Others?!

NSA Signals Intelligence Is Deployed Through NSA Satellite Tracking Systems Like Echelon And Tempest And By Way Of The Infrared Spectrum; So No Person Is Safe From The NSA's Electronic Intrusion Into Their Lives.

This Is Further Evidence That Not All Of The Nazi's Were Executed During The Nuremberg Trials, As We Have Been Told, But Instead Relocated To Different Countries, Including The United States; Where Since The Late 1940's They Have Harbored Themselves Within The U.S. Intelligence Community.

Click On The Following Hyperlink To Learn More About How The NSA Violates Your Rights Through Its Orwellian Signals Intelligence Operations. These Operatives Are Nothing But Pawns Of The New World Order Who See You As Nothing But Heads Of Cattle To Control.

They Are Breaking The Law.

However, You Can Use Your First Amendment Rights To Exercise Your Freedom Of Speech In Which To Expose These Treasonists So That Illuminist Agencies Like The NSA Can Be Abolished.

And You'll Be Operating Well Within The Rule Of Constitutional Law In Doing So.

If Only The U.S. Federal Government And Current Presidential Administration Could Say That They Have Been Operating Constitutionally -- However, They Can't!

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