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The Government Whistleblower Who Exposed George W. Bush's Illegal Use Of The NSA To Conduct Domestic Spying Without Search Warrants Now Stalked By FBI

Editors note: While putting the following post together the freak show at the NSA decided to tap into another piece of my hi-fi equipment, turning the unit on and off in an attempt to damage the amplifier. In the past they have damaged other pieces of gear by electronically homing in on a circuit and either damaging it or manipulating the circuit in some way in which to alert me to what this scum was doing.

In the case of another amplifier, they actually tapped into a wire which connects to a blue LED light on the front of the amplifier and turned the light on and off every time I would use the amplifier. This went on for months without the amplifier itself ever being damaged.

In another instance they actually burnt the main circuit board in a piece of equipment which resulted in an expensive service. I have also experienced myriad other forms of electronic harassment which include but are not limited to the NSA's insertion of its own demented programming through are cable television system, turning our TV's on and off by remote means, setting off the remote sensored spotlights around our home as well as neighbor's h0mes as an adjunct to their psychological operations, opening the electric door locks in a family automobile while the car was being driven -- also setting the alarm on the car off while it was being driven, and targeting the motorcycle helmet that I wear when riding my motorcycle which results in a clicking type of sound which resonates through the helmet while I am wearing it.

Of course if these NSA operatives can electronically hack into a sophisticated electronic device, you can imagine what they are capable of doing to the brain of someone whom they attack through the use of computer to brain link technology.

Why would these agents perpetrate such crimes?

Because they are sick minded and depraved just like the current president and vice president of this shameful government. What else can you say for government agents who videotape men, women and children within the privacy of their own homes as they undress, while using directed energy weapons in which to sexually assault them?

These so called agents are not only cowards who perpetrate these crimes anonymously by way of satellite and through the infrared spectrum; they are pieces of garbage.

The FBI's Attack On Government Whistleblowers

The FBI has its hands full these days attempting to ensure that the U.S. Intelligence community's criminal "secrets" remain that way. It was in the early 1990's that the FBI first became concerned that the NSA's abuse of its Signals Intelligence operations would be exposed by a former NSA employee by the name of John St. Clair Akwei. To the best of my knowledge, Akwei remains a target of both the NSA and FBI for his attempts to expose these crimes in a 1991 federal lawsuit against the NSA.

A lawsuit which for the past 17 years, no judge has agreed to hear. And for good reason, since the information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA cites the classified technology which the NSA uses to covertly attach itself to the unique bio electromagnetic fields of American citizens, without their knowledge or consent. This technology can be deployed against the entire U.S. population for a myriad of reasons, including the remote "brain scanning" of any citizen by NSA cryptologists.

Such scanning of the human brain by way of satellite or other remote means is in fact the most serious violation of that person's right to privacy, as well as a complete denial of that person's right to legal counsel. By using such"brain scanning" technology, the NSA and FBI have completely circumvented the judicial process of law. Further evidence of their intent to destroy the United States Constitution.

This form of "electronic trespass" does not exactly jibe with the 4TH Amendment; especially when one considers that the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations can also remotely access and manipulate the thoughts of any person whom the NSA decides to target for this technology. All while the person's rights under the Constitution are completely disregarded.

The NSA's admission of such technology would be nearly the equivalent of the Illuminati admitting to their own existence and agenda in which to covertly destroy the freedoms which Americans have always associated with this country. And if *AKWEI VS NSA were heard in a court of law, it would bring down the NSA as well as the shadow government in this country. As such, an admission here is not about to occur, even though those of us who've been targeted for such non consensual experimentation are now aware that this technology does in fact exist and is being illegally utilized on a global scale. We have become a main focus of the NSA and FBI for our attempts in which to expose this technology to the public. Just as John Akwei did nearly two decades ago.

Read the contents of Akwei VS NSA here:

More recently former NSA operative Russell Tice was just about to publicly reveal crimes that the NSA had committed, which as he stated would make the scandal regarding George W. Bush and his use of the NSA to illegally spy domestically appear insignificant by comparison.

Was Russ Tice referring to the NSA's coding of the bio electromagnetic fields of all Americans within its computer database? Because if another NSA employee had come forth with this information (as John Akwei did back inn 1991) that would certainly be the type of scandalous and irrefutable information that John Akwei was referring to in his lawsuit against the NSA.

Moreover, since going public in 2006, Tice has been harassed by the FBI ever since in what he has described as "FBI intimidation tactics" used in efforts to frighten other agents into refraining from blowing the whistle on the NSA and other Intel agencies (including the FBI itself).

Agents like Tice, Akwei, Edmonds, and a host of others have been trying to tell us that there are a lot of bad things occurring within the NSA and other Intel agencies, and that the FBI has been called in to silence them.

It would appear that the FBI's Gestapo tactics have worked well enough here, since they have frightened many agents into keeping silent in what appear to be treasonous crimes being committed by the Intel community, yet covered up by the U.S. Congress, Department Of Justice and their pit bull -- the FBI.

One can only imagine what Russ Tice is being subjected to in the present day as a result of his candor and attempts to expose the NSA's outrageous spying activities. However, it is highly unlikely that if the FBI is continuing to hound him, he's able to live any normal type of existence.

The same can be said for the whistleblower who helped to expose the Bush Administration's criminal use of the NSA a few years back; a man by the name of Thomas S. Tamm.

Tamm is now living the existence of someone whose life has been systematically torn to pieces by the FBI. The Bureau's use of psywarfare on their victims is absolutely vicious and few can stand up to such intense psychological abuse year after year. And the FBI counts on this in order to deny these people their rights under the U.S. Constitution, while attempting to covertly murder them.

The real issue in Tamm's case, as well as those of Russ Tice, John St. Clair Akwei, and the myriad other former government employees who've risked their careers (as well as lives) in order to take on corruption within the U.S. Intel community, is only beginning to come to light now.

And that issue is: as a federal agent who has taken a sworn oath in which to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, what should you do when you learn that those within the hierarchy of the U.S. Federal Government who have taken the same oath, are abusing it?

And still worse, hiding their crimes under the cover of national security so that they cannot be exposed to the American people?

Thomas M. Tamm, John Akwei, Russ Tice and many other government whistleblowers have found this out the hard way, and are now being harassed by the very agency that should have been there to help them prosecute these crimes, instead of aiding and abetting those within these federal agencies who continue to commit them.

And that agency is the Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

A misnomer if there ever was one since the FBI has spent most of its existence covering up crimes committed under the color and cover of law instead of exposing them, while using its COINTELPRO intimidation tactics in which to blackmail and silence those who can identify the FBI as having perpetrated said crimes. A situation that I have witnessed many times over the past several years, as the FEDS have shaken down family members in order to intimidate them into acquiescing to the FBI's criminal dictates and COINTELPRO attacks on my person. Nothing that the FBI has done is legal here, and only further evidence of its use of that treasonous piece of legislation known as the Patriot Act in which to decimate the rights of American citizens.

And while the FBI may attempt to justify such acts, the bottom line is this: if the FBI is violating the constitutional rights of any American citizen (including those whom the Bureau has deliberately and erroneously labeled as terrorists), then it is the FBI itself who is in the commission of serious crimes against the U.S. Bill Of Rights and must be held accountable for these crimes.

This is the real problem.

Federal Intel agencies like the FBI.

The FBI has no respect for the American people or the U.S. Constitution. Moreover, these agents have no honor, and will readily destroy the reputations of those whom they commit color of law crimes against.

Since the FBI is never held accountable for its crimes and has become so pathologically deceptive, brazen, criminal, arrogant and thoroughly obnoxious, that the agency sees itself as being sacrosanct in its actions, while never answering to the public.

The American Proletariat have been deceived into believing that the FBI was created to serve their interests, when in fact the FBI was specifically created to undermine the U.S. Constitution. And has been doing so in one guise or another since 1908.

The B in FBI should stand for BLACKMAIL, because that is the FBI's primary means in which to manipulate others into taking part in the Bureau's own treasonous and abhorrent crimes. BLACKMAIL, remains the FBI's stock in trade.

And such a lack of checks and balances within the FBI remains a sure motivation for the Bureau to continue operating exactly as it is -- unconstitutionally, criminally and despicably.

The following situation regards such treasonous behavior, that FBI chief William Swan Mueller actually volunteered to resign his post at the FBI in order to avoid the possible fallout which he thought would take place, yet under the criminal Bush Administration was largely ignored.

And if the American people became as disturbed as they did when learning of the NSA's illegal eavesdropping of their phone calls and opening of their E-mails, one can only imagine their reaction to learning that the *NSA has since the early 1980's electronically branded and catalogued them by their bodies' own unique bio electromagnetic fields. An act that must be seen as the greatest assault on the privacy of the American people ever documented in this country's history.

*What use could the NSA possibly have for storing the unique bio electromagnetic fields of our own bodies within its computer database?

Actually there are a myriad of uses that the NSA does not want you to know about, including tracking each of us 24 hours a day as if we were heads of cattle in which to monitor us just in case we become dissatisfied enough with what we see this government turning into, that we decide to join ranks in which to speak out against it.

And where is the Constitution in what the NSA has done here?

It is no where to be found. That's the problem.

Moreover, since this information has been circulated over the Internet, those of us who have promulgated it, continue to be covertly attacked by the FBI and its criminal brethren in every possible venue, while the U.S. Congress quietly watches this decimation of our inherent rights as citizens of this country, hoping that we are killed off so that these ugly truths about the U.S. Federal Government will conveniently go away.

That is how the U.S. Federal Government handles those who can prove in a court of law that this government is guilty of treasonous and Nazi-style types of crimes against its own citizens -- they utilize covert means in which to murder us.

However the reports on these crimes are not going away!

If anything, they are growing worse as those of us who propagate this information grow more angry and resilient; the result of such treasonous attacks on our rights as American citizens.

These attacks are both vicious and relentless, and being done to keep the truth from the American people, because these government criminals are well aware that if Americans learn the extent to which the NSA has been violating their privacy, the shadow government in this country that has been pulling the strings behind our three branches of government will in fact collapse.

And if that happens say goodbye to the Illuminati and its control over America!

And it should collapse, because it is this shadow government which is responsible for most of the problems that we as a nation are now facing. And it is its own agents who are cleverly infiltrating many of the activist groups which were created to expose these crimes, yet are being compromised by such agents; federal agents who have the benefit of operating secretly, maintaining the ability to change their personas like chameleons. These agents will continue to operate in this way and destroy or misdirect activism as agencies like the FBI have done for generations, until the American people become schooled in U.S. Intel's own lexicon of treachery and deception. This is the only way in which to defeat these criminals whose prime agenda is to destroy the United States of America from within.

And thus far, they are succeeding.

Another government whistleblower stalked by the FBI:

"If somebody were to say, who am I to do that? I would say, I had taken an oath to uphold the Constitution. It's stunning that someone higher up the chain of command didn't speak up."

-- Government Whistleblower Thomas M. Tamm
In Reference To The Bush Administration's Illegal Use Of NSA

Source: Newsweek

Thomas M. Tamm was entrusted with some of the government's most important secrets. He had a Sensitive Compartmented Information security clearance, a level above Top Secret. Government agents had probed Tamm's background, his friends and associates, and determined him trustworthy.

It's easy to see why: he comes from a family of high-ranking FBI officials. During his childhood, he played under the desk of J. Edgar Hoover, and as an adult, he enjoyed a long and successful career as a prosecutor. Now gray-haired, 56 and fighting a paunch, Tamm prides himself on his personal rectitude. He has what his 23-year-old son, Terry, calls a "passion for justice." For that reason, there was one secret he says he felt duty-bound to reveal.

In the spring of 2004, Tamm had just finished a year long stint at a Justice Department unit handling wiretaps of suspected terrorists and spies—a unit so sensitive that employees are required to put their hands through a biometric scanner to check their fingerprints upon entering. While there, Tamm stumbled upon the existence of a highly classified National Security Agency program that seemed to be eavesdropping on U.S. citizens. The unit had special rules that appeared to be hiding the NSA activities from a panel of federal judges who are required to approve such surveillance. When Tamm started asking questions, his supervisors told him to drop the subject. He says one volunteered that "the program" (as it was commonly called within the office) was "probably illegal."

See the remainder of this article here:

Also see the following information on the FBI's fabrication of evidence.

Source: Talk Left -- The Politics Of Crime Website:

Muslim Charity Claims FBI Fabricated Evidence
By Jeralyn, Section Terror Trials
Posted on Mon Feb 26, 2007 at 11:03:43 AM EST
Tags: Hamas, Muslim Charities (all tags) Share This: Digg!
The L.A. Times reports:

When the Bush administration shut down the nation's largest Muslim charity five years ago, officials of the Dallas-based foundation denied allegations it was linked to terrorists and insisted that a number of accusations were fabricated by the government. Now, attorneys for the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development say the government's own documents provide evidence of that claim.

In recent court filings, defense lawyers disclosed striking discrepancies between an official summary and the verbatim transcripts of an FBI-wiretapped conversation in 1996 involving Holy Land officials.

The FBI summaries of the wiretapped calls contain anti-semitic comments not found in the transcripts.


The summary attributes inflammatory, anti-Semitic comments to Holy Land officials that are not found in a 13-page transcript of the recorded conversation. It recently was turned over to the defense by the government in an exchange of evidence.

Citing the unexplained discrepancies, defense lawyers have asked U.S. District Judge A. Joe Fish in Dallas to declassify thousands of hours of FBI surveillance recordings, so that full transcripts would replace government summaries as evidence.

The case involves:

Seven former foundation officials, six of them U.S. citizens, have been charged with funneling money to overseas charities controlled by Hamas, which the U.S. has designated as a foreign terrorist organization. The defendants have denied the charges.

Here are the allegations that appeared in the FBI summary but not the transcripts:

The summary portrays Baker as raging against "the Jews of the world" and as claiming that Jews have no allegiance to anything but "their pockets and to preserving the illegal Zionist state of Israel."

Additional anti-Semitic comments the FBI summary attributed to Baker or Ghassan Elashi, Holy Land's former board chairman, included:

"Their [Jews'] only purpose here in the U.S. is to purchase as many politicians as possible and to warp the way the American Christians feel and think not just about the Christian religion but mainly about the Palestinian people … and to rob as much money as possible from American taxpayers for the illegitimate excuse of protecting and preserving the chosen people of God."
"Even Jesus Christ had called the Jews and their high priests … the sons of snakes and scorpions."
"I am confident that in the end justice, and not the Jews, will prevail. I believe that there is still justice in America."
According to the defense,

the "author of the attached summary has cynically and maliciously attributed to the defendants racist invective and inculpatory remarks the defendants never uttered."

"It is appalling that such summaries even exist, much less that the government represented that this is all our clients need to know in order to defend themselves."

There are other inconsistencies in what the FBI provided:

Other alleged discrepancies also have dogged the case. Holy Land lawyers challenged the accuracy of an FBI memo, for example, that quoted a foundation office manager as telling Israeli authorities that charitable funds were "channeled to Hamas."

But defense lawyers told the court the translation from Arabic to Hebrew to English distorted the official's original statement, and that he should have been quoted as saying, "We have no connection to Hamas."
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