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Gaslighting Through An Article In Long Island's Newsday Daily Paper, Which Was Actually Written In August Of 2008 For The Winnipeg Free Press

As my regular readers are well aware, as a long-term target of U.S. Intel's non consensual human experimentation, I am constantly subjected to a myriad of psychological operations, including gas lighting tactics. And since most of this remains difficult to prove, the result of the plausible ways in which these crimes are perpetrated, I seize on any opportunity in which to document them.

Now the following article has turned out to be an excellent physical example of gaslighting through the use of the media venue, however, I should also state that Newsday may have no idea that my paper was tampered with, and possibly also be a victim of the FBI's chicanery.

For those of you who reside in New York State and receive Newsday's weekend edition, on page E5 of Newsday's "Wheels" section on automobiles, I wonder if you will find what I did when opening up this supplement?

I can tell you for a fact that you will not, since you are thankfully not being targeted for an FBI sanctioned COINTELPRO operation.

On the other hand, since I am a target of the FBI's stinking corpse COINTELPRO, an article which appeared in my copy of today's Newsday "Wheels" supplement, was in fact one which appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press back in August of 2008, and was written by a different author by the name of Steve Reive.

To be more succinct, the *article that I presently have in my possession is Reive's August 2008 Winnipeg Free Press article on the late automotive designer John Herlitz, but with the heading of today's article on Preston Tucker, which also incorporates the caricature of Tucker and his car.

*The following is the full article as it appeared today which I have posted on another Website, just in case the FBI decides to have it deleted, as they have done several times in the past. This Website will show evidence that the FBI clearly tampered with my Newsday paper today, in regard to an article which is listed in the "Wheels" supplement on page E5.

In other words, the caricature for Tucker and his car which appear in today's Newsday article on Preston Tucker are actually embedded into the Winnipeg Free Press article on John Herlitz, written by Steven Reive back in August of 2008.

And just when I thought that the FBI couldn't be creative. However, creativity in their deception of the American public is one of the areas that the FBI actually excels in. That and blackmail, torture, murder and every treasonous act imaginable by these mind raping Nazi
rat bastards.

Moreover, in this instance there has been absolutely no attempt made in which to cover up this textbook example of gaslighting.

Of course, if you turn to page E5 of Newsday's "Wheels" section, you'll find the real article which Jason Stein wrote on Preston Tucker, and not the FBI's homogenization of this article as well as the Winnipeg Free Press article written by Steve Reive back in August of 2008.

Editor's Note: The following link is to the article on Preston Tucker as it appears in today's Newsday -- not the FBI's maniacle farce of an article that I saw when I opened today's copy of "Wheels."

The following article is the one written by Steve Rieve in the Winnipeg Free Press back in August of 2008.

What the FBI has done here is to furnish me with the best physical evidence to date that they are in fact using psychological warfare against my person in an attempt to not only violate my inherent rights as an American citizen, but also to utilize psychological warfare in order to drive me to a state of mental instability which will conform to the FBI's bogus profile of my person. To put it quite bluntly -- the FBI is full of shit. Also notice the title of the article by Steven Reive in which the word "hatchet" is used -- a veiled threat by the FBI of their attempts in which to covertly murder me. The article can be seen at the following link. Also notice in the title of Jason Stein's "Wheels" article today another veiled threat by the FBI in regard to my person -- that I may never live to see tomorrow. This is yet a further part of the psyops being perpetrated by these Nazi bastards. To wit and I quote "A car for the future than never saw tomorrow. "

Specifically, if I were insane, why would the FBI find it necessary to utilize its psychological operations in which to drive me to such a state? The answer is that I am not insane. Instead, I am cogent in my documentation of what these filthy Nazi minded reprobates are subjecting my family and self to, and as such forcing the FBI and the rest of its cesspool of accomplices to obscure their own criminal activities, including the NSA's use of my person for long term non consensual human experimentation (mind influencing research by way of remote -- satellite-- means).

This latest piece of psywarfare on the part of the FBI is physical proof that the Bureau is in fact using psychological warfare on my person in efforts to drive me to a state in which I will actually commit a crime or act that I can be incarcerated for. And furthermore, that they have now become so brazen in regard to these outrageous crimes, that they would actually fabricate this information in a situation in which I can actually *physically show proof of this.

* I have uploaded the Newsday "spoofed" article that I read in my copy of today's "Wheels," which the FEDS may end up deleting under some other bogus excuse like the ones that they have used in the past, when deleting two Angelfire Websites ; this as well as myriad articles that I have in the past posted on the Independent Media Center Websites which the FEDS either blocked me from posting, or immediately had the IMC sites hide for fraudulent reasons, so that my information could not be destributed through these sites.

The FBI was clearly working on its demonization campaign of my person, and did not want me to be able to post the crimes that they have and continue to perpetrate against my family and person.

And why should this come as a surprise since these Nazi pigs have fabricated most of the info that they have circulated in regard to my person as well as myriad others whom they have in the past and present targeted for COINTELPRO. And this is why the Bureau has resorted to further illegal attacks, and now attempting to justify them under the piece of PNAC/Bush Administration toilet paper known as the Patriot Act.

This piece of garbage legislation was created specifically to undermine the U.S. Bill of Rights by allowing the treasonous crimes being perpetrated by the U.S.Intel community for decades, to become legitimate. However, the Patriot Act, like the PNAC Bush White House is nothing but a major deception being used to destroy the United States of America. They are a crime against humanity.

The Patriot Act has thus far been very effectively utilized by the PNAC/Bush White House in which to destroy our inherent rights as American citizens. And it is time that this piece of treasonous garbage was abolished.

Back in 2003 when the FBI's COINTELPRO of my person went from covert to overt, this type of manipulation of the newspaper was a daily occurrence. So much so that I stopped reading it. In 2005 the FBI/NSA/DHS attack on our TV programming became so outrageous that I decided to stop watching Television -- which I rarely if ever watch at all in the present day -- especially since our programming is still being tampered with-- yet not to the degree that it was several years ago. Over the past few months I have on occasion begun reading the "Wheels" section of the Long Island daily newspaper, Newsday, yet without noticing any types of "tamperings."

That is until today.

Why would these federal agencies take part in such crimes? Because they cannot possibly defend what they have done in a court of law, as pertains to their use of my person for non consensual human experimentation, nor long-term illegal surveillance/COINTELPRO harassment.

*From what I can gather, there are now thousands of targets for non consensual human experimentation surfacing on the Internet to document their own harrasment and likely millions who've yet to come forward.

So these agents do what they always do when their covert and illegal activities suffer blowback (U.S. Intel's term for unintended consequences from their own black operations) -- they LIE, while manipulating the situation in such ways in which to obscure their own crimes from the public eye, while demonizing those whose rights they have so egregiously violated. A tactic which the FEDS have found increasingly necessary to utilize under the most criminal presidential cabinet in United States History.

* I will document any further attempts by the FBI in which to further manipulate the local newspaper. I will update this situation, including the intensity of the organized stalking and psyops that my entire family and self are now being subjected to by this federally orchestrated community of Nazi minded trash. These are not Americans. They are an elite group of mind controlled freaks who consider it their right to disenfranchise others of their inherent rights as both citizens of the United States and occupants of this planet. However, they will ultimately pay an extraordinarily high price for such crimes, since no one in their right mind would ever tolerate being abused by anyone else in the way that these monsters are abusing the TI community. They are asking for a civil war.

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