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The Death Of Journalist Alexander Hume -- Another Example Of Why U.S Journalists Are Afraid Of Crossing The Investigative Line Into Government Crimes

Alexander (Sandy) Hume was like his well known father, Brit, a journalist for the U.S. Media --- with one exception. Sandy had not been swallowed up by the CIA's *Mockingbird dictates as his father and so many other journalists have, and still maintained his journalistic integrity.

*The CIA's Operation Mockingbird (1948) ushered in the era of the "cookie cutter" journalist -- meaning that U.S. journalists who'd formerly written whatever they cared to, were now covertly forced to acquiece to the CIA and its Intel brethren. This resulted in the CIA's planting of its own operatives within the U.S. media, which resulted in the the loss of journalistic freedoms; those reporters who failed to kowtow to the CIA's dictates ended up on the unemployment line or worse, dead.

The worst aspect in all this was that those who chose to challenge the CIA's dictates were punished and made examples of, in order to keep the rest of these journalists in line.

And this dictatorial action by the agency has been quite effective in giving U.S. Intel nearly sancrosanct control over the media system in America; a situation in which myriad crimes committed by the U.S. Intel community under the color of law, and hidden under the cover of National Security, have been totally ignored by the media in what was nothing short of a complete blackout of news coverage in regard to these events -- in many instances, critically important news that should have been reported to the American people, but was kept from them -- a trademark of the U.S. Intel/Media's nefarious and deceptive/disinformation partnership.

Clinton/U.S. Intel White House
Makes Example Of Sandy Hume

It would appear that journalist Alexander Hume was not willing to kowtow to U.S. Intel's tyrannical way of doing things, which in this writer's opinion may well have cost him his life. It is also my opinion that Sandy Hume was murdered in a made to appear as a suicide; like the murders made to appear as suicides of so many other journalists who refused to be intimidated by the U.S. Intel community's tyrannical ideals; provocative writers like Steve Kangas, Gary Webb and the father of gonzo journalism himself, Hunter S. Thompson.

The truth of the matter is that these three journalists (and others like them -- especially the late Mae Brussell) were worth more to the American people than what remains of the entire U.S. media system put together; a group of hand puppets who spend all of their time feeding us nothing but Illuminist propaganda, while creating media blackouts on any subject which the Illuminati controlled Intel community demands to maintain its criminal cover.

Why don't we hear about the NSA's illegal Signals Intelligence operations or how this Nazi run New World Order crime syndicate is covertly spying upon, as well as torturing and murdering myriad American citizens, under a modern day version of the CIA's MKULTRA operations, being conducted by way of the NSA's Echelon satellite network?

Because any mainstream journalist who even attempted to broach such a subject would be spied upon by the many U.S. Intel moles who harbor themselves within virtually every news organization within the United States, and contacted by U.S. Intel and ordered to refrain from discussing this information. Many already likely have been. And if they failed to heed U.S. Intel's instructions, they would without a doubt end up like Webb, Thompson, Kangas, Hume, or innumerable other journalists whose interests were in reporting the news, and not the fabrications that the U.S. Intel controlled and filtered disinfo system in this country continues to report on.

When is the U.S. Media system going to admit that the attacks on 9-11 were an inside job? When are they going to admit that the Federal Reserve Bank is operating illegally? When are they going to admit that TWA Flight 800 was shot out of the sky by a Navy missile? When are they going to admit that the NSA can remotely access and manipulate a person's thoughts by way of the Echelon satellite spy network?

When are they going to admit that the FBI has both taken part in and aided and abetted terrorist activities within the United States since this congenital mistake of an organization was first founded? And that it remains complicit in the theft of evidence taken from the World Trade Center and Pentagon which could prove that the U.S. Federal Government's official investigation into the attacks on 9-11 was as phony, as the Warren Commission Report was in regard to the assassination of John F. Kennedy?

Sandy Hume was obviously idealistic enough to believe that if you report honestly on subjects which disrupt the U.S. status quo (in this case a situation between two politicians -- one of whom was none other than Newt Gingrich, and an investigation which Hume was about to come forward with showing that the Clinton White House was using the media to dig dirt on its critics) that your work will not be in vain. However, Hume found out the hard way that the criminal justice system in this country as well as the other two branches of government, are as much a pawn of the Illuminati controlled Intel community as is the media system -- both bought and paid for by these Illuminists who operate completely outside the Constitutional rule of law.

And while the Bush, Rockefeller and Clinton crime syndicates spring to mind in this situation, there are many others that exist within the military/industrial/intelligence/media complex who are equally as dangerous to the American people, and just as immune from prosecution for their treasonous crimes.

It would be easy to label the American journalism profession these days as one which is based on disinformation as well as cowardice, since both terms certainly apply. However, there is a myriad of evidence to suggest that a journalist who takes on criminals like the PNAC run Bush Administration or agencies like the FBI, CIA or NSA, is definitely risking the destruction of their career, and quite possibly even subjecting themselves to a covertly perpetrated assassination.

These government rat bastards have no compunction about violating every rule of law and basic human decency that one might imagine including torturing and murdering their victims -- we saw what they did to the People's Temple Cult in Jonestown Guyana, the Branch Davidians, the Weaver Family and the American Indian Movement, as well as many others who were targeted for depraved aspects of the U.S. Federal Governments covert operations, be they MKULTRA, COINTELPRO, or some other program which amounted to nothing less than a conspiratorially sanctioned crime against humanity.

There have quite literally been a myriad of people who were murdered under the guise of suicide, by U.S. Intel agencies, as well as certain politicians who found it necessary to remove a party who may have overheard or seen something that could have placed these representatives in compromising situations. For example the late Chandra Levy having seen information on Congressman Gary Conditt's computer in regard to the Bush crime family, that Levy was not supposed to see. And shortly afterwards turning up missing, only to be found dead in a nearby park a year later -- the same park officials had combed shortly after her disappearance, having found no sign of Levy's body.

How about former Bush biographer J. Hatfield, who wrote a less than flattering biography about George W. Bush entitled "Fortunate Son?" Hatfield would soon afterward also turn up dead -- a reported suicide. In fact, over the past year alone I've been researching the deaths of people who were in some way associated with either or both the Clintons and Bushes, and come up with over 100 deaths -- some outright murders, while others were murders made to appear as suicides.

And lucky us, since we now have Hillary as part of the presidential cabinet, with the addition of slick Willy thrown in for good measure. Not to mention the president of the NY Federal Reserve System taking over as head of the U.S. Treasury come January, 2009.

Kind of ironic don't you think, since the Federal Reserve System has since 1913 been illegally doing the job that the U.S. Treasury is by the Constitutional rule of law supposed to be doing? That is, the coining of U.S. currency.

So is this the change that President Elect Obama was referring to? Another criminal empire taking over in Washington? Because from his latest two cabinet appointees, it sure as hell seems that way. Can't take another eight years of Bush? Well, we can't take another four years of bullshit, yet it seems as though that is exactly what we're about to get.

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