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Why The United States Department Of Justice Is Trying To Destroy Angela Clemente -- The DOJ's Persecution Of An American Patriot

The FBI's COINTELPRO Against P.I. Angela Clemente

From one of the men who helped to expose the FBI's cover up of the facts behind the Navy's accidental missile take down of TWA Flight 800 in 1996. Jack Cashill writes about the FBI's attack on private investigator Angela Clemente; the woman whose investigative work nearly brought down former FBI agent Lindley DeVecchio for his part in the murders of four men and a woman.

Ms. Clemente was nearly murdered for her efforts by those close to DeVecchio, concerned that if he was indeed forced to cop a plea deal, he might have exposed the crimes of fellow FBI agents which may have led to further indictments.

Unfortunately, the DOJ's covert interference in DeVecchio's trial derailed the prosecution's efforts in which to put this criminal in prison where he belongs, while using the FBI's head defense council, a pit bull by the named of Valerie Caproni, who's since made life for Angela Clemente a living hell.

As for Valerie Caproni's integrity, let's just say that she has none. Not only did she allow herself to become a complete pawn of the criminal Clinton White House, she illegally usurped the FAA's investigation of the U.S. Navy's accidental missile destruction of TWA Flight 800 in 1996. A situation in which the FBI took over the real investigation, only to initiate a completely fabricated investigation in which the Navy's part in the attack on Flight 800 was totally obscured, while the machination of a faulty fuel tank was used to deceive the public - a fuel tank which in reality did not have the design flaws that the U.S. Intel controlled media has told the public it did).

This information would later become part of Caproni's own personal interest in derailing the Brooklyn DA office's prosecution of Lin DeVecchio (nicknamed "Mr. Organized Crime" within the FBI for his known association with Mafia capos) and his role in the murders of five Scarpa associates, including the elder Scarpa's beautiful young girlfriend.

Moreover, in the past, when forced to testify in situations in which FBI agents have committed heinous crimes against American citizens, Valerie Caproni has testified that her "pay grade" prevented her from having any knowledge of such malfeasance on the part of these agents.

A cop out at best, in which Caproni herself has shown that she is intelligent enough to realize that she doesn't want to end up on the receiving end of a vicious cycle of COINTELPRO which could destroy both her career, and if the stakes for these agents are high enough, even her life.

Moreover, in reality, Valerie Caproni has proven herself to be just as capable a liar as the agents whom she represents. To quote the late activist Judi Bari, who was nearly murdered by the FBI when they planted a bomb in her car as part of a long-term COINTELPRO against her:

"These guys are professional liars, who've raised selected memory loss to an art form."

- James F. Marino

Also see the following article on how the FBI and Mafia collude on certain murders that are of mutual interest to both organizations:


  • Editor's Note:

    The following article was written prior to the DOJ/FBI derailing of the Brooklyn DA's case against former agent Lin DeVecchio. Since that time, Angela Clemente was nearly strangled to death in a "staged" incident in which she was contacted by an "informant" who claimed to have further information on DeVecchio's criminal ties with the mob. She was beaten, strangled and left for dead. However she managed to survive, but still suffers from injuries which she sustained during the vicious assault. The DOJ and its FBI criminal counterpart are now attempting to bankrupt Angela Clemente as punishment for exposing their own crimes.

    The Trials of Angela Clemente:
    Why the Department of Justice is Destroying America's Best PI

    © Jack Cashill
    May 31, 2007 -

    Actually, Angela Clemente resists the designation “PI”—private investigator. The self-effacing 42 year-old refers to herself as a “paralegal” with a strong background in clinical lab work.

    Of course, given her modesty, Clemente will absolutely freak at the word “best,” especially now that she finds herself being hounded by forces within the FBI and Department of Justice.

    Still, it is hard to deny the accomplishments of Clemente and her recently deceased colleague, Stephen Dresch. The pair has shed more light on the major mysteries of the Clinton era than the FBI and The New York Times combined.

    In March 2005, for instance, it was Clemente and Dresch who informed the FBI about the explosives cache hidden in Terry Nichols’ former home in Herington, Kansas.

    In a thank you note to Clemente for her work on this case, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher casually affirmed, “It was you and Dr. Dresch, acting on a tip from Gregory Scarpa, Jr., who learned that the FBI missed a stash of explosives.” He added, “You have a real knack for investigation.”

    Yet despite the kudos and the good work, Clemente finds her own life coming undone as the result of her unplanned investigation into the alleged misdeeds of former FBI agent, Lin Devecchio.

    When Clemente began her work on what she calls “the systemic corruption” in the Clinton-era U.S. Attorney's Office in the Eastern District of New York, she did not even know who Devecchio was.

    In the course of the investigation, however, she and Dresch stumbled onto an internal FBI investigation regarding Devecchio that had been effectively squashed.

    When they handed their findings over to the relevant congressional committee, the committee thought the Devecchio matter should be tried as a criminal case and referred the material to the Brooklyn District Attorney, who agreed.

    As a result of the pair’s work, Devecchio now stands accused of taking bribes as payment for inside information that led to four gangland style murders in Brooklyn.

    The man making the bribes just happened to be mobster Gregory Scarpa, Sr., a long time FBI collaborator and informer.

    The Brooklyn DA’s office, which has brought the case, calls it "one of the worst cases of law enforcement corruption in the history of this country."

    Devecchio, however, still has a lot of friends in the DOJ and FBI. Iowa Senator Charles Grassley publicly complained about these unseemly alliances in March.

    As Grassley noted, current and former agents are raising money for DeVecchio's legal defense. The Justice Department is picking up at least part of his legal bills. And the FBI has proved uncooperative in producing documents for local prosecutors.

    No one, however, is helping Clemente. Just the opposite. Devecchio’s defense has zeroed in on her. A single mom with a seriously ill child, Clemente has been called as a material witness for the defense and ordered to produce a veritable library of documents.

    The case has brought her own productive work to a standstill, and the potential legal costs are crippling. “I’ve lost everything because of this case,” says Clemente. “I’ve tried to get away and keep getting pulled in.”

    (If there is a New York-area attorney in this audience looking for a good cause, this is surely it. I will be pleased to pass the referral on.)

    One of the former agents actively helping Devecchio is well known to readers of this column. Jim Kallstrom, who headed up the TWA Flight 800 investigation for the FBI, now serves on Devecchio’s advisory board.

    This is not the first time that Kallstrom has come to the defense of his embattled colleague. “There is insufficient evidence to take prosecutive action against SSA DelVecchio (sic),” Kallstrom wrote in an April 1996 memo to FBI director Louis Freeh.

    Kallstrom added that the failure to resolve the matter “continues to have a serious negative impact on the government’s prosecution of various LCN [La Cosa Nostra] figures in the EDNY and casts a cloud over the NYO [ New York office].”

    In July 1996, things at the NYO got a whole lot cloudier when TWA Flight 800 blew up off the coast of Long Island. After five weeks of bulldogging the investigation into the plane’s demise, Kallstrom inexplicably rolled over and let the Clinton Justice Department derail the investigation.

    The question remains as to whether the Clinton DOJ used the burial of the Devecchio case as a carrot to induce Kallstrom’s cooperation.

    The only mainstream reporter to even address this question is Peter Lance, who covers this dark symbiosis in his worthy books Triple Cross and Cover Up.

    One woman who knows the answer to this question is Valerie Caproni, the chief of the Eastern District’s criminal division during the period of “systemic corruption.”

    In fact, Caproni was the “main focus” of the investigation that ultimately led Clemente to the Devecchio matter, and well she ought to have been.

    Among other mischief, the spectacularly compromised U.S. Attorney illegally ordered the FBI to seize the TWA Flight 800 investigation from the NTSB.

    Lest that illegality be exposed, Caproni also oversaw the prosecution of James and Elizabeth Sanders for Sanders’ reporting on her misbehavior.

    If this wasn’t compromise enough for one person, Caproni orchestrated the botched sting of World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef in that same summer of 1996.

    As the sting played out, the ubiquitous, second-generation FBI informant Gregory Scarpa Jr. was placed in the cell next to Yousef.

    Once he began to trust Scarpa, Yousef used Junior's connections to pass information to the outside world, little knowing that Scarpa was routing much of it through his own FBI handlers.

    Unfortunately, the sting spectacularly imploded. (See “Top FBI lawyer helped destroy TWA Flight 800.”) Through no fault of Scarpa’s, the failed sting may have resulted in the downing of TWA Flight 800.

    Perhaps to bury the evidence, Caproni saw to it that Scarpa Jr. was sent away for a hard 40 to the Florence, Colorado Super Max on a non-lethal RICO charge despite his cooperation.

    Now, incredibly, Caproni has re-emerged as the Chief Counsel for the FBI and a key gatekeeper in the Devecchio case.

    Standing at the gates, improbably enough, is one Gregory Scarpa, Jr. Scarpa just happens to be the prosecution’s chief witness against Devecchio.

    Given her history, Caproni has all the reason in the world to keep Scarpa buried in Colorado and Clemente buried in paperwork and debt.

    Barring some miraculous intervention by the major media, Caproni may well be capable of doing both.

    Article sourced from the following Website:

    Also see the following:

    FBI Agents Involved in Murders with Boston Mobsters

    Around the year 2000, sufficient information was uncovered by media investigators and published in Boston area newspapers that enabled state prosecutors to charge FBI agents in the Boston office with criminal activities spanning several decades, which included FBI agents providing information on government informants to organized crime figures that knowingly resulted in the assassination of those working with government agents. This is described in the fourth edition of Defrauding America and several other books written by Rodney Stich.

    This publicity forced a congressional investigation into FBI misconduct to issue a two-volume report (February 3, 2004) titled, "Everything Secret Degenerates: The FBI's Use of Murderers As Informants." That report focused on FBI agents in the Boston area being involved in murders, providing information to organized crime figures, and protecting murderers from being prosecuted.

    FBI Agent and Multiple Murders in New York City

    During this period, in 2002, former federal agent Rodney Stich was receiving letters from a former New York City Colombo Mafiosi, Gregory Scarpa, Jr, with whom Stich had a book contract. Gregory's father was a boss in the Colombo Mafia, who for many years had a secret relationship with FBI Supervisory Special Agent Lindley DeVecchio.

    Gregory provided Stich with detailed information about how his father and DeVecchio secretly met and engaged in bank robberies and murders. Department of Justice prison officials eventually blocked Gregory Scarpa from providing Stich with additional information

    At the same time, Stich was receiving insider information from two other sources that had information about FBI agent DeVecchio. One was a former FBI agent who worked under DeVecchio, a former highly decorated Vietnam War military pilot and Lt. Col. in the New York national guard. The other one was a former friend of Jimmy Hoffa and who socialized with Las Vegas and Los Angeles mobsters, including Tony Spilotro (portrayed in the movie, Casino) and Eddie Nash (involved in the famous four-on-the-floor murders in Hollywood. As a cellmate to Gregory Scarpa, he provided additional information on the murders committed by the FBI agent. In 2006, the Brooklyn district attorney office circumvented the DOJ block and charged DeVecchio with multiple murders while on FBI duty., These details are in the book, FBI, CIA, the Mob, and Treachery.

    Discover how Department of Justice officials manipulate state and local government and media to cover up for murders perpetrated by FBI agents.

    Nationwide Media Blackout
    On FBI Criminal Culture and Murders

    Carrying out the practice seen for many decades, most of the nation's media kept a blackout on the FBI murders in the Boston and New York offices and the complicity of high FBI-DOJ officials in Washington.

    Almost every newspaper and TV commentator kept the lid on this scandal, except for a few newspapers in the New York City area.

    These matters are particularly detailed in several books written by Rodney Stich, including FBI, CIA, the Mob, and Treachery.

    Congressional Cover-Ups
    Of FBI Criminal Culture

    This information was critical to understanding the corrupt culture in the FBI and the urgent need to investigate this matter. This culture undoubtedly played a role in the FBI's failure to act on the known intelligence and hijacking scheme of the 9/11 terrorists.

    In 2002, former federal agent wrote letters to several members of Congress, including those who investigated the FBI murders in Boston, advising them that he was a former federal agent and that he had contacts who knew of and participated in similar criminality in the FBI's New York offices. Stich urged them to immediately contact him so that he could provide information and the names of these people. Not a single recipient of the letters responded.

    It is very possible that members of Congress are in a Catch-22 situation, in that if Stich was allowed to present his information, much of it documented, it would start to reveal the decades of criminal activities, the cover-ups, and the consequences, in which they were implicated.

    Members of Congress
    Blocking Investigations

    One of the letters was to Chairman Tom Davis of the Committee on Government Reform, dated July 4, 2003. There was no response, despite the gravity of showing FBI agents in other offices engaging in murders by criminally misusing their FBI offices and positions. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

    October 23, 2003, letter to Congressman Davis. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

    October 27, 2003, letter to Congressman Davis. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)
    Another letter was sent to committee member Congressman Henry Waxman seeking to provide the names of Mafia and mobster members who cold provide testimony on FBI criminal activities. August 1, 2003 letter to Congressman Waxman. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF) He never requested the important information. Waxman did send me a July 14, 2003, letter stating:

    "Thank you for your correspondence regarding the House Government Reform Committee's recent hearings on the Department of Justice's use of informants. Per your request, I have enclosed a copy of William Bulger's testimony before the committee.

    No attempt was made to get the information from a Mafia insider or another source who was part of the Las Vegas and Los Angeles underworld and had frequent contact with the former Mafia source. Each of them could reveal the treacherous FBI conduct in the New York FBI offices that was a duplication of what existed in the FBI Boston offices. Understanding the multiple locations for such FBI criminality would reveal the culture of those in control of the FBI offices.

    Further, the title of the committee's report showed the committee wasn't interested in the deep-seated criminality in the FBI but in the FBI's use of informants. While that was an issue, the far bigger issue was the culture of criminal misconduct in the FBI, something that Stich had been documenting from the time he was a federal agent many years earlier.

    Another important aspect of this form of FBI criminality--and the felony cover-up by members of Congress--is that it hides the culture in the FBI that contributed to its dismal response to pre-9/11 intelligence. The present cover-up doesn't change that culture, with expectations that further preventable tragedies will fall upon the United States and its people, just as happened on 9/11.

    Sourced from the following Website:

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