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More Federal Tampering With This Blog/ How The FBI Covers Up Its Murders & Psychological Warfare/COINTELPRO In The New Millennium

"November 17
- The stalkers are also starting to harass us for my playing the piano. Last week after a practice, I/we discovered that the thermostat had malfunctioned so we've not had any heat this week. It hasn't been that cold as yet, although this week temperatures will be starting to drop into the 30's and 40's. Will note further harassment's due to this."

--Another American Targeted For Electronic Harassment

The Illuminati's Control Over U.S. Intel's Nazi Operations

Their Goal Is Control Of Your Mind

The above quote made by a long-term target of government sanctioned covert mind control research and electronic harassment might sound paranoid or even downright insane to someone who has never been targeted for electronic warfare or other forms of non consensual human experimentation, such as the insidious crime of organized stalking. This person has also documented having their thoughts remotely scanned so that those who are committing these crimes against them can also know what this person is thinking at all times. (I have experienced this Nazi subversion of my privacy over the past six years, however it has been occuring for nearly thirty.)

However, the statement is quite accurate in regard to how this TI describes being electronically attacked within the privacy of their own home, and by way satellite based directed energy weapons. Most likely by the NSA or some other U.S. Intel Nazi run agency that does not consider the U.S. Constitution to be in effect at the present time. When targeted in such ways, a U.S. Intel operative can electronically access virtually any electrical appliance in the home of a TI and either manipulate or damage it.

*The mind of the TI can also be electronically attacked in such ways, resulting in myriad manifestations as they apply to the covert manipulation of the targeted person's thoughts and actions.

The end goal is always the same -- torture the target until you wear them down so that you can murder them, by either driving them to such desperation that they either commit suicide, or an act for which they can be incarcerated and removed from the public eye, so that they can be secretly murdered.

The object of such Nazi minded fiends as the NSA, FBI, DHS and CIA is to utilize such machinations in which to destroy the mind of the target -- a modern day version of the CIA's MKULTRA operations conducted by way of satellite predation in which to split the target's personality so that they can be controlled.

As a target of such inhumane abuse, the aforementioned electronic harassment can be used to manipulate everything from your TV and the motion sensitive spotlights around your home, to your automobile's alarm system and electronic door locks; all of which are fair game to these hi-tech satellite predators, who see torturing citizens in such ways as a form of sick and demented amusement.

There is no longer any truth within such countries as the United States, whose own Congress and Judiciary willfully disregard the complaints of such citizens, knowing that these people are being denied their rights; a clear illustration of the Illuminati's Nazi subversion of our own government through the U.S. Intel organizations which include but are not limited to the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DHS, as well as the Pentagon itself.

The Illuminati's history of dark operations exposed in remarkable fashion by writer David Rivera:

A Myriad Of Psyops Used To Drive The TI Insane

When one reads through Websites which focus on such crimes as non consensual human experimentation, it becomes quite obvious that the methods used have a foundation rooted in sadism, and the complete disregard for life of any kind. Such dogmas have led to the creation of governments based on Nazism, Fascism and Communism, and resulted in the torture and murder of tens of millions citizens.

Unfortunately, such doctrine has quietly existed within the U.S. Intelligence Community since it was greatly augmented shortly after World War II. And instead of wiping out Nazism, a cadre of wealthy businessmen, politicians and government officials made it their mission to smuggle Nazi war criminals into the United States through the Nazi ratline from the late 1940's, through the 1950's; all under the auspices of the newly created Central Intelligence Community and its Operation Paperclip.

It was here that the Nazi's would not only escape a just execution at Nuremberg, but also flourish under the doting eye of America's own Nazi sympathizers. And it is in modern day America that the progeny (in some cases actual biological descendants/ in others in a figurative sense of the word) are being used to destroy the United States Constitution and our freedoms under the color of law and the cover of National Security.

The U.S Intel community is presently engaging in crimes that are so heinous, that they dare not ever admit to perpetrating them, much less to the satellite based technologies which they are using to carry them out.

The Corporate Income Tax Pays For These Crimes

All of the crimes committed by the U.S. Intelligence Community are financed through the corporate tax that American businesses pay to the U.S. Federal Government, in which to keep the military/intelligence complex operating.

The money you pay in regard to a federal income tax doesn't pay for your protection, nor any government services. Your federal income tax check goes directly to the IRS and from there to the privately held Federal Reserve Bank, in order to pay interest on the debt which the U.S. Federal Government incurs when it borrows this "fiat (fake) money" from the Federal Reserve.

However, this entire debt is based on a complete fraud because since 1933 when the Federal Reserve System took us off the gold standard (while stealing this gold for themselves) it has been counterfeiting the money it circulates into our economy; it has been printing Federal Reserve Notes which are based on nothing of intrinsic value. And this has created the inflation that has destroyed the value of American currency.

It is the Federal Reserve System that is responsible for the collapse in our economy, yet because of their control over the U.S. Media, they are painted as the savior in a situation which they have deliberately created.

See Aaron Russo's America From Freedom To Fascism to learn more about the Federal Reserve Bank/IRS/U.S. Congress' treasonous fraud, in which to prevent the American middle class from ever accumulating any significant wealth.

America From Freedom To Fascism:

Aaron Russo's documentary on the criminal conspiracy which the U.S. Congress, Federal Reserve Bank, and IRS have been perpetrating against middle class America since 1913:

America From Freedom To Fascism:

FEDS' Electronic Harassment Of My Person Continues

Yesterday I went to change some wording in the title of this blog and was given the following message:

"We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

Describe what you were doing when you got this error. Provide the following error code and additional information. bX-zcww1m"

This is one in myriad ways in which the FEDS continue to use their technology to cause their electronic subterfuge. It is also a further attack on my First Amendment right to freedom of speech, which the FEDS themselves have run roughshod over for the past several years.

For example, every time that I went to post an article in regard to the crimes that they've been committing against my person (and Family) on the Independent Media Center Websites, the FEDS would immediately move in to have the articles either deleted or hidden for a fraudulent reason.

This was done for the express purpose of preventing me from gaining access to the mainstream media, in efforts to alert the public to the crimes that the FBI, NSA and DHS have been committing against my Family and self under COINTELPRO.

Moreover, their psychotic and thematic psychological operations take place in every possible venue, and include the use of electronic warfare in which to carry out these covert crimes. For instance, on certain days where the FEDS are focusing on a particular series of such psyop themes, they will cause certain situations to occur.

For example, on a day in which they are using the trigger word "three," they will make certain to espouse this concept in all they do. On such a day I can count on my computer locking up on three separate occasions, before I will actually be able to gain access to the Internet. Oftentimes, E-mails (most of which are sent by the FEDS) are nothing but gibberish loaded with psychological triggers.

It is such "brainwashing" tactics which define U.S. Intel for the complete psychopaths that they are. Their intention is clear -- covert torture with the ultimate goal of either driving their targets to suicide, or finding a way in which to covertly murder them.

Those TI's who eventually fall prey to such evil machinations are either incarcerated in a psychiatric facility or driven to commit a crime for which they can be arrested. Once this occurs their days are numbered, since the FEDS can now murder them behind closed doors, while reporting the deaths of these TI's as having been the result of suicide.

Perhaps one of the best documented cases of the FBI's having murdered someone, and then attempting to cover up the murder by making it appear to be a suicide, was in the brutal and FBI orchestrated beating death of a man named Kenneth Trentadue. Trentadue's death was reported as a suicide. However, in order to cover up this murder, the FBI attempted to have the jail in which Trentadue was beaten, convince his family that Trentadue's body should be cremated.

However, Trentadue's family wanted to have a normal funeral service and requested that his body be returned to them. The FEDS attempted to cover up Trentadue's bruises, yet they were so severe that it was clear he had been beaten to death, and likely garroted by the guards who murdered him.

It would also be the result of the FBI's own miserable Karma, that Kenneth's brother Jesse was a lawyer who simply did not believe the official story behind his brother's death. And as a result of this, Jesse Trentadue decided to investigate Kenneth's death on his own and found some extremely disturbing information in regard to the *FBI.

See the following article to learn more about the pathological liars and murderers who operate behind the walls of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation. These agents are able to hide their crimes behind the cover of an agency which is advertised as being the top law enforcement organization in the United States, yet which in reality is nothing more than a very well financed national criminal syndicate, full of degenerate thugs, many of whom belong in prison for their heinous crimes.

*The FBI, the Torture and Murder of Kenneth Trentadue and Advanced Knowledge of the Oklahoma City Bombing -- Uncovering a DOJ Cover up


So it is always best as a TI to stand your ground and fight your battle on your own home turf, where the truth in regard to the FEDS' outrageous behavior can be carefully documented, as a further campaign in which to alert the public to the crimes being committed by these closeted Nazi's.

The only reason why agencies like the FBI and NSA continue to get away with such treasonous and brutal crimes is that very few people know that they are taking place. However, with the advent of the Internet and the ability to blog about U.S. Intel's Nazi origins and wicked crimes, these organizations are starting to be exposed for the criminal entities which they truly are.

And this will ultimately be of benefit to all Americans, who will at some point realize that these organizations must be abolished in order to restore the Constitutional rule of law to the American people.

Psychological Operations Are Murderous By Nature

Since a primary focus of this Website is to document every aspect of the U.S. Intelligence community's psychological warfare operations, I spend a great deal of time in listing those which I have experienced first hand. Over the past few years I have documented well over a thousand such psyops, including specific situations that they have been used in, as they pertain to the FBI/NSA/DHS COINTELPRO attack on my person.

It would not be unreasonable to state that each day of my life I run a gauntlet of at least two to three dozen or more "psychological triggers" which include colors, words and objects that the FEDS have attempted to condition me to in an adverse way.

And while a several years long psywarfare attack on my person has been absolutely brutal, I have managed to for the most part avoid such conditioning, while documenting in great detail the means by which the U.S. Intel community perpetrates such covert yet vicious crimes.

No Venue Is Off Limits For U.S. Intel's Psyops

In my own experiences with such U.S. Intel COINTELPRO, I have seen these operations carried out in every imaginable venue, from the Internet to a beach which I used to frequent when having lunch, and everywhere in between.

Moreover, as many victims within the TI community have already documented, anyone from an auto mechanic, barber, physician, landscaper or virtually any person with whom the TI was in contact before the FEDS deployed their psyops against the TI, can be utilized in the FEDS' psyop attacks being waged against that TI.

Many individuals targeted have even mentioned that their own families had been forced into taking part in these operations, which should come as no surprise given the U.S. Intel community's history of resorting to coercive and highly illegal tactics in forcing good people who did not want to take part in such attacks, into doing so.

You're Not Crazy -- You're A Target Of Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a term taken from a movie classic entitled "Gaslight" in which a woman is subjected to such tactics by her husband, in an attempt to drive her insane, so that he can take over her fortune.

The term has become a commonly understood one within the community of men, women and children who are targeted for non consensual human experimentation by way of federal government agencies, since we are all subjected to this particular aspect of psychological warfare on a constant basis. And such, gas lighting tactics can range from everything from breaking into their homes and rearranging items without actually stealing anything, to poisoning their food, sabotaging their automobiles, and a host of other nasties which these degenerate monsters have grown to lust over.

Some of the psychological operations that I have experienced over the past six years include tampering with food.

Food Tampered With In Four Different Restaurants

For the most part the food tampering consisted of either overcooking or under cooking whatever foods I had ordered. For example, at one restaurant I had ordered a fried calamari dish which was deliberately over cooked on the outside while being completely raw on the inside -- something which could have easily resulted in a case of food poisoning. It was also pointless to send this particular meal back since the outside was already overcooked.

Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken became favorite venues for the FEDS to use for this particular "food tampering" psyop.

For example, in one instance I had ordered honey barbecued wings from KFC, only to find that when I arrived home, I was given their "spicy" wings instead.

Realizing that the FEDS had pulled another fast one, I went back to the restaurant a day later to voice a complaint while again placing another order for honey barbecued wings. This time I checked (and even tasted one of the wings) before leaving the drive through.

However a week or so later I placed an order for honey barbecue wings at the same restaurant only to arrive at my destination to find that the wings had been cooked, yet the honey glaze had just been poured over them, instead of being baked into them.

Needless to say, I did not go back to Kentucky Fried Chicken again.

Taco Bell wasn't much better. After having placed an order at the drive in window for two beef burritos, I was instead given two beef tacos, which were worth at least half as much as the burritos that I had paid for. The vendor at the drive in window insisted that these tacos were burritos. However, at this point I had been gas lighted and subjected to psywarfare for several months on a 24 hour a day basis, and had not yet figured out how to survive such attacks very effectively.

On that day, I simply refused to get into an exchange with this provocateur, and instead had the tacos for dinner, while being overcharged for the meal.

Needless to say, after a few more of the FEDS'' covert manipulations of my restaurant visits, I decided to stop eating out altogether.

* Over the past two years I decided to become a vegetarian, after taking into consideration the needless slaughter by humans of animals which have as much right to live on this planet as we do. And while there are many people who claim to find the torture and murder of humans abhorrent, these same people show little or no concern for those animals who are tortured and slaughtered to serve as food for their own sustenance. This is total hypocrisy. Only those who do not partake in the consumption of animal flesh can ever lay claim to treating animals humanely.

Unfortunately, it is this same demented mindset which allows those within U.S. Intel to torture those of us who are targeted for various forms of mind control research, including being subjected to directed energy weapons attacks as well the perverse crime of organized stalking -- a further illustration of an extremely sick and pathetic society.

The FEDS Psyops Move To The Gas Station

When I stopped eating at fast food restaurants, the FEDS quickly moved on to the gas station venue, looking for yet another point in which to create a conflict. I quickly became suspicious on two separate occasions, when after paying to fill the gas tank on my car, the tank was at best 75% full.

I now realize that the attendant charged me for gasoline that he never actually put into my car's gas tank. (This was several years ago, before the recent artificial increase in fuel prices that Americans have been experiencing at their local gas stations. )

So on that rare occasion when I fuel up, I now fill my car's gas tank instead of relying on the "honesty" of a federal provocateur -- since honesty is not exactly part of their pathetic and criminal lexicon.

And even this did not stop one of the attendants from interfering with the gas tank on my car during one particular visit, which only enabled me to put a few gallons into a tank that registered as nearly empty. Either it was the attendant who had somehow messed with the gas pump, or satellite based directed energy had been used to in some way affect the vacuum within the gas tank itself.

This was a strange situation since the gas was not turned off at the pump, but would not go into the filler pipe after putting a few dollars worth of fuel into the car.

There have been so many instances in which the FEDS have covertly illegally interfered in day to day activities, that they had no right to interfere with. But then again, they have subjected me to both illegal and precedent setting spying as well as non consensual human experimentation for several decades, so it is quite apparent that they are not exactly concerned with their criminal activity.

The main point in all this is that the FEDS themselves are not operating legally, and in fact setting a precedent in just how egregiously they have and continue to violate my inherent rights as an American citizen.

Their recent increase in the demonization of my person with the TI community is not only patheticlly obvious, but loaded with disinformation, the result of the FEDS themselves attempting to salvage a long-term illegal COINTELPRO that has failed to achieve its objective.

It is still quite surprising how easily these people are led around by these agents, while the agents themselves are never required to reveal the criminal and oftentimes treasonous ways in which they are operating.

Not to mention the vicious psychological attacks that these agents have waged against my own Family for nearly six years now.

The bottom line here is that we have a very unwelcome Nazi influence within the United States which must be eradicated one way or another. And it may well be that it takes a civil revolution in which to do so, while restoring our Constitutional Republic and the rule of law which it represents. For anyone who espouses a Nazi ideology doesn't belong in the United States or for that matter anywhere else on this planet, as the Nuremberg trials were testament to seventy some odd years ago.

As for the FEDS and their machinations, they will continue to manipulate the public in every COINTELPRO they take part in, because the basic ideology behind COINTELPRO is for these agents to covertly torture and murder their targets, while they pathologically deceive the public.

The FEDS' precedent setting smear campaign against my person remains as further evidence that my information in regard to their crimes is not only accurate, but also having a devastating impact on the reputations of these agents and the Intel organizations that they represent.

More and more people are beginning to ask if there is in fact a Nazi prescense operating within organizations like the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS, and if this is why the Congress refuses to hear complaints which document that these agencies are using classified technology in which to covertly torture and murder American citizens.

I have stated on numerous occasions that agencies like the FBI rely on coercion in regard to getting any person to lie about someone whom the FBI has targeted for COINTELPRO; something I have witnessed on a myriad of occasions.

The point here being, that if the FBI is lying to the public and coercing others into doing the same, then it is the FBI that is undermining the criminal justice system in this country, by destroying the credibilty of law enforcement, through such abject deception. A situation in which the FBI routinely LIES to coverup the crimes of its own agents.

I can state first hand that my own Family has been coerced into covering up the crimes which the FBI, NSA and DHS have committed against us. They are well aware that I have been used by the NSA for non consensual human experimentation for many decades, yet refuse to even acknowledge these outrageous crimes, out of fear that the FEDS will attack them next.

A further indication of the outright "brainwashing" that my Family has been subjected to by these lying and treasonous predators, who hide their crimes behind the masquerade of federal law enforcement.

Yet one of myriad reasons why the FBI and NSA in their unconstitutional existence, must be abolished. These are Nazi run organizations that have committed terrible atrocities against American citizens, and as such have no legitimate reason to exist within the United States.
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