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After Nearly 16 Years Another Interesting Anomaly & Further Evidence Of The NSA's Electronic Warfare Against My Person

Being Demonized By Demons

U.S. Intel's Black Propaganda Machine

As my regular readers are well aware, a constant manifestation that I have experienced as a target of the NSA's directed energy weapons -- something that I have experienced for the past decade and a half -- has been a chronic shortness of breath, which can at times become so acute that it is nearly impossible to breathe. This symptom can last for months on end with little or no relief, only to improve somewhat as the result of taking massive doses of a vitamin supplement known as Coenzyme Q-10.

In the early days I chalked this up to be a manifestation of being afflicted with chronic Lyme Disease. However, most patients of chronic Lyme had this symptom from time to time; not nearly as chronically or acutely as I have had.

Furthermore, over the past few years what has become quite apparent is that much of what I have experienced in regard to a myriad of symptoms since being diagnosed with Lyme Disease in the early 1990's, has in fact been a combination of the Lyme symptoms plus the electronic warfare that I've been subjected to since the mid part of the 1990's.

This now makes perfect sense, since those within U.S. Intel who have been illegally tracking me for many decades (FBI & NSA -- and who were given use of directed energy weaponry as of 1994), had the perfect candidate in which to test this technology, since I would have just concluded that all of my symptoms were the result of chronic Lyme Disease, rather than being caused by satellite based directed energy weapons.

However, many of my symptoms went well beyond what most Lyme Disease patients had described -- especially as they pertain to heart arrhythmia's and respiratory problems. Over the past month I have experienced an almost complete reversal of the respiratory problems, being able to breathe more normally than I have since the early 1990's.

And without taking very much COQ-10 at all. In fact over the past few weeks I have only taken COQ-10 a few times, as opposed to the mega doses taken on a nearly daily basis for the past few years.

Moreover, I have done nothing over the past few weeks that I have not done in the past 15 years, so why the sudden change in this condition? Clearly, it was being caused by external means, as have so many of the other manifestations to these attacks that I have experienced in all this time.

The NSA's use of satellite predation against my person, orchestrated by the FBI as early as 1980, and without a doubt the most precedent violations of an American citizens rights under the U.S. Constitution, ever documented.

Those within U.S. Intel who've used this technology to covertly torture me (and myriad others) for their own pathetic and sadistic enjoyment.

This is how modern day Nazi's get their kicks:

Illegally tracking citizens, spying upon us within our own homes, while electronically attaching supercomputers to our brainwaves in order to become an invisible part of our lives, and without our knowledge or consent - this while egregiously invading not only our privacy, but also the privacy of everyone with whom we speak.

U.S. Intel is clearly operating so far outside the Constitutional rule of law that they can never defend these actions in a court of law. So they instead create what is in their wicked and demented minds, a parallel justice system in which to covertly torture and murder those whom they cannot arrest, while using us to test this electronic warfare technology on.

Such illegal use of non consensual human experimentation by the FBI and NSA constitutes the most egregious crimes against humanity, and in violation of the Nuremberg Code and Geneva Convention. However, given that the U.S. Intelligence community was founded by Nazi's who were smuggled into the United States through the Nazi rat-line in the late 1940's (a result of the newly created CIA's Operation Paperclip), it should come as no surprise that these agencies are overseen by a modern day version of their Nazi brethren.

Hence the crimes against humanity that these monsters are perpetrating against those of us who've been denied our rights as American citizens.

This while the Constitution and Bill Of Rights are completely voided by these sadistic reprobates. In knowing that any citizen can be spied upon in this way, I can only estimate how many millions of Americans are being subjected to this outrageous violation of their privacy, while the FEDS convince themselves that they are entitled to commit such outrageous crimes.

The mere thought that these so called agents have already convinced themselves that is it acceptable to use this technology in which to covertly sexually assault, torture and in a number of cases murder men, women and even young children, is indicative of how truly sick and depraved these Intel monsters are.

What makes matters worse is that they can commit these crimes behind the masquerade of National Security, while Congress and the Justice Department ignore the complaints of those Americans who are slowly being microwaved to death.

This is an untenable situation which will no longer be tolerated.

And whether the remission that I presently experience in this particular attack (others are still taking place) will continue, or whether it will resume is open to question. However, if this particular symptom does occur again I will be certain to document it.

Moreover, there can no longer be any question that this sick minded attack was caused by the NSA (under the direction of the FBI) and its Nazi minded reprobates, as part of the non consensual experimentation that they have subjected me to for many years.

These agents should be subjected to the same kind of abuse so that they can begin to understand just how cruel and horrible these crimes are. And while it is bad enough that men are being subjected to such terrible abuses, the fact that women and children are also being attacked so heinously is absolutely intolerable and unforgivable.

Even more to the point, these agents should be indicted for these crimes and tried before an international war crimes tribunal for their crimes against humanity.

This latest anomaly that I am presently experiencing is still further proof that directed energy weapons do exist and are being deployed against unwitting American citizens, most of whom are probably just concluding that they are experiencing anomalies in their health.

This technology and those who are deploying it against many of us are nothing but Nazi's who are now residing within the United States, and taking advantage of the most dangerous technology ever developed -- that which can be used to access the human mind and body without the intended targets ever realizing that they are being used as unwitting human guinea pigs.

As U.S. Intel continues their precedent setting smear campaign against my person (*manipulating religious doctrine for their own criminal means) for documenting and exposing their horrendous crimes, they can be certain that I will do everything possible to ensure that this information continues to be circulated globally, so that the people on this planet can begin to recognize the danger that satellite based directed energy weaponry and remote neural monitoring of the human brain (by way of computer to brain link technology) represent to themselves.

* These FEDS may have thus far deceived most of the public, however they are no longer able to deceive me, for I am well aware of exactly how they've manipulated the public in regard to U.S. Intel's smear campaign against my person; carefully leaving out exculpatory information in which to completely misrepresent the facts. And now in a pathetic attempt in which to cover up their crimes, the FEDS have played their wild card (religious doctrine) in an attempt to completely obscure their outrageous criminality by demonizing my person.

Yet it is their complete subversion of the human mind by way of satellite predation which they continue to obscure from the public eye.
The FBI, NSA and other agencies of U.S. Intel continue to wantonly attack the rights of American citizens while never being held accountable for these crimes -- and regardless of how outrageous they are.

As targets of this directed energy technology we are all being slowly microwaved to death, and by those who make a most evil Adolph Hitler look like a country gentleman.

To the agents and those who willfully support them, I say that they are incarnated EVIL. And they will reap what they have sown through their quite evident brainwashing and other machinations, including the manipulation of religious doctrine and those who depend on it for their own guidance. These U.S. Intel agents have twisted the minds of these people (many of whom are well meaning) around in efforts to obscure their own heinous crimes.

For those who don't believe that the U.S. Intelligence community would attempt to manipulate the minds of others for their own criminal means, I refer to the myriad of such operations by these agencies, including but not limited to the CIA's Operation Mockingbird, Paperclip and MKULTRA, the FBI's COINTELPRO and NASA's Operation Blue Beam -- some of the best illustrations of the megalomanical mindset that exists within these agencies.

One can only imagine what the Department Of Homeland Security has planned for us, since it represents the culmination of the Illuminati's Satanic doctrine and subversion of the United States of America.

And U.S. Intel will eventually pay the ultimate price for having perpetrated such treasonous crimes against us, given their abjectly inhumane operations and the black propaganda campaigns which they espouse against those whose only motive is to expose these crimes against humanity to the American people; crimes against the rest of our brothers and sisters, who are also vulnerable to an advanced and horrifying technology which is being surreptitiously used by our enemies in order to destroy humankind.

And this is all happening under the pretense of protecting the American people from "Terrorists" when it's become quite clear that it is our own government that has been secretly overrun by such covert "Terrorists."

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