Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Lying President & And A Lying Intelligence Community Who Disagree With Eachother -- What's An American Population To Do?

For a change U.S. Intel is offering us some candor in regard to the Bush Administration's deliberate misrepresentation of the Iran situation. Hopefully, we can avoid waging another illegal and immoral war, like the two wars for oil that the Bush Administration propagated against Afghanistan and Iraq.

Common Dreams.Org:

This machination regarding Iran is just the latest in the Bush Administration's history of treasonous crimes against the American people, as well as its crimes against other nations. See Richard Behan's book about PNAC/Bush Administrations' real reasons for waging wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The attack on Afghanistan was to secure access to the Caspian Basin in order to build an oil pipeline through Afghanistan to the Western world - something the Project For A New American Century absolutely had to have access to, yet could not have until they destroyed the contract that the Taliban had with Argentina's Bridas Corporation; which has since been done. The Caspian Basin offers perhaps the richest unrefined oil reserves in the world. Iraq, also offers access to such oil, however given the number of refineries already operating in this country, immediate access to refined oil was the prime motivation for the Bush Administration's attack on Iraq.

See why the PNAC/Bush Administration found it necessary to orchestrate the attacks on 9-11, and the riches that they will now realize for themselves as a result of the subsequent attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. Aside from Pearl Harbor, and the Federal Reserve Bank/IRS fraud, the attacks on 9-11 and the subsequent war on terror have been the greatest hoax on the American people in United States history.

With one exception:
The only greater and treasonous betrayal is the NSA's covert radiation intelligence operations, which have encoded our own unique electromagnetic fields into the NSA's database, in order to track, spy upon and remotely read (and manipulate) the thoughts of any American citizen at any time, without their knowledge or consent.

The Bush Administration's War For Oil:

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