Monday, November 17, 2008

FEDS Again Appear To Have Interfered With Hi-Fi Items Purchased Through Ebay

It has been more than a week since items I purchased On Ebay were supposed to have been shipped out. They are likely being held up by the FEDS as yet another source of harassment. Moreover, the FEDS have also taken the opportunity to use a recent seller as yet another source of this harassment -- a cabinet maker who had advertised a cabinet for a Marantz tuner, whose dimensions are just a smidgen too small for this piece of vintage gear.

The cabinet maker's E-mails have made extensive use of the types of "triggers" that these agents have been using for the past several years as part of their psywarfare campaign against my person. In all likelihood, these items will now show up, since all of this criminal activity is supposed to be taking place with plausible deniability.

The FBI/NSA/DHS Crimes Du Jour

However, with each passing day and additional crimes against my Family, self and the U.S. Constitution itself, these agents continue to lose such deniability in their crimes, while being exposed globally for the covert Nazi crime syndicate that they truly represent.

Moreover, as the FEDS continue to violate our rights they can be certain of THREE (3) things: death, taxes, and that I will continue to LEGALLY (a word these agents clearly don't maintain within their own lexicon) document each instance of such crimes under my 1ST Amendment rights.
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