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A Long Term Target Of The FBI -- Was Pulitzer Prize Winner David Halberstam Targeted By The Bureau For Murder?

For those who have extensively researched the criminal syndicate that the FBI truly is, they are well aware that the FBI covertly engineers the frame ups and murders of many American citizens whom they target for one reason or another. The late Martin Luther King Jr. was one of these targets, and there have been many since.

One must wonder given its interest in the late Pulitzer Prize winner, David Halberstam, if he was not someway setup to be murdered by the FEDS. I have personally experienced being "setup" in staged car accidents by the FEDS over the past few decades, and have read of a number of former agents who have been targeted for elimination in such ways.

Such "accidents" must always offer the FEDS a plausibly deniable way of committing them. Drugs can be planted in the food of targets or those with whom they are in contact, in order to take advantage of such situations. And satellite based directed energy weaponry can also be utilized by the FBI, NSA or some of their associate agencies in which to adversely affect the minds of those whom they target for such terrible crimes; even the vehicles of these people can be remotely tampered with by way of satellite in which to interfere with some aspect of the vehicle -- including the steering mechanism. I believe this may have been the case with a TI by the name of *Ananda Zaren, who was killed when her automobile suddenly veered sharply from an expressway and off a nearby cliff.

*Zaren was an internationally renown homeopath who had recently become active in exposing the government orchestrated crimes of electronic harassment and organized stalking; both of which she had reported being subjected to. There are perhaps millions of such targets around the world in the modern day, many of whom are not even aware that they are being illegally targeted by predators operating within their own federal government agencies for the express purpose of non consensual human experimentation (in particular, mind control research programs which were historically conducted by the CIA {MKULTRA}, and which are now being overseen through satellite based spy networks like the NSA's Echelon and Tempest systems).

I also believe that the late Seymour Cray, of Cray Computer fame, was covertly murdered in such way. Cray died after sustaining serious injuries when his Jeep was clipped by another vehicle, resulting in the Jeep flipping over. Cray Computer had numerous contracts with the U.S. Federal Government at the time of Cray's death.

Did Seymour Cray know more than he was supposed to in regard to how these federal agencies were operating?

Moreover, was David Halberstam the victim of such a covertly perpetrated U.S. Intelligence assassination?

U.S. Intel Roots Are Based On Nazism

So Is Their Complete Lack Of Humanity

We know one thing's for certain when it comes to U.S. Intel and the military industrial complex -- they see the American population as nothing more than heads of cattle. And the more ignorant we remain in regard to their covert and extremely dark operations, the better they like it. For instance, what do you think the American people's collective response would be if they were to learn that the NSA had stolen the unique code to their own bio electromagnetic fields, and catalogued it within its immense database in order to electronically brand these Americans?

Surely, such a wanton act of treason by the U.S. Federal Government would certainly attract a precedent setting national response to such a betrayal of the American people's trust.

Notice in the following article where the FBI refuses to comment on why it was interested in David Halberstam. Also note that the article itself makes an inaccurate reference to the FBI's counterintelligence operations as having ended in 1971. This is a complete falsehood, as the FBI's COINTELPRO's have never ended, but instead adopted more highly technical forms of illegal surveillance and predation by way of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence driven computer systems; those which are now capable of both reading and manipulating a targeted person's sub vocalized thoughts by way of remote means. Such an egregious violation of the U.S Constitution and Bill Of Rights clearly places both the FBI and NSA in the category of secret police, like the German Gestapo, Italian Stasi, Iranian Savak and Israeli Mossad.

So exactly why are these agencies allowed to exist within the United States?

Is it possible that these agencies have dug up so much dirt on many of our own politicians, that they now control how they vote? Remember the testimony of a former madame who stated that the FBI and CIA used extortion in an attempt in which to force her to disclose who her clients were. When she inquired as to whether or not they would be arrested, the FEDS told her that they were more interested in digging up whatever dirt they could on these politicians so that they could control them. The madame refused to divulge their names and was set up by the FBI and CIA on trumped up charges and sent to prison for a decade.

However, her testimony does offer evidence of how U.S. Intel is far more interested in blackmailing politicians who are committing crimes, than they are in indicting them; revealing the intelligence community's desire to "control" every aspect of what occurs within the U.S. Federal Government.

A topic that far more journalists should be writing about, yet out of understandable fear, refuse to discuss.

As for the blackmailing aspects in the FEDS' machinations, a quote by a former agent is very much applicable to these low class predatory whores -- "the FBI are pigs."

FBI stalked David Halberstam for twenty years:
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