Monday, November 03, 2008

U.S. Intel "THOUGHT POLICE" Continue Their Directed Energy Strikes With Complete Impunity & Reckless Abandon

For the past few weeks, the NSA's directed energy attack on my person has been altered. For most of the summer I was targeted for an attack on my respiratory system which resulted in an acute shortness of breath 24 hours a day.

Since this attack has subsided, a new one has begun with an intense attack of ULF (ultra low frequency) waves, which has resulted in tremendous fatigue and dizziness. I illustrate the changes in these attacks as further proof that U.S. Intel is using super computer driven, satellite based directed energy weapons in which to attack American citizens, while setting outrageous precedents in violating the rights of these citizens.

Such illustrations also offer further proof that there is no longer any Constitutional rule of law being observed within the United States, and that the U.S. CONgress is just that -- a complete fraud of a government which has allowed these U.S. Intel Nazi rogues to wantonly attack anyone of their choosing, erroneously labeling men, women and even children, as being domestic terrorists, when these people have no connection to terrorist groups.

U.S. Intel is a complete and utter fraud. In reality, a global terrorist which undermines the freedoms of the American people as well as the rest of the citizens of this planet.

And regardless of who wins the Presidential election on Tuesday, the truth is that neither of these men will make any difference in the outrageous criminality of the U.S. Federal Government -- a government that is illegally spying into the homes of American citizens, while remotely accessing and manipulating their sub vocalized thoughts. These so called officials are nothing but unindicted war criminals who are an affront to humanity itself.

Hi-Tech PREDATORS whose deployment of satellite based classified weaponry is being used to strip the American people of their dignity and inherent rights as both citizens of this country and this planet.

A situation in which agencies like the FBI and NSA orchestrate protracted and illegal fishing expeditions of American citizens, which oftentimes also involve the use of these citizens for such forms of non consensual human experimentation as covert mind control research. A situation in which a citizen targeted for such an atrocity will be subjected to having their sub vocalized thoughts electronically intercepted (and also influenced) while various parts of their brains and bodies are routinely attacked through the use of such satellite based directed energy weaponry.

This is happening in both the United States as well as many other countries, as evidenced by the tremendous number of testimonies which are now present over the Internet. This as well as a number of activist organizations which have been created out of the need to expose these crimes, since our political representatives and media systems are clearly taking part in a massive and treasonous conspiratorial cover up in regard to these precedent setting crimes.

As the direct result of such an outrageous criminal conspiracy, the FBI, NSA, DHS, CIA and the rest of their Nazi minded brethren will one day face an international tribunal for these crimes against humanity.

Until then, justice will never be done.

What do you call federal agents who would use such weaponry to covertly sexually assault, torture and murder American men, women and children? (As well as the citizens of myriad other countries.)

New World Order mercenary psychopaths.

Google AKWEI VS NSA to learn more about the NSA's predatory radiation intelligence technology, and how it is being used to deny you your rights.

AKWEI VS NSA: circulate it to everyone you know. And make sure to ask them to do the same. The future of the human race depends on it.
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