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When Humans Unwittingly Become Electronic Spyware For The U.S. Intelligence Community -- The New World Order's AmeriKa

Do You Believe In Government Mind Control Experimentation?

The NSA's Electronic Control Over The Human Race

Preface to the following article :

In 1991 a former NSA employee by the name of John St. Clair Akwei filed a shocking lawsuit against the National Security Agency citing technology which has enabled the NSA to utilize the infrared spectrum in order to electronically Brain Fingerprint every American citizen by way of its Echelon/Tempest satellite spy network. To this day, the U.S. Courts have refused to hear Mr. Akwei's lawsuit, because the contents of this lawsuit could implicate the NSA in crimes that are on par with Adolph Hitler and his Nazi party.

I have first hand knowledge of this technology, as an American citizen who has been illegally "brain tapped" by the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations for decades. And I am reporting this over the Internet, because New York State Senators whom I E-mailed in regard to these vicious attacks on my constitutionally protected rights, have ignored my requests for an investigation into the U.S. Intelligence community's crimes against my person, family and myriad others who have taken to the Internet in which to document similar forms of electronic harassment.

Editor's Notation -- The acronym TI refers to the term "Targeted Individual." A Targeted Individual refers to a person whose rights under the Constitution of their own country have in some way been egregiously violated -- usually by agencies within their own federal governments.

Many TI's, like myself, have been targeted for years for illegal satellite surveillance, as well as myriad forms of non consensual human experimentation, by U.S. Intel agencies like the NSA, CIA and FBI. These attacks occur in complete violation of our rights as Americans and rely on both satellite based directed energy weapons (DEW for short) and a conspiratorial attack by Intel, which uses all aspects and venues of society in which to propagate psychological warfare campaigns on those being targeted. Many TI's, including myself, have experienced a myriad of both physical and psychological manifestations as a result of being targeted by psychotronic weaponry, while our attempts in which to expose this technology and the federal agencies who are illegally deploying against us have been completely ignored by our government representatives and the U.S. media.

The Following Are Some Of My Experiences As A TI

After learning that I'd been unwittingly targeted by the NSA and FBI for decades of illegal satellite surveillance as well as non consensual human experimentation, I began to wonder about other applications for this spy technology.

The NSA's outright theft of the thoughts (intellectual property) of those whom they target by way of computer to brain linked remote neural monitoring was obvious enough, as was the fact that through this supercomputer driven technology, the NSA could also remotely affect our states of mind on a subconscious level.

I then began to wonder if the NSA would actually go so far as to use those of us whom they were targeting in such Orwellian ways, in which to spy on other unwitting victims of this New World Order pawn of the U.S. Intelligence community.

In 2004, I did not have to wonder any longer. At the time the NSA (likely at the direction of the FBI) had completely commandeered our cable TV programming, replacing it with their own psychological operations' programming. And while I have gone into some detail in regard to this programming in the past, I will in the interest of brevity just focus on a particular afternoon, when I first saw physical evidence that the NSA was actually remotely tapping into my brainwaves, enabling it to not only know what I was thinking at all times, but to also see what I was seeing through my own eyes.

A day earlier, I had been laying on a tree trunk while staring up at this strange looking branch on an adjacent tree. The following day, while flipping through the maze of psyop programming that the NSA was running on our cable TV at the time (a situation in which they would freeze whatever programming they wanted me to see, and then play it automatically when I would access a given channel) I noticed one channel which contained an image of the tree branch that I had seen the day before, exactly as I had seen it through my own eyes!

I then began to realize that somehow someone was actually accessing my brain by way of remote means, and had probably been doing so for quite sometime.

It would take me two more years to learn about the lawsuit filed by a former NSA employee against the NSA, which documented the very type of technology that had been used to access my brainwaves at the time that I was looking at the strange tree branch.

Unbeknown to the American populous, this technology has been used on a global scale by the National Security Agency for the past three decades, and is known as remote neural monitoring of the brain.

Since 2004, I have grown to realize that the NSA has become an electronic part of my person, yet without my consent. Which at the very least constitutes electronic trespass as well as electronic harassment. And that there are millions of citizens ( perhaps even the entire American population) now being tracked and monitored in such ways, without their knowledge or consent.

For those who ask why the NSA would perpetrate such a treasonous and wicked crime against humanity, we must remember that this agency is a key pawn in the New World Order's agenda in which to remotely keep tabs on the global population. This, as well as the NSA's ability to remotely (by way of Echelon) read and manipulate people's minds is another critical component in the Illuminati's covert takeover of our planet, while we remain completely enmeshed in its delusional matrix of deception.

SPY VS SPY = Human VS Human

NSA Signals Intelligence Mind Rape Of Americans

Given the NSA's ability to tap into the visual cortex region of the brain of any targeted person by way of its Signals Intelligence operations, that person will become a type of remote spy camera for this agency, since the NSA can see what we see through our own eyes.

Imagine a society in which we are all being used to spy on one another in such ways, while our thoughts are quite literally vacuumed up by the NSA's satellite spy network, and one begins to recognize that the New World Order has been around us for many years. And, moreover, that we are just starting to awaken to the fact that the NWO is not only a reality, but also the genuine enemy that we have always feared -- the one that would not announce itself to us, but instead take us from within our own minds.

That is what the NSA is being used by the New World Order to covertly subject us to in the present day. And while our media system remains completely asleep at the wheel, like an alarm system that was deliberately switched off by some of our own treasonous people, so that the enemy could stealthily invade us.

What cannot be stressed nearly enough here, is that John St. Clair Akwei clearly stated in his lawsuit against the NSA, that NSA personnel can immediately identify any person who comes in contact with a person whom the NSA is remote neural monitoring.

How can this be?

How can these operatives at the NSA automatically know who these people are?

For one simple reason: Because, the unique EMF fields given off by each of our brains was already catalogued into the NSA's database decades ago, and made instantly retrievable by their supercomputers. A situation which likely began several years prior to the global introduction of the NSA's radiation intelligence program in the early 1980's, when the system was first fully deployed.

I know that I have never been implanted with a microchip. Yet the NSA has been able to remotely track my person for decades by tapping into my brain's own unique EMF field.

There is also a conspiracy in which to deny that tracking a person without an implant is impossible; a conspiracy propagated by U.S. Intel to give a false sense of security to the public, that if they are not implanted with some type of RFID tracking device, they have nothing to worry about.

However, while there are certainly TI's who are implanted with the aforesaid chips, many aren't -- and instead are tracked by way of the personal signature of the electromagnetic field emanating from their own brainwaves.

What this means is that any person in the United States can be tracked by the NSA by way of their own unique EMF field without their knowledge or consent. We must also conclude that given its global satellite spy network, the NSA may well be able to track any citizen on this planet given the right conditions.

As such, if the NSA can track me in such a completely illegal way, they can most certainly do the same to you -- that is, if they are not already doing so.

And given the Illuminati's goal of complete omniscience, I think that there is a very strong possibility that all Americans are being remotely monitored as I am in the present day, because this type of intense monitoring allows the NSA to maintain real time dossiers on each of us; electronic dossiers which are updated by the second.

With their intent for a one world government, the Illuminati desire complete autonomy over all of the citizens of this planet -- in particular its middle class society -- the Proletariat.

And what better way in which to do so, then to electronically attach their advanced supercomputer driven satellite spy networks to the brain of each individual citizen, in which to eventually have all citizens thinking in a collective mindset; one which has been sanctioned by these New World Order authoritarians.

Furthermore, anyone who's researched the NSA's use of extremely advanced supercomputers which maintain artificial intelligence capabilities, understands that their processing power is extraordinary, and capable of monitoring more than six times the present global population of six billion people.

That's 36 billion people!

Remember what CIA asset Dr. Jose Delgado once stated in regard to the free thought of human kind. In the following statement Delgado was revealing to us the New World Order's intention of controlling our minds by way of remote means. The only difference between the time in which he made this statement and the present day, is that the CIA's MKULTRA operations are now being conducted with the cooperation of other U.S. Intel agencies, by way of spy satellite networks and on a much greater scale than in its early days back in the mid part of the Twentieth Century.

*The CIA was created by the Illuminati and has always been one of its strongholds here in the United States.

"We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain."

-- Dr. Jose Delgado

The Congressional Record, No. 262E, Vol. 118

February 24, 1974

U.S. Intel Sees Us As Heads Of Cattle

Through my own research I have gained much understanding in regard to how this remote sensing technology operates. However, and while I have my own theories in regard to how the NSA gathers our EMF information, I remain curious as to the exact methods used in which to do so; a mysterious process which has given the NSA the ability to not only identify each of us by way of these unique fields (as if we were heads of cattle), but also to scan our minds in what has become the most diabolical invasion of our privacy and violation of our constitutionally protected rights, ever before documented.

There is no constitutional rule of law in what these federal agencies are doing here, and what's worse is that these male and female agents appear to derive great satisfaction in getting away with these crimes which they perpetrate against us. A further indication of their Nazi roots and intent to destroy the Constitutional rule of law in the United States.

Click on GOOGLE: AKWEI VS NSA to learn more.

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