Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Long Awaited Movie About The Anunnaki Makes Its Way To The Silver Screen -Were Our Ancient Ancestors Extraterrestrial Beings?

If you have ever read the Earth Chronicles' series by author Zecharia Sitchin, you are familiar with the term Anunnaki, as well as the significance that Dr. Sitchin claims this ancient group of extraterrestrial biological entities have had on the planet Earth - this as well as Sitchin's belief, that the Anunnaki were responsible for creating the human race, initially as slave labor.

Dr. Sitchin makes a compelling case for such statements, if you in fact believe that his translations of ancient Sumerian tablets are accurate. Many of his readers do; however, many clearly do not. Especially those who have strong religious beliefs which would certainly be debunked if Sitchin's translations are in fact accurate.

Unfortunately, most of us don't read the ancient language of Akkadian, so we can only presume that his translations are accurate.

In reading through several of his Earth Chronicles' series of books, I find that Dr. Sitchin draws many parallels with the Old Testament's Book Of Genesis, which simply cannot be ignored. As well as a number of other historical ties which are simply too compelling to disregard.

Of course, Sitchin does have his detractors -- many of whom are - unsurprisingly - theologians.

The following movie on the Anunnaki has been several years in the making. And one can only imagine how closely it will parallel Dr. Sitchin's research. Hopefully, it will not stray far from Sitchin's Earth Chronicles, so that like Dan Brown's " The Divinci Code" (which gave us some provocative insights into the brief life of Jesus Christ), 1Anunnaki will at least motivate many people who may not be familiar with Sitchin's work, to carefully research it for themselves; while drawing their own conclusions.

If the story of the Anunnaki is untrue, than at the very least it is a great tale of intrigue. However, if this story has any basis of truth, it is the most important one ever told in regard to the creation of humankind. And one which directly challenges the religious dogmas of the human race. So is it any wonder why so many theologians have been quick to attack Dr. Sitchin and his research?

Perhaps a preemptive strike against his work having any further impact on modern day society?

Especially when taking into consideration its accessibility by way of the Internet, and Sitchin's ability to now reach tens of millions of readers whom he could never have gained access to when his first book, "The 12Th Planet" was written back in the 1970's.

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