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More On The Car "Accident" Of TI Ananda Zaren & Another TI Succumbs To The Torture Of Mind Control & Organized Stalking Crimes, Committing Suicide

World Renowned Homeopath - Ananda Zaren
Was She Murdered?

See the following post in regard to Ananda's car crash.

Ananda's Website for her Homeopathic Clinic:

U.S. Intel Orchestrated Murders Made To Appear As Suicides

I don't believe that Ananda's death was an accident, but instead a covertly orchestrated murder. And that it was perpetrated by those who have been subjecting her to the hideous crimes of organized stalking & non consensual human experimentation. Note the following statement by one of the motorists who saw Ananda's body laying next to her demolished vehicle. Quite possibly some of these people were the monsters who were taking part in the vehicular stalking of Ananda, and took photos of her laying near death as a trophy of their sickening attacks:

"It really shocked me how people were taking pictures of the body on the tracks and then just getting in their cars and driving away."

-- Motorist Jim Russell

Is it possible that Ananda committed suicide as a result of the electronic attacks and organized stalking crimes which she was being subjected to?


However, it is also possible that she was mind controlled into doing so, by way of those who were perpetrating these crimes against her -- likely some U.S. Intel agency -- electronically accessing her sub vocalized thoughts in which to manipulate her mind and behavior.

It should also be stated that the vehicles of TI's can be remotely tampered with, including the steering mechanisms of their automobiles, which can be remotely manipulated by way of a federal agency that has access to the satellite based and Artificial Intelligence computer driven technology in which to commit such terrible crimes.

Such organizations as the National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) both have access to such satellite based technologies. As does the Pentagon, which since the Bush Administration stole its way into office, now oversees the NSA.

Do you think that it is a coincidence that General Michael Hayden (a four star general who was formerly in the United States Air Force), was in charge of the NSA from 1999 to 2005, and at present the CIA?

Since long before the attacks on 9-11, Amerika (sic) became a police state. However, it took the attacks on 9-11 to make this covert police action, the overt one which it has now become.

No wonder these agencies have ever encroached into our lives through satellite based electronic surveillance over the past decade. This is part of the New World Order's one world Totalitarian government, and its desire to maintain real time electronic dossiers on all Americans.

It is time for the American people to arrive at the collective understanding, that because of the deceptive nature of Illuminati run agencies like the NSA, the unique EMF fields which our own brains give off, have enabled these agencies to exploit us without our knowledge or consent.

With the advent of *remote neural monitoring of the human being, by way of NSA super computers, spy satellites, and electronic to computer brain link technology, this agency can now attach itself to our own bodies, while also utilizing us to unwittingly spy on others -- this since the NSA has the ability to electronically tap into the visual cortex regions of our own brains, and can thus see and record what we see through our own eyes!

*See former NSA operative John St. Clair Akwei's precedent setting lawsuit against the NSA, to learn more about the agency's spy/mind reading capabilities here:

I have seen physical evidence of this firsthand, and am certain that over the past three decades, millions of Americans have been subjected to such illegal electronic trespass by the NSA - and quite possibly the CIA, FBI and several other agencies of the Intel community -- all of these crimes occurring without their knowledge, and most certainly without their consent!

So much for the 4TH Amendment and your right to live within your own home in privacy, when the NSA can electronically track you by way of the unique electromagnetic field which emanates from your own brain, while decoding your every thought! Obviously, the NSA doesn't trust the American people.

All the more reason for the American people not to trust the NSA or its U.S. Intel brethren!

Or for that matter the U.S. Congress, which has completely sold out the American middle class, again and again!

In truth, these agencies and others like them have managed to covertly weaponize outer space through the use of such satellite SPY systems as Echelon and Tempest. In effect, a hi-tech world existing tens of thousands of miles above our own communities. One which is capable of deploying such directed energy weaponry by way of the radio frequency spectrum; a spectrum which while invisible to the naked eye, is quite effective in committing a myriad of covert hi-tech crimes which include the remote torture and murder of persons being targeted by such agencies as the NSA, CIA, DHS and FBI, as well as the Pentagon.

Moreover, in the past many other TI's, including myself, have experienced electronic forms of remote tampering to a myriad of electronic devices (not to mention the bio electromagnetic fields emanating from our very own brains), including the computer systems of our own automobiles. Such electronic attacks can be myriad in nature, and target virtually every portion of an automobile -- including and especially -- its complex computer system.

Of course there are also the physical attacks on our automobiles, which include but are not limited to tire vandalism (slashing tires or hammering nails into their sidewalls in which to cause a flat), draining oil and coolant from our engines, or pouring substances (sugar) into our gas tanks in order to damage our them.

And there are also more complex methods of sabotage which include remotely interfering with the emission's system of an automobile as well as opening and closing its electronic door locks. The latter is commonly reported by TI's who are routinely targeted for the crime of organized stalking. This as well as leaving the interior lights of a TI's vehicle on in which to drain its battery.

I have witnessed the electronic door locks on a family station wagon open and close by way of NSA satellite, and another family member has actually had this automobile's alarm triggered while driving the car! Of course, the motion sensitive spotlights around our home have been remotely triggered by the NSA is such ways since the mid 1990's, so after awhile you begin to understand who is responsible for perpetrating such crimes of menacing.

If there is a way in which to covertly damage an automobile these criminals -- both government and their provocateurs -- know how to do so. And since TI's are under illegal 24 hour a day satellite surveillance, while also being subjected to having their thoughts remotely monitored by way of agencies like the NSA (remote neural monitoring of the brain by way of electronic computer to brain link), the perpetrators of these crimes know where the TI is at all times; thus making it that much easier to commit such crimes.

- James F. Marino

See more on the crash which took the life of Ananda and her dog, Lily, here:

Sourced From the Santa Barbara Independent:

Motorist Survives Summerland Cliff Crash
Highway 101 Crash Victim at Cottage Hospital
Monday, September 22, 2008
By Indy Staff

One woman sustained what California Highway Patrol officials described as major injuries after a one-car crash off Highway 101 on Saturday evening just before six o'clock.

The woman, whose personal information has not yet been released, was transported to Cottage Hospital for treatment. Although not much information was available from CHP, Jim Russell, who had been at UCSB refereeing a volleyball tournament, observed the accident taking place.

He reported seeing the car veer suddenly to the right at the bend on the southbound lanes between Summerland and Montecito, with the car plunging from the cliff. Russell then got out of his car to survey the wreck from the cliff's edge, noting the destroyed car below and a body lying on the railroad tracks next to it.

Several other motorists stopped, he said, and began taking pictures of the wreckage with cell phone cameras. Russell—who said he could not get to the accident victim because of the steepness of the cliff—did not have a cell phone, but called CHP when he arrived at his destination. "It really shocked me how people were taking pictures of the body on the tracks and then just getting in their cars and driving away," he said.

Also see:

Ananda Zaren Identified as Crash Victim
Renowned Homeopath Went Over Cliff
Friday, September 26, 2008
By Martha Sadler

The Carpinteria woman whose car veered right on Highway 101, and went over the cliff near Summerland, has been identified as Ananda Zaren. She was an internationally renowned homeopathic practitioner, the author of two homeopathic texts titled Core Elements of the Materia Medica of the Mind, Volumes I & II. She was working on Volume III. Zaren ran the Family Homeopathic Clinic at 28 E. Canon Perdido St. in Santa Barbara.

Zaren, 62, was returning home shortly before 6 p.m. with her dog, Lily, in the car, when her 2008 Porsche Cayman abruptly turned hard right and flew over the cliff, landing on the train tracks below. She died at Cottage Hospital four days later. Her dog, originally reported missing, was ultimately found dead near the crash site.

Authorities have not determined whether her death was by suicide or accident.


This past week another TI died when she could no longer handle the daily satellite based electronic assaults and organized stalking crimes that she has been subjected to for quite some time. As a TI who has been subjected to mind control research by the NSA for nearly three decades, as well as the crime of organized stalking for many years, I am well aware of the sense of desperation that this TI experienced before taking her life.

Many TI's have already committed suicide due to such vicious and relentless attacks.

Each day of our lives is made to be a living nightmare, by this sick and murdering refuse.

We are living in a society not unlike that of 1930's Germany, when it was considered acceptable for society to torture and murder those who were blacklisted by Hitler's Third Reich. Modern day American society under the sick and depraved Bush Administration and those who control it, is fast becoming another such Orwellian nightmare, with even the families of many TI's being severely abused through the type of entrapment, coercion and outright intimidation tactics which define covert and illegal programs like the FBI's COINTELPRO.

Only today, many of these crimes are being committed through the use of advanced forms of satellite based spy technologies which are capable of both remotely reading and manipulating the thoughts of virtually any person on this planet. And this portends an Orwellian nightmare in the future, unless this planet's Proletariat begins to recognize what is occurring here, and adopts a policy of international civil disobedience in which to end such crimes against humanity.

In the United States alone, many citizens are being subjected to such sadistic and merciless attacks, as a result of the Project For A New American Century/Bush Administration orchestrated state sponsored terrorism campaign.

One which is being used to destroy the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

A 21ST Century version of Adolph Hitler

George W. Bush is not only EVIL. He and his cabinet are criminally insane.

See the Website of this latest mind control/organized stalking casualty.

At least her suffering is now over, which is far more than those of us being targeted for this Satanic abuse are being subjected to every day. May she rest in peace.
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