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The New World Order And The Rise Of The Global Police State -- The U.S. Federal Government Falls Victim To This Illuminati Machination

The Illuminati's Attack On The 2ND Amendment

"'Before a standing army or a tyrannical government can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe.'

'Recently, Sarah Brady, one of the leading proponents in this country against handguns said:'

'Our task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.'"

-- Excerpt From:
A History Of The New World Order
Illuminism and the master plan for world domination

Final Warning: A History of the New World Order
Illuminism and the master plan for world domination
-- by David Rivera, 1994 source: View From the Wall

Chapter 9.3: The Rise of the Police State
Social instability, military police, gun confiscation, and detention camps
[Editor's note: This chapter has been condensed. The original text is available at the Author's website.]
Social Chaos as a Political Weapon
The "Useful Idiots" of Socialist Revolution
Building The Police State
Disarming the Citizens
Foreign Troops for U.S. Domestic Operations
Federal Detention Facilities
Federal "Continuity of Government" Facilities
Conclusion: Escaping From the Matrix
Social Chaos as a Political Weapon

Revolution has always been the method used to facilitate change, and it would seem likely that an environment could be created that would ultimately lead to a revolt by the citizens of this country. As our economy continues to decline, and it becomes harder for people to get by, there may be a ground swell of revolt across the country against the government [more likely, against each other --ed]. Of course, the Illuminati has already planted these seeds.

For example, a major strike in the transportation industry could cripple this country; nothing would move, and there would be no way to get food and other products to the cities. This would be a crucial blow to the economy, and would most likely be accompanied with acts of violence and sabotage. Indeed, this situation would make it possible for the initiation of martial law, and a World Government to step in to maintain control.

The Communist [revolutionary movement] is not dead -- only sleeping. When it awakes, most likely under the banner of Socialism, it will be a force to be reckoned with. Despite [Russian and Chinese] overtures toward democracy, they are clearly continuing to follow an agenda to undermine the United States. Their subversive agents in this country have maps of all strategic locations, such as military firearm storage, police stations, power plants, railroads and other transportation centers, communication centers, and water reservoirs.

Riots [and chaos] could easily be instigated through the many terrorist groups that exist here. Riots, bank robberies, racial strife, skyjackings, strikes, assassinations, [bombings], and kidnappings, are not just unrelated events. According to J. Bernard Hutton in his 1972 book The Subverters:

"[the] increasing violence and terrorism is a direct result of an organized world-wide plot to destroy the Western democracies."

The "Useful Idiots" of Socialist Revolution
Jerry Rubin, who was a member of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at Kent State University, said on July 20, 1970:

"The first part of the Yippie program is to kill your parents. And I mean that quite literally, because until you're prepared to kill your parents, you're not ready to change the country. Our parents are our first oppressors."

In his book Do It, he wrote:

"We've got Amerika (sic) on the run. We've combined youth, music, sex, drugs, rebellion with treason -- and that's a combination hard to beat ... High school students will seize radio, TV, and newspaper offices across the land ... Police stations will blow up ... Revolutionaries will break into jails and free all prisoners ... The Youth International Revolution will begin with mass breakdown of authority, mass rebellion, total anarchy in every institution in the Western World..."

Jerry Kirk, a student at the University of Chicago, who was active in the Communist Party up to 1969, told the House and Senate Internal Security Committees:

"Young people have no conception of the conspiracy's strategy of pressure from above and pressure from below, so well outlined in Jan Kozak's And Not A Shot Is Fired. They have no idea they are playing into the hands of the Establishment they claim to hate. The radicals think they are fighting the forces of the super-rich, like Rockefeller and Ford, and don't realize that it is precisely such forces which are behind their own revolution, financing it, and using it for their own purposes."

In his book, The Strawberry Statement: Notes of a College Revolutionary, James S. Kunen (who in April, 1968, was one of the students who took over Columbia University) wrote:

"In the evening we went up to the U. to check out a strategy meeting. A kid was giving a report on the SDS Convention. He said that ... at the Convention men from Business International Roundtables ... tried to buy up a few radicals ... These men are the world's leading industrialists and they convene to decide how our lives are going to go. These are the guys who wrote the Alliance for Progress. They are the left wing of the ruling class ... They offered to finance our demonstrations in Chicago (1968). We were offered Esso (Standard Oil of New Jersey, Exxon– Rockefeller) money. They want us to make a lot of radical commotion so they can look more in the center as they move to the left."

In a 1987 edition of Gay Community News this interesting bit of information was published:

"We shall sodomize your sons ... We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in your truck stops, in your all-male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together. Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us ... All laws banning homosexual activity will be revoked ... All homosexuals must stand together as brothers ... We will triumph only when we present a common face to the vicious heterosexual enemy ... We will unmask the powerful homosexuals who masquerade as heterosexuals ... We are everywhere; we have infiltrated your ranks ... We shall conquer the world because warriors inspired by and banded together by homosexual love and honor are invincible as were the ancient Greek soldiers [and the top Nazis --ed]. The family unit will be abolished ... All churches who condemn us will be closed ... We too are capable of firing guns and manning barricades of the ultimate revolution."

On September 19, 1993, a large group of homosexual activists disrupted the Sunday evening service at a Baptist Church in San Francisco, California. When the riot police finally were called in to force the gays out of the church courtyard, the rioters moved to the emergency exit doors on the side of the church where they "pounded and kicked the doors, seeking to break them down." As the churchgoers left, they were shouted and cursed at; and the speaker had debris thrown at him. A group of gay demonstrators were heard yelling: "We want your children! Give us your children!" Through it all, not one arrest was made.

Building The Police State
Regardless of who is involved in these riots, the police and the military will be mobilized to bring order. In 1965, the Department of Justice established the Office of Law Enforcement Assistance to help the local police fight crime. In 1968, as part of the Crime Control Act, it became known as the Law Enforcement Assistance Agency (LEAA).

Charles H. Rogovin, an administrator of the LEAA, said in an October 1, 1969 speech to the International Association of Chiefs of Police, meeting in Miami:

"If local law enforcement fails, then something else will replace it. I do not raise the spectre of a Federal police force merely to frighten you. Look at the organized crime field. We now see a substantial federal effort there -- and not simply because organized crime is interstate in nature. It is also because law enforcement has failed to do its job."

The LEAA originally discussed the possibility of a National Police Force to be used in the event of a civil disturbance, for crowd dispersal and to neutralize revolutionary leadership. The Deputy Attorney General of California had said during a conference on Civil Emergency Management that "...anyone who attacks the State, even verbally, becomes a revolutionary and an enemy by definition. They are the enemy and must be destroyed."

On December 30, 1975, after it was signed into law by Gov. Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown, Jr., the California National Guard announced that they were prepared to provide emergency assistance to any local police force in the country. They introduced the 1,200 member Law Enforcement Assistance Force (LEAF), which was a specially trained and equipped military police force to handle mass disturbances and riots, which could be put into place within 12 hours. Although they were phased out in the mid-1980's it appeared that LEAF was the forerunner of a national police force.

This national police force began taking shape through the Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force (MJTF), a creation of the Department of Defense, and is a joint operation of FEMA and the National Guard Bureau. The idea was that, with less military involvement abroad, some of our military personnel could be reassigned to this type of domestic duty. The MJTF was to be the coordinating body of the BATF, FDA, CIA, DEA, IRS, Federal Marshals, National Guard, and local police organizations.

Since 1971, there have been many reports concerning unmarked black helicopters, which appear to be part of the military's domestic counter-terrorism program. It has since been reported by various researchers that they originate from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, which is based in Ft. Campbell Kentucky, and Hunter Army Airfield in Georgia. They are a special operations unit that was initially used by the Delta Force, and now are being used by FEMA. They call themselves the 'Night Stalkers' and their motto is "Death Waits in the Dark."

It has been reported that a growing number of American military aircraft, with the exception of the Coast Guard, have been painted dark gray or dark green, and either have no visible markings identifying them as U.S. aircraft, or have low-visibility markings. It is believed that the purpose for this is so our equipment can be easily transitioned for use as part of any United Nations operations.

Since 1987, the U.S. Army has been training the police, local National Guard units, and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), in how to break in and enter private property, as part of their new urban warfare training. The U.S. Army's Office of Public Affairs announced that the Defense Department Authorization Act passed by Congress in 1987, initiated this new training, which was being carried out in military bases such as Fort Hood (TX), Fort Benning (GA), and Fort McClellan (AL).

There have been reports of anti-terrorist training missions which have taken place throughout the country. Marines from the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit at Camp Lejeune (NC), along with air support from the unmarked black helicopters, carried out a late-night raid in July, 1993, on Tybee Island, near the mouth of the Savannah River. In early 1994, the Army and the Alaska State Police held a joint operation on the Kenai Peninsula, near Anchorage. In July, 1994, Marines from the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit at Camp Pendleton (CA), held urban warfare training in different locations around Sacramento. In October, 1994, Army Special Forces and the Detroit Police SWAT team, engaged in anti-terrorist training missions at a vacant 6-story apartment house on West Alexandrine Street, and at a group of abandoned houses in Van Buren Township, a suburb of Detroit, near the Willow Run Airport.

A mock city was constructed in the northern area of Fort Polk, in Louisiana, one of the Joint Readiness Training Centers (there are others in Fort Ord, CA and Fort Chaffee, AR), which was labeled a "Military Operations in Urban Terrain Complex" (MOUT). It is also the location of the North American Training Center for the United Nations. Smaller MOUTs are located in Fort Drum (NY) and Fort Indiantown Gap (PA), who have a model town called Johnson City that is used for urban warfare training.

The FBI had established an anti-terrorist training compound at the abandoned Brown and Root, Inc. construction yard in Belie Chasse, Louisiana, just south of New Orleans. The purpose of this urban warfare training was the perfection of "house-to-house searches and controls on the civilian population," which will be used to disarm the American people through force. It has been suggested that the U.N. operations in Somalia and Haiti were used as practice runs for disarming the civilian population.

Disarming the Citizens
In 1970, the FBI estimated that the private citizens of the country had a total of 90 million weapons, including 35 million rifles, 31 million shotguns, and 24 million handguns (while the armed forces only had a small arms inventory of 4.8 million guns). Estimates in the early 1990's placed the number of registered handguns in this country at 70 million, and the number of unregistered at 50 million. The Illuminati will not instigate any kind of uprising if Americans are able to defend themselves. Because of this, there has been a massive attack on our constitutional right "to keep and bear arms."

From the 1970's to 1990's the incidence of violent crimes more than doubled. The Government's solution is to disarm the criminals, but also at the same time, they want to also disarm law abiding citizens.

The extended waiting period mandated by the Brady Bill was only the beginning, there have been other Bills introduced in Congress to ban guns. Sen. Howard Metzenbaum said during a 1993 Senate hearing: "Until we can ban all of them, then we might as well ban none." He also said: "The best way to keep handguns out of the wrong hands is through licensing. Licensing is a barrier to gun crime."

At his Senate Confirmation Hearings in 1993, FBI Director Louis Freeh said: "The strongest gun legislation ... I will enforce diligently and exhaustively." U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders said: "Handguns are a public health issue." Senator Joseph Biden said: "(Banning guns) is an idea whose time has come." Rep. Mel Reynolds said on CNN's Crossfire: "If it were up to me we'd ban them all." [President] Bill Clinton (as quoted in USA Today, March 11, 1993) said: "We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans..."

In 1994, the National Rifle Association got their hands on a secret document which represented the blueprint for the gun-control lobby. The first step was to use the media to create a clamor for gun control in this country, and this would in turn sway the opinion of a large portion of the population to support such a measure. The second step would be the initiation of gun control legislation that would establish annual licensing fees, and surcharges on ammunition.

After two years, the third step would involve a massive increase in the licensing fees. The reason given, would be because of the costs involved to enforce the law, when in fact, it would be to discourage ownership. The failure to get a license would result in a $1,000 fine and/or six months in jail; and if your license lapses, your failure to turn your guns over to the government, would result in a $15,000 fine and/or eighteen months in jail. Both instances also result in the loss of the right to own a firearm.

After two more years, the fourth step would call for further legislation to increase the licensing fees even more. Their ultimate goal "is to reduce the number of licensees to zero." In this way, the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States will be circumvented in order to take the guns out of the hands of the American people. After that, the population will be defenseless against government forces. They hoped to accomplish this within 15 years. Noah Webster said in 1787:

"Before a standing army or a tyrannical government can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe."

Recently, Sarah Brady, one of the leading proponents in this country against handguns said:

"Our task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed."

Foreign Troops for U.S. Domestic Operations
Will the U.S. military go against American citizens if so ordered by the Federal Government? It was reported that a 46-question survey was handed out in May, 1994, to "300 randomly selected" Marines (veterans of the Panama operation and the Persian Gulf War) at the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base in the Mohave Desert about 70 miles east of San Bernadino, California. The soldiers were asked for their reaction to various statements, such as U.S. military troops being commanded by U.N. officers, whether the President "has the authority to pass his responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief to the U.N. Secretary-General," and if they would serve in a United Nations military force to "maintain world peace."

The survey was concluded with this:

"46. The U.S. Government declares a ban on the possession, sale, transportation, and transfer of all non-sporting firearms. A thirty (30) day amnesty period is permitted for these firearms to be turned over to the local authorities. At the end of this period, a number of citizen groups refuse to turn over their firearms. Consider the following statement: I would fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the U.S. Government."

After the news of this survey surfaced in The Spotlight, and the November, 1994 issue of American Legion Magazine, it was later reported that it was part of a soldier's Master Thesis at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, and did not "reflect any government program." However, the February, 1994 issue of Modern Gun magazine reported that a similar survey had been given to some Navy SEALS.

The thesis, called Peacekeeping and U.N. Operational Control: A Study of Their Effect on Unit Cohesion, had been classified until March, 1995, when it was approved for public dissemination. In response to the question about swearing allegiance to the U.N., 208 Marines said they would not do so (117 of those strongly disapproved), and 71 said they would (with 19 of those strongly approving). And, in regard to the infamous question 46, of the 264 Marines who responded, 185 said they would be opposed to firing at Americans (with 127 strongly opposing), and 79 said they would be willing to shoot if ordered (with 23 strongly affirming).

Even if one out of every four Marines would shoot American citizens, what this survey revealed was that, for the most part, our military probably could not be relied on to act as a cohesive force to fire upon the citizens of this country.

On November 11, 1990, President George Bush signed an Executive Order that authorized the presence of U.N. Battle Groups in the U.S., and there are 15 reported to be here. Before leaving office, in a major speech to the United Nations, Bush said that the United States would permit U.N. troops to use various military bases for "training purposes," and "multi-national field exercises."

The military staff of the U.N. Secretary-General had called for a "Rapid Response Peace Force" of 60,000 soldiers, for instant deployment; a "Permanent Peace-Keeping Force" of 275,000 soldiers, for conflict control; and a "Standing Reserve Peace Force" of 500,000 soldiers for U.N. duty wherever necessary. On March 16, 1993, Senate Joint Resolution No. 65 called for the "establishment of a commission to study the creation of a standing international military force under the United Nations Charter."

In 1993, Clinton issued Presidential Review Directive (PRD) #13, supporting U.N. Secretary General Boutros-Ghali's proposal for a U.N. military force, substantially made up of Americans. However, Gen. Colin Powell, Commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff insisted on a codicil that said if any U.S. commander believed his orders violated the U.S. Constitution, or placed our country or military forces at risk, the orders could be disregarded. On May 3, 1994, Clinton signed the Presidential Review Directive #25, which put U.S. military commanders under the authority of the U.N. during U.N. military operations, and instructed the Department of Defense to establish a U.S. military organizational structure which included the United Nations. It was PRD #13 without the Powell codicil.

On June 24, 1994, the National Guard Bureau, an agency of the Department of Defense (which coordinates all the state National Guard units), developed the "National Guard State Partnerships with the Russian Federation" which enabled troops from 14 of the newly formed Russian Federation (as well as other countries in east and central Europe), to train in this country with the National Guard units of some states. According to Clinton's "Bridge to America" proposal, the purpose of these partnerships was to "assist the participating nations' transition to democratic military institutions with peacetime utility in providing military support of civilian authorities..." Troops who were attached to the Russian Interior Ministry were seen training with the U.S. 10th Special Forces Group, who were being reassigned to Fort Carson, Colorado. The Russian soldiers were still wearing the red berets bearing the hammer and sickle, the symbol of Communism. Russians have also been seen training with the SWAT team of Las Vegas, Nevada, and were reportedly involved in joint military training operations in Alaska and Alabama.

Belgian troops were seen in North Dakota and Montana. German soldiers were seen training at Luke Air Force Base near Phoenix, Arizona; as well as Fort Bliss (TX), and Fort McClelland (AL). There have been reports of 19,000 U.N. troops in Fort Polk (alleged site of a large underground facility), Louisiana, consisting of French, Pakistani, and 2 battalions of Russian soldiers; 600 U.N. troops near Dulce, New Mexico; 40,000 U.N. troops staged in Sacramento, California, as well as 40,000 U.N. troops in San Diego, 22,000 U.N. troops just south of Los Angeles, 50,000 National Guard and U.N. troops located near Barstow; 43,000 U.N. troops in the Texas panhandle; and 14,000 U.N. troops in Anchorage, Alaska.

The use of Fort Dix in New Jersey (a major east coast base, in an area of 50 square miles, right next to McGuire Air Force Base) was fully committed for U.N. purposes. Razor wire now surrounds some parts of this base, and there was a sign pointing the way to an Enemy Prisoner of War compound. In addition, in May, 1991, the German government negotiated a deal with our government, which gave them permission to establish a German military facility in our country. There hasn't been a foreign military presence here since Great Britain's occupation during the War of 1812.

Foreign soldiers have been training with American troops in order to function as a cohesive multi-national unit that will operate under the authority of the United Nations. A multi-national U.N. military force stationed in this country would fire upon American citizens.

Journalist Pam Schuffert, author of Premonitions of an American Holocaust, while she was in Germany, asked some soldiers if they knew that German troops were training at Fort Bliss and Holloman, and if they were there "for the hour of martial law, to help arrest Americans and seize their weapons and fire upon them if they resist." One of them replied: "Yes, we have heard all this, and it is true."

Russia-made T-72 main battle tanks have been spotted on our nation's highways, being hauled on flatbed trailers. It is reported that at least 30 may have been brought here. One government response was that they were being used in military war games. Also seen, were Soviet surface-to-air missiles and surface-to-surface missiles. A Soviet Hind-D attack helicopter, and a Soviet Helix anti-submarine naval attack helicopter were seen at the Gulfport National Guard facility in Mississippi. Hundreds of railroad flat cars have been seen with both Russian and U.N. equipment. Rep. Gene Taylor (D-MS) reported that the aircraft, as well as hundreds of other pieces Russian-built equipment were being purchased and used for training purposes. And he's right: urban warfare training.

Hundreds of Soviet Z1L-131 military trucks were photographed in Saucier, Mississippi, which were imported from East Germany with a U.N. bill of lading by Airmar Resources Corporation. They were said to be used, and were to be reconditioned and sold. However, many only had a little more than 1,000 miles on them. They were to be painted white, marked for U.N. use and shipped to Africa, yet many of them have been sent to destinations in this country. There was a report from Montana concerning three train loads of military vehicles, some painted white and marked with the U.N. designation.

The evidence seems clear, that our government is stockpiling military equipment in preparation for a massive assault against the American people– if necessary. It is believed that there are now over 30 foreign military bases in this country under the United Nations flag, that are manned with a million foreign troops. Because our soldiers could not be counted on to fire upon American citizens, they have been sent overseas as U.N. peacekeepers, while foreign troops have been brought in that will follow orders to detain, and shoot, anyone who is a threat to the New World Order.

The attack on David Koresh and the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas [in 1993] may have been just a glimpse of what is going to happen in the future to groups who don't toe the government line. In order to control the population, rather than the wholesale [public] slaughter of people that would further turn public opinion against them, large groups of people will be rounded up to be sent to detention centers for questioning, incarceration, or worse. Michael Maholy, who for 20 years was a CIA-Naval Intelligence agent, said about the detention centers:

"Oh, all of us in the intelligence community know about the concentration camps in America. We all know that they are to terminate the resisters of the New World Order under martial law."

Federal Detention Facilities
On August 24, 1939, F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover met with President Roosevelt to talk about a detention plan for the United States, conceivably to deal with a war-time scenario. This was implemented in March, 1942 for Japanese-Americans in the western United States, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, when Roosevelt signed Executive Order #9066, which directed the Army to intern up to 112,000 in concentration camps.

On August 3, 1948, Hoover met with Attorney General J. Howard McGrath to come up with a plan that would enable President Truman to suspend the constitution in the event of a national emergency. The plan was called "Security Portfolio," and if activated, would authorize the FBI to summarily arrest up to 20,000 people and have them placed in national security detention camps without the right of a hearing. It charged the FBI to develop a 'watch list' of the type of people who would be detained, as well as information about their physical appearance, their family, and place of employment.

With the Internal Security Act of 1950, a declaration of war by Congress, an invasion of the U.S. or any its territories, or a domestic insurrection, would enable the President to declare an emergency, and give the Justice Department special powers to "apprehend and by order detain each person as to whom he, the Attorney General or such officer so designated, finds that there is a reasonable ground to believe that such person may engage in, or may conspire with others to engage in acts of espionage or sabotage."

However, Hoover wasn't happy with the law because it did not suspend the Constitution, and it guaranteed the right to a court hearing (habeas corpus), and the FBI continued to secretly establish detention camps, and detailed seizure plans for thousands of people; while Hoover continued to pressure McGrath to officially change his position and allow Hoover to ignore the 1950 law in lieu of the original plan of 1948. On November 25, 1952, the Attorney General gave in to Hoover.

In 1968, during the urban riots, a Congressional committee stated that acts by 'guerrillas' in the United States was compared to being in a 'state of war,' and detention areas were discussed "for the temporary imprisonment of warring guerrillas." Americans were concerned about this talk, and in 1971 Congress passed legislation that repealed the Emergency Detention Act of 1950. However, there was other legislation that provided for the existence of detention centers.

In December, 1975, the Senate held hearings which revealed the continuing plans for internment. The report "Intelligence Activities, Senate Resolution 21" revealed their secret agenda. The hearings revealed documents, memos, and testimony by government informants which painted the picture of a government that wanted to monitor, infiltrate, arrest and incarcerate a segment of Americans.

In 1982, the Reagan Administration initiated the National Security Directive 58 which allowed Robert McFarlane and Oliver North to use the National Security Council to reorganize Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) into an agency that would be equipped to manage the country during a national emergency.

During the Reagan years, a secret program identified as "Operation Rex 84," was initiated by our National Security Council, and authorized the establishment of 23 "emergency detention centers" for the purpose of detaining a large number of "potentially subversive" people. Rex would enable the President to declare a state of emergency, suspend the constitution, and empower the head of FEMA to take control of the internal infrastructure of the country.

The "Rex exercises" simulated an act of civil unrest that culminated in a national crisis that initiated a contingency plan to be able to accommodate the detention of 400,000 people. It was so secretive, that there were reports that special metal security doors were installed on the fifth floor of FEMA's building, and even long-time officials of the Civil Defense Office were denied entry. The cover story for the exercise was to see how our country would handle an influx of refugees resulting from a war in Central America. But in truth– it was about the detainment of American citizens.

Through the Rex 84 program, it had been reported that the following bases were to be used for civilian detention centers: Ft. Huachuca (AZ), Ft. Chaffee (AR), Vandenburg Air Force Base (CA), Eglin Air Force Base (FL), Camp Krome (FL), Ft. Benning (GA), Ft. Indiantown Gap (PA), Camp A.P. Hill (VA) , Ft. Drum (NY), Wickenburg (AZ), Elmendorf Air Force Base (AK), Eilson Air Force Base (AK), Tulelake (CA), El Reno (OK), Tulsa (OK), Florence (AZ), Maxwell Air Force Base (AL), Mill Point (WV), Allenwood (PA), Oakdale (CA), and Ft. McCoy (WI). An additional 20 centers were funded with the 1990-91 defense budget and another 43 were commissioned. An insider has said that there are at least 130 detention facilities in the country.

Even though the directives that brought about Rex 84 have been eliminated, it is believed that the government's plans for these detention centers are now being carried out under the guise of the U.S. Military Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC). Coincidentally, Huachuca, Chaffee, Eglin, and Indiantown Gap were on early BRAC lists. Another 100 bases may be 'closed' or 'realigned' in 2005.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has priority to use any excess space on U.S. Government property. Army documents have indicated plans for "establishing civilian camps on (Army) installations." One such base that was closed was the Seneca Army Depot, near Seneca Falls, in northern New York. It was discovered that major construction was underway, and it was reported by The Spotlight, that it was being prepared for conversion into a massive civilian detention center. The office of Sen. Alfonse D'Amato (R-NY) announced that a large part of the base was going to be turned over to the National Guard, who, it was believed, would oversee the facility. At nearby Fort Drum, the location of the Army's 10th Mountain Division (who have been utilized as U.N. 'peacekeepers') was also slated to be used as a detention facility.

In 1997, it was revealed, that since 1989, a Civilian Inmate Labor program was in place at Fort Bliss (TX), Fort Dix (NJ), and Camp Atterbury (IN), where the Army was using incarcerated civilians to perform building maintenance and renovation, landscaping and grounds work, and custodial work. Under the facade of Civilian Labor Camps, it is believed that some detention facilities are being established or renovated.

In Oklahoma City, OK south of the Will Rogers World Airport, built at a cost of $80 million, is the only Federal Transfer Center (FTC) facility in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. It can process up to 100,000 people at a time, and it is believed that this will be the central destination for all detainees. It is likely that it will be coordinating their efforts with Federal Detention Centers (FDC) which are located in: Honolulu (HI), Seattle (WA), Los Angeles (CA), Houston (TX), Miami (FL), Oakdale (LA), and Philadelphia (PA).

In the past few years researchers have combed public records, solicited eye witness accounts, and have sought informers in order to piece together the locations of detention centers or 'concentration camps,' which are now reported to be in place all over the country, mostly in sparsely populated areas. One tell-tale sign of these facilities is that they have fences that point inward (as well as barbed wire), which means they are intended to keep people in, not out. They are usually located near a body of fresh water or freshwater source, a railway system, major highway, or a large airport; have guard towers or buildings; have wind socks, maybe a helicopter landing pad; and contain a large number of buildings which would have the capability of holding a large number of people.

Federal "Continuity of Government" Facilities
One of the first publicly revealed underground military facilities was the Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center near Colorado Springs, Colorado which was constructed in the early 1960's. A pair of 25-ton blast doors protects an underground complex consisting of a 4-1/2 acre area of chambers and tunnels. It is essentially a self-contained complex with all the support services necessary to maintain the operation. This underground complex contains facilities for Air Warning (providing aerospace warning and control for North America), Missile Warning Center (for attacks against the United States or U.S. forces overseas), and Space Control Center (to detect, track, identify and catalog all man-made objects orbiting the earth).

In addition, during the Cold War, many Federal Relocation Centers were built for the purpose of the "Continuity of Government," to maintain essential government services and emergency functions during any event which affects national security. It has been reported that there is a system of 96 facilities established around Washington, D.C., in what is called the Federal Arc, which are earmarked for critical governmental personnel from specific agencies, and are located in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The administrative nerve center for the whole system is Mount Weather.

Mount Weather
Mount Weather (Western Virginia Office of Controlled Conflict Operations) is an 561 acre installation located about 50 miles west of Washington, near the town of Bluemont, Virginia. In case of a national emergency, a hand-picked list of civilian and military leaders will be taken to this huge underground city in order to form an emergency government. It is run under the auspices of FEMA as part of the "Continuity of Government Program."

Mount Weather has been owned by the federal government since 1902, when the 94 acre site was purchased by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Federal Civil Defense Administration (later known as the Federal Preparedness Agency) began construction in the late 1950's. The facility was constructed inside a mountain made of greenstone and granite, and the entrance is sealed with a huge blast door which is guarded around the clock. There are also a number of buildings on the surface that are part of the complex.

In the mid-1970's, after the existence of the facility became known to the public, Richard Pollack, a reporter for Progressive Magazine, interviewed a number of people about it:

"High-level government sources, speaking under the promise of strict anonymity, told me that each of the Federal departments... represented at Mount Weather is headed by a single person on whom is conferred the rank of a Cabinet-level official. Protocol even demands that subordinates address them as 'Mr. Secretary.' Each of the Mount Weather 'Cabinet members' is apparently appointed by the White House and serves an indefinite term. Many of the 'Secretaries' have held their positions through several administrations."

In the event of emergency, the President or the next in line of succession, would take his place in an area there known as the "White House". But until then, a FEMA official is performing that function as Mount Weather is now performing the duties of a "back-up" United States Government.

Raven Rock
At Raven Rock Mountain, near Waynesboro, PA is the Alternate Joint Communications Center (AJCC) simply known as 'Site R' which was constructed in the early 1950's. It is known as the 'underground Pentagon', and is actually a duplicate of the Pentagon's Command and Control Center. It provides computer services, functions as a disaster recovery site, and oversees over 38 communications systems.

In 2002, in a Department of Defense briefing, in response to a question as to why $74 billion was needed to be allocated for upgrades to the facility for power, cooling, and staff accommodation, it was revealed that "...it fits into the overall Continuity of Government plans."

Greenbrier Facility
On Sunday, May 31, 1992, an article by Ted Gup in the Washington Post revealed that this secret 112,000 square foot facility was located under and beside the Greenbrier Resort Hotel, which is located in White Sulpher Springs in West Virginia, about 250 miles from Washington D.C.

Its purpose was to house the Congress in the event of a nuclear attack. It has an area for the Senate, House, and a large hall for joint sessions. The Greenbrier website indicates that in the early 1960's the "top secret relocation center for the U.S. Congress" was constructed. Supposedly deactivated, there are actually public tours of the "former government relocation facility".

Mount Pony
Mount Pony, near Culpeper, Virginia about 70 miles southwest of Washington, is a 20 acre site which contains a large underground facility. It was built in 1969 as a "Continuity of Government" facility and operated by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, where 7 computers became the central point for all American electronic fund transfers.

Until 1988, it stored several billion dollars of currency that would be used "to replenish currency supplies east of the Mississippi" and reactivate the economy after a nuclear attack, including a large quantity of $2 bills. It was decommissioned in July, 1992, and in 1997, Congress approved its transfer to the Library of Congress who is using use the installation to protect its collection of 150,000 movies and recordings.

Conclusion: Escaping From the Matrix
Even though the Illuminati ceased to exist as an organization in the 1790's, the organization's leaders kept the conspiracy alive, and continued working towards their goal of a one world Socialist government [under elite control]. Since then, as you have read, various organizations have been established to perpetuate these goals, but the term 'Illuminati' continues to be used as the name for the engineers of this Master Conspiracy.

Their ultimate goal is for the American citizen [and everyone else] to eventually be totally dependent upon the government for their security, food, electricity, heat, clothing, and other necessities. Once that potential exists, one-world government is right around the corner.

It would be impossible to fully explore the complex structure of deceit that has been put into place. However, after looking at many pieces of this puzzle, enough have been put together so that we can now step back and get a panoramic view. Our way of life is going to be drastically changed because of the tyranny of a government out of [our] control. How did this happen -- right under our noses?

In the 1999 Warner Brothers movie The Matrix, a young man named Neo discovers that the world he [thinks he] lives in is nothing more than a computer simulation that is being fed into his brain as his body rests in a pod in the "real world", providing the energy that sustains the [parasitic] machines that actually run the world. Morpheus, the leader of the resistance, tells Neo:

"The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth."

Applying this allegory to our current situation, we find [ourselves in] a system of 'Command and Control' that has been able to so dominate and overwhelm us that we have been completely deceived into believing a lie. In the movie, Neo is unplugged from the Matrix, enabling him to see the real world. It is my hope, that with the knowledge you gain from reading this book, you will be 'unplugged' from the Matrix, and begin to see for yourself that things aren't what they seem. That the world you thought you were living in -- doesn't really exist.

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