Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wall Street Is Falling To Pieces & George W. Bush Gives Americans A 10 Minute BS Session On A 700 Billion Dollar Bailout SCAM

Expect to see *Wall Street take a real tumble tomorrow as investors sell into their fears about the U.S Federal Government's complete inability to correct the Federal Reserve System's latest covertly orchestrated crisis. An impending Depression unlike any we've seen before is on the way, courtesy of a Federal Reserve Note which is now all but worthless.

* As of September 25TH, thus far many investors are, out of complete desperation, attempting to shore up the stock market with brisk buying this afternoon. However, this will be another short term trend, given that the basic fundamentals for a sound economy are no longer in existence. And the 700 billion more in funny money which the Congress will now authorize in its economic bailout package, is only going to exacerbate the situation in the near future.

700 billion dollars of a currency that no longer has any intrinsic value isn't going to make a significant difference here; and neither would 700 trillion of it, since this money has become nearly worthless. And the more of it that's put into circulation will only serve to completely destroy its purchasing power in the near future.

The bottom line -- the U.S Federal Government, in spite of its protestations to the contrary, is out of financial band aids. And as usual, it will be the American people who are now stuck footing the bill for it.

Investors can take their losses now and assume a position in gold, or they can wait until there is nothing left for them to lose. When Wall Street's only hope is to go short on put options, the handwriting's on the wall.

And remember, that it was former Federal Reserve Chairman, Allan Greenspan, who prior to his tenure with the Fed had stated that gold was the only real hedge against inflation, that Americans could use to protect the value of their currency. Of course, the moment that Greenspan became part of the largest legitimized counterfeiter in history, he quickly dropped his former pronouncement about gold and adopted this Illuminati created monster's dogmas.

There is only one way that Americans can breathe new life into this country's economy.

And that is to force Congress to abolish the Federal Reserve System and to take back the gold reserves which it has looted from the U.S. Treasury.

Nothing else will restore our economy or government to their former glory.

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