Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Gardener Gets Into Traffic Accident With Truck -- Coincidence Or Perp Involvement?

As my regular readers are well aware, those associated with TI's often find themselves involved in anomalous situations - oftentimes, accidents, illnesses, and in worst case scenarios serious injuries which can lead to death. And while some of these situations may be coincidental in nature, they often occur with far more frequency than could be considered coincidental.

Today, my gardener showed up with a U-haul trailer instead of his usual pickup truck and the horse trailer which he uses to carry his lawn mowers and leaf blowers. When I inquired as to where his truck was, he informed me that he had been involved in an automobile accident earlier in the week, which damaged his vehicle seriously enough, so that it is now in for repairs.

Could he have been lying to me as part of the gas lighting tactics that the FEDS regularly deploy against my person, an adjunct to the myriad of psychological operations which the FBI/NSA & DHS perpetrate against me?

Quite possibly. However, it is also entirely likely that the gardener really was involved in a car accident. Why would the FEDS be targeting him?

To make a long story short, when the FBI or some other U.S. Intelligence agency has spent years involved in a COINTELPRO against a person or group, and does not come away with indictments, they must find a way in which to justify the money which they have spent. And this means that any person whom the initial target was in contact with, can be covertly investigated by the FEDS, and set up for an entrapment scheme without their knowledge.

I refer to this as U.S. Intel's unending criminal WEB, since a very large number of people can find themselves being subjected to such a COINTELPRO without ever realizing that it is a federal agency that is behind their harassment.

And given the FBI/NSA collusion in illegally satellite tracking American citizens, we now know that the FEDS can conduct warrantless fishing expeditions which can go on for decades before they attempt to actually become aggressive in their attempts to entrap a TI. And believe me when I tell you, when the FEDS' surveillance of your person goes from covert to overt, you'll know it!

So would the FEDS look to entrap an associate of my Family's in insurance fraud in order to justify some of the millions that they wasted in setting me up? Sure they would. As long as they think that they can get away with it.

In my opinion, they used their illegal spying of my person to destroy the medical career of a prominent Long Island physician who once specialized in the treatment of chronic Lyme Disease. So the FEDS certainly see anyone with whom I have been in contact with since their COINTELPRO against my person began decades ago as fair game.

In understanding this, I must also give some serious consideration to the following:

The FEDS and their provocateurs have a long history of crashing their vehicles into the vehicles of those whom they target. I don't think this is always a form of intimidation, but instead at times an attempt to entrap the TI in some type of insurance fraud, where the FEDS will actually contact the insurer of the TI and use them in such an entrapment scheme.

I have experienced this on several occasions over the past two decades. In the first instance, my auto insurer sent me a claim check as payment for a claim in which my new Honda CRX-Si was sideswiped by someone whom I am now certain did so deliberately, as part of the FEDS' COINTELPRO attack on my person.

This occurred around 1988.

A week after receiving the first claim check, a check for the same exact amount arrived in the mail. When I called the insurer to inform them of this mistake, they assured me that their computers did not make mistakes and to cash the check. Although I did not realize it at the time, this would turn out to be a clear case of entrapment by the FEDS, and conspiratorial in nature, since they involved my insurance company in this crime.

Sensing that something was wrong, I drove over to the insurance company and returned the uncashed check to them. This would be the first of several "anomalous" car accidents in which there was quite literally no way of preventing them.

This also makes the FEDS and the drivers who crash into the vehicles of unwitting TI's complicit in insurance fraud, since they deliberately caused these accidents.

The FEDS will always set a TI's vehicle up in some way in which the TI cannot prevent a crash. Positioning their vehicles in the blind spot of a TI's car, as was done to my CRX-Si; pulling in behind a TI's vehicle at a traffic light while taking their foot off the brake of their own vehicle which then allows the vehicle to crash into the back of the unwitting TI's automobile (they did this to me back in 2005 when crashing into the rear quarter of my motorcycle, thus knocking it to the ground). I even experienced a situation in which a provocateur parked in front of me as we waited for a traffic light to change, actually put his car in reverse as the light changed, bumped my car, and then took off.

There are myriad ways in which the FEDS can set up such accidents. A few weeks after my CRX-Si was crashed into, my brother was sideswiped in a similar fashion while driving home from work. At the time I thought that this was just an odd coincidence. However, I am now certain that the accident he was involved in was deliberately caused by the other driver. In fact, it took a year for my insurance company to settle the case with the insurer of the driver who sideswiped my vehicle.

The case went into subrogation, and the other driver was eventually found completely liable for the crash. My insurer was completely reimbursed by his insurance company. The end result was that the two officers who arrived on the scene after I called them right after the crash, went over the crash scene after the other driver and I left, and determined that the crash could not have occurred the way the other driver said it had.

Interestingly enough, the other driver did NOT want to call for police assistance after the crash, which is in itself illegal. I wonder why not? Was he perhaps a federal provocateur who deliberately crashed into my vehicle?

You bet he was!

While my gardener's traffic accident may have just been a coincidence, I am left to wonder if it was in fact done deliberately. U.S. Intel represents an extraordinarily dangerous group of Nazi minded Illuminists who consider themselves to be well above the constitutional rule of law in this country. They would certainly give a second thought to causing a serious car accident if they thought that they could do so without jeopardizing their own lives, or being found out.

And given the satellite based weaponry which they have access to, one can only imagine the horror that this portends somewhere down the road, as the United States continues to evolve into a militaristic dictatorship.

In my opinion the FEDS have already covertly murdered a great number of citizens within the United States and abroad who were either just unfortunate test subjects, or a threat to the criminal status quo of the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence Media complex.
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