Monday, September 22, 2008

The FBI & Its Illuminati Cronies Continue Their Criminal Interference In Business Dealings With The Possible Theft Of Some Vacuum Tubes

Notice 7 tubes in photo now "MISSING" from tuner

In yet another of the daily U.S.Intel PRICK SQUAD'S high school-ish pranks, a hi-fi tuner that I purchased through E-bay arrived without its output tubes -- an obvious result of the federal rat squad's interference in this purchase. One of myriad over the past few years.

So I must now reach the seller - who is essentially just a fool being used as one of the FEDS' criminal provocateurs in their illegal COINTELPRO against my person -- to find out what happened to the tubes.

Also keep in mind that this is a vintage tuner from the early 1960's with several expensive tubes, including those from tube manufacturer Telefunken. So the theft of these tubes is equivalent to the theft of several hundred dollars. And there is no question that if the FEDS were not already aware of this, that the seller of this tuner is.

The FEDS also engineered the theft of $650 from my desk on my last birthday -- another indication of how this criminal swine covertly operates through their provocateurs. These FBI, NSA and DHS agents are unindicted felons who have thus far managed to avoid prison time. How much longer they avoid it, is now open to question.

The FEDS also continue to define themselves as the complete subhuman refuse that they are; those who will undoubtedly one day find themselves at the hands of such like minded EVIL beings who will take just as great joy in torturing these miscreants, as they presently take in torturing my Family, person and myriad others.

The most horrifying thought continues to be that these reprobates, who are in effect themselves lethal weapons, continue to have access to hi-tech lethal weapons such as those deployed by way of the NSA's Echelon satellite system. A group of torturing, murdering, hi tech sexual predators who operate covertly under the cover of National Security and within the U.S. Intel community.

It is also likely that another piece of hi-fi gear which was purchased several weeks ago and ceased to work just a day after it arrived, was damaged by the NSA by means of a directed energy strike.

The FEDS have themselves one HELL of a covert criminal racket going on here, under the cover of National Security. Just one more venue in which these Illuminati agents of Satan harbor themselves, as they continue to secretly destroy our Constitution and freedoms.

Mind raping anathema to basic human decency that they each are.

*UPDATE --The tubes for the tuner arrived today. They could have easily been included within the boxes which the tuner was shipped in yesterday. And the fact that the shipper had not left any communication in this situation was also deliberate, so that I would be left wondering what happened to the tubes, when all he had to do was send me the tracking information for the two packages. All would have been fine.

Instead the FEDS deliberately sought to confuse the situation through the typical subterfuge which has come to define them as the Illuminati pawns which they truly are.

Again, the FEDS engineered this confusion for the express purpose of having me think that the shipper had deliberately not sent these tubes, when he was in fact, told to ship them in a separate box, and at additional charge to his person.

The FEDS' EVIL machinations continue to grow worse. However, their secret SPY technologies (NSA satellite SPYING and Remote Neural Monitoring of the human brain by way of Electronic Computer To Brain Link technology) are now becoming known on a global scale. A positive move in the right direction which should have happened many decades ago.
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