Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Illuminati Controlled Federal Reserve Bank Has Engineered The Subprime Mortgage Crisis In Order To Gain Complete Control Over Wall Street

If you've studied how the Illuminati have used their central banks to create economic disasters for many countries over the past few centuries, you can begin to understand their part in the current sub prime meltdown. Who's the beneficiary here?

Well for starters, the privately held Federal Reserve System controlled U.S. Federal Government has certainly benefited, since they now control both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- formerly the largest privately controlled financial lenders in this country. And both of whose chairman have now been ousted.

Another Illuminati coupe d'etat!

There is also recent legislation which now gives the Federal Reserve System total autonomy over the financial industry in this country. So now we have this privately held criminal consortium overseeing virtually every aspect of our financial system.

This is not good news, since it is a further indication that the New World Order's intention of creating one global financial system has now come to fruition, with the Federal Reserve's having been given virtually total control over Wall Street.

However, those who have researched the Federal Reserve System are well aware that this private corporation is controlled by the central banks in a number of other countries, including England, Germany, the Netherlands and France.

What I have also found to be most ironical is how Wall Street has now temporarily suspended short selling options for the indefinite future. What this means is that at least in the near future, the ability to purchase a put option (a financial instrument which allows an investor to speculate that the price of stock is going to drop by a certain amount and by a certain date) has been halted.

Why the sudden halt to put options trading?

The recent substantial increase in put options' trades is indicative of investors understanding that Wall Street is in a bad way, and that the only way in which to make money on stocks is to count on their dropping in value, instead of rising -- yet one more in a myriad of anomalies caused by the Illuminati controlled Federal Reserve System.

Of course, if the Illuminati controlled Securities and Exchange Commission were to do their job effectively -- they don't -- they would have undoubtedly found a myriad of investors who've made fortunes having sold put options in some of the recent companies that were made casualties of this Illuminati created sub prime mortgage fiasco.

The U.S Congress & Media -- Illuminati Pawns For Hire

Americans are continuing to reel from the unforeseen meltdown of Wall Street, and one which will only get much worse over the coming year. Once again, this recent debacle was no accident.

It was planned well in advance by those who gave us the Stock Market Crash of 1929, and the Great Depression of the 1930's.

Like a play with many acts, this sub prime mortgage fiasco is yet just more one act in the Illuminati's desire to destroy our country. As I have stated before, I can't overemphasize the importance of the following E-book in understanding the Illuminati's complete manipulation of the U.S. Federal Government, through a myriad of organizations - the most important of which continue to be the Federal Reserve System and the Council On Foreign Relations.

Such a covert and hi-tech attack on our persons is typical of the mass deception of the people on this planet, by the Illuminati and their New World Order one world government.

The following book describes how the Illuminati, through their criminally owned and operated central banks, control the U.S. Congress and Intelligence community.

It is certainly a book that these politicians don't want you reading!

And for good reason, since once you do, you will begin to understand their use as pawns in the Illuminati's destruction of the United States. And why no matter how hard you work, your lives continue to become more difficult.

With the latest Illuminati machination involving Wall Street, these Illuminists have once again gotten away clean, while leaving total devastation in their wake. And the U.S. Media disinformation system as well as the Congress, will only further continue to aid and abet them, since they have become nothing but "pawns for hire."

Now are you ready to read this E-book?

Final Warning: A History of the New World Order
Illuminism and the master plan for world domination
by David Rivera, 1994

Synthetic Mind Control

Through The New World Order's Global Police State

*Note that the FEDS continue in their covert attacks of my person and this Website, given that my information in regard to a myriad of issues as pertain to the Illuminati and their minions of criminals, is not only accurate but also devastating.

Perhaps the worst of which is the Illuminati's use of the NSA to electronically brand us by way of the unique bio electromagnetic fields which emanate from our brains. A reality which is right out of George Orwell's "1984" only far worse given the present technology that the Illuminati has access to.

Last evening when taking a walk around my driveway, the NSA began to trigger a motion sensitive spotlight located on the side of my home. The spotlight did not respond normally, but instead was triggered for varied times - some as short as seconds -- and turned on again as soon as it shut off. Even when I was well beyond the distance where my own motion would have triggered it.

This type of remote manipulation of electronic devices has become common place over the past 15 years. However, it was only over the last few years that I realized how these devices can be manipulated by way of such remote means as weaponized satellites -- like those controlled by the NSA, CIA and Department of Defense.

Many TI's are now beginning to realize that it is not their neighbors who are triggering these devices, but instead federal Intel organizations like the NSA, who can target with great precision, the internal and minute mechanisms which control them.

Of course, the *NSA can also access our brains in a similar fashion, which is why the information that I document on this Website is so critical to having the population on this planet understand how vulnerable their privacy is, to agencies like the Illuminati controlled military industrial intelligence complexes in their respective countries.

*As I have stated in the past, since 1980, the National Security Agency has actually been able to electronically attach its Artifical Intelligence computer controlled Echelon SPY satellite network, to our own bodies, by homing in on the unique bio electromagnetic fields that our brains emanate.

This means that the NSA can all at once see what we are seeing through our own eyes by tapping into the visual cortex region of our brains (thus using us as a bio electronic form of mobile spy camera in which to unwittingly SPY for them), decode our subvocalized thoughts (so that the NSA's operatives can also know what we are thinking at all times), and gather myriad other types of information, including our physical condition -- heart rate, body temperature etc.

And because the NSA has catalogued each American citizen into its information data base, by way of their own bio electromagnetic field, any American citizen can be targeted by the aforementioned technology without their knowledge or consent.

So much for your Constitutional Rights!

As a result of such pernicious use of this advanced technology, we are now in a battle to protect humanity, from an EVIL force unimagined to most of this planet's human inhabitants. And that force is the ILLUMINATI and those pawns whom they continue to use to achieve their objective of a one world global police state; one in which genocide will be commonplace, and the free thought of the Proletariat will be completely destroyed.

See John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA to learn more about the Illuminati's use of the NSA to illegally access our thoughts by way of Echelon:
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