Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lehman Brothers Fails To Find White Knight While Merrill Lynch Gets Gobbled Up By Bank Of America -- Are Americans On The Cusp Of Another Depression?

Having failed to find a White Knight in which to to bail itself out of its recent financial woes, Lehman Brothers, one of the nation's oldest financial brokerages, and one of three recent casualties in the sub prime mortgage debacle, must now look to the possibility of a financial bailout by the federal government.

Such devastating news, is now sending shock waves through Wall Street, as investor concerns over seeing a domino effect-like collapse within the financial industry are becoming more of a reality by the day.

And while Lehman Brothers is now forced to seek a government bailout, Merrill Lynch has been gobbled up -- Pacman style -- by the Bank Of America.

A further illustration of the dire straights that the U.S. economy remains in, as the pundits attempt to put a friendlier face on a situation which will likely result in another economic depression; quite possibly before the end of 2009. Within a short period of time, these pundits will no longer be able to deceive the public any further, as they are forced to admit the real nature of the likely collapse of Wall Street itself, which has been secretly supported by laundered drug money since the OPEC oil embargo of the 1970's.

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