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One Of The Best Documents Regarding The Illuminati & Their History Of Manipulating Global Events -- The Modern History Story Project

Some Comments On David Rivera's Book

Final Warning “reflects an amazing digest of monumental resource material involving a multitude of viewpoints and positions on the conspiratorial concept of history. You are to be congratulated for the exhaustive research this work represents...(it) is an invaluable reference for the serious political science adept.”

Archibald E. Roberts, Lt. Col. AUS Retired

Director, Committee to Restore the Constitution

“I am impressed with your doggedness and single-mindedness. That, plus the contents of your book appears to be a winner.”

Texe Marrs

Author of 35 books, Speaker, & President of Power of Prophecy Ministries

“I want to compliment you on your well-researched work; Final Warning. It is truly an invaluable resource for those who wish documentation. I consider it the best account of NWO as I’ve ever come across…You have a lot of valuable research there that is better and more complete than any conspiracy book I have ever read…and it will surely be a classic and required reading for everyone.”

Terry Melanson

Conspiracy Archive website

“David Allen Rivera has assembled a very carefully written history that can serve us well to understand the darkness that is falling upon the planet.”

Allen Aslan Heart

The Seventh Fire website

“The author obviously spent many hours assembling this material, as evidenced by the enormous list of sources…we believe that the book presents a basically accurate account of the historic events discussed, and provides a good overview of the topic.”

MHP Editors

Modern History Project website

“I think Rivera fills in the missing pieces better than any I have seen anywhere…His research is the best I have seen and makes more sense than any I have read anywhere. My thesis saw the parameters that Rivera was able to provide all of the missing pieces for.”

Johnny Silver Bear

Silver Bear Café website

“An exceptionally comprehensive analysis of the New World Order conspiracy theory…”

The Insider website

“It is all there. More detail than the average NWO book. It is sort of a reference as well as in-depth introduction for the curious as well as serious. Of all the one volume books on the subject, this one is the most complete in comprehension and detail and scope for sure.”

Rev. J. Michael Nace

Mark 16:15 Ministries

“…you have put together the information so eloquently – it flows so easily and understandably.”

Jessica LaMonde

Jessy’s Blog

“I just read your web page Final Warning. Very powerful, very compelling. Great work. The Lord has blessed you with a great talent for communicating very important information.” (E.C.)

“I’m very interested in your book, if only because you seem a bit maniacal in checking facts– a good and necessary characteristic for a researcher.” (T.B.)

“Thank you for all the hard work you have done to bring so much research together in a clear, concise book. I think you are tops in your field. I put you right up there with Jim Marrs, David Icke and Eric Phelps.” (Dr. R.K.)


* Since this past week, the NSA's directed energy attacks of my person continue to increase in intensity, resulting in headache, dizziness and nausea. There is no question that these NSA operatives have now been told to increase this radiation in efforts to give me brain cancer. I also note that this more aggressive attack commenced with an electronic bullet to my skull one day earlier in the week, which nearly knocked me out of the chair in which I was seated.

My regular readers are also aware of my suspicions of the New World Order's use of the NSA in which to covertly murder those who expose the NWO by way of satellite based directed energy weapons. I also believe that eco activist Judi Bari, alternative journalist Mae Brussell, and America From Freedom To Fascism creator Aaron Russo, were all murdered by way of such directed energy weaponry; each of whom died from some form of terminal cancer.

I also think that given his attempts to expose the Clintons for the Illuminati criminals whom they are, that newscaster Tim Russert was covertly murdered through the use of this technology. And there have likely been a myriad of others who've also succumbed to being irradiated to death since this technology was first deployed by the NSA on a large scale back in 1980.

FBI & NSA Collusion Under The Color Of Law

The FBI and NSA campaign in which to neutralize my person has now failed, as more and more people begin to realize that my corroboration of the information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA (as it pertains to the NSA's being able to access the minds of any person on this planet by way of their own bio electromagnetic field) is both accurate and indicative of a covert Nazi regime now running the United States.

John St. Clair Akwei has since been neutralized by the NSA in efforts to keep him from any further promulgating of his information. In all likelihood, former NSA operative Russell Tice was going to corroborate the same information that Akwei had cited in his 1991 lawsuit against the NSA. In my opinion the primary reason that the FBI began to stalk Tice was to intimidate him into not testifying before Congress in regard to the NSA's radiation intelligence technology. A total bombshell which would have easily threatened the survival of the shadow government which now controls our politicians.

And the FBI has thus far succeeded in having done so. Further evidence that this anti-American and Gestapo-minded organization is more interested in aiding and abetting the Illuminati and their criminal acts, than they are in enforcing the Constitutional rule of law in the United States.

Therefore, for the past two and half years, I have been the only American citizen who has corroborated John Akwei's information as it applies to the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations, and how the NSA has been abusing this technology in its covert and satellite based attacks on a myriad of American citizens.

In the past year, a number of activist organizations who focus on the EVILs of mind control research and other forms of non consensual human experimentation, have come to understand that John Akwei's testimony in regard to the NSA's ability to remote neurally monitor the brains of any American citizen, through its Electronic Brain Link software, is a horrifying reality.

And such acknowledgement of Akwei's disturbing information as it applies to the NSA has only made the U.S. Intelligence community more brazen in their covert attacks on those of us who know for certain that these organizations are not only pathological in their deception of the American people, but also guilty of the most heinous crimes against humanity.

The FEDS Choose To Slander Their Victims

The FEDS cannot possibly win this situation in a rational debate, because too many people are now coming forward to document similar types of attacks on their own persons, by way of this technology. So the FEDS instead rely on character assassination and other various forms of calumny in efforts to create smokes screens in which to obscure this technology as well as their criminal use of it, from the public eye.

These federal agents are nothing but criminals and whores of the New World Order one world government, who've sold their souls to Satanism (the driving force behind the Illuminati) for a paycheck.

And as time passes, the entire Proletariat will begin to realize that such testimony as my own (and as it applies to this technology) is not only accurate, but also reflects their own vulnerability to the Illuminati and the hi-tech satellite predation that these EVIL interlopers are perpetrating under the guise of organizations like the NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS and myriad other Intel agencies from both within the United States and abroad.

As this situation continues to emerge within the public eye, the people of this planet will begin to understand that they are dealing with a disastrous situation of truly EPIC proportions. Hopefully, they will fight back with the intensity needed in which to flush out these EVIL reprobates from our own governments and countries while they are still able to.

I will now focus on the intense irradiation being directed at my person by way of NSA Echelon satellite in order to document the latest in regard to the FBI/NSA/DHS treasonous conspiracy/campaign in which to covertly murder my person by way of this technology. Furthermore, it is not by any means hyperbole, to state that these agencies are not only Nazi run, but also along with their Illuminist controllers and brethren agencies, the greatest terrorist threat that the American people have ever faced, or likely will ever face.

And given their furtive attacks by way of these satellite based technologies, against the citizens of other countries, they are not just domestic terrorists, but global ones as well.

The United States has been taken from within by the Illuminati.

The primary question which now remains is will the American people awaken to what has befallen them quickly enough to strike back, or will they find themselves being permanently enslaved by these New World Order mass murderers?

In other words, will the frog jump out of the pot before it gets cooked!
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