Thursday, September 11, 2008

On The Seventh Anniversary Of The U.S. Federal Government's 9-11 Black Operation Americans Are Still Being LIED To


NSA Covert Assault Of American Citizen By Way Of Satellite

It's Up To The American People Now

With a congress and presidential administration who are equally complicit in one of the most treasonous attacks and cover ups in the history of any country, the American people are now wising up to the fact that a core group of Illuminati harbored within the U.S. Federal Government, were in fact responsible for the treasonous attacks on our country on 9-11, and the premeditated murders of nearly 3000 of our American Brothers and Sisters.

Since the 9-11 Commission Report made it clear to all Americans, that this government was going to obscure its complicity in these attacks, through such a complete whitewash of the facts, an increasing number of Americans have arrived at one logical conclusion.

They are going to have to do their own research in regard to what really happened on 9-11. And as they do this research, they are going to find a mountain of evidence -- much of which is circumstantial, yet convincing evidence nonetheless - that 9-11 was just the tip of the iceberg, in regard to the extensive and treasonous crimes that the U.S. Federal Government has been complicit in perpetrating against them for more than a Century.

For those of us who've already arrived at this conclusion, we are also aware that there is no going back to that safe notion of America, which had been sold to us since the days of our own childhoods.

For we now understand that for most of our lives, we've been subjugated to an Illuminati created matrix, which has been used in which to keep us both ignorant of the New World Order, as well as its covert subversion of our own government and country.

From hereon in, our journey will take us up and over this EVIL matrix and into a new frontier of truth. One which will undoubtedly be as terrifying at times as it will be both nourishing and exciting.

For those who refuse to embrace this reality, they will have subjected themselves to a future of Illuminati deception in which the covert enslavement and genocide of the global proletariate will become a horrifying reality.

Former NSA Employee John St. Clair Akwei's SHOCKING Lawsuit against the NSA -Proof that the NSA is the hub of the New World Order -- The Brains Of The Beast:

The late and brilliant movie producer Aaron Russo's legacy to the people of this planet -- his documentary America From Freedom To Fascism -- How the Illuminati's banking cartels stole America from her citizens:

America From Freedom To Fascism:

SPYCHIPS -- By Katharine Albrecht & Liz McIntire -- How the Illuminati want to implant all of the citizens on this planet with RFID tracking chips
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