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Another Landmark As A Target Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation Passes - More Than 2000 Consecutive Days Of Organized Stalking

In a day and age where the U.S. Federal Government and its Intelligence community continue to perpetrate with complete impunity, the most unimaginable of crimes (including that of non consensual human experimentation & organized stalking), I document having spent more than 2000 consecutive days being subjected to the crime of organized stalking, and more than twenty eight years being subjected to the NSA's electronic predation by way of satellite.

As an adjunct to this, the FEDS continue to blackmail and abuse Family members into taking part in the vicious psychological operations that I am being subjected to, while continuing to criminalize an entire community of once decent people, who've now become the very dark beasts that they once feared.

This situation grows UGLIER by the day, as the FEDS in complete and utter desperation grab at straws in which to justify an attack on the U.S Constitution, which is going to eventually result in the abolition of the Intelligence community as we know it, and the likely executions of many of its treasonous and psychopathic members.

There is no truth in these agencies; just a core of LIES and brutality that have come to define the malignancy that they represent to human kind.

As I reflect on the past 2000 plus days of this misery, I am comforted in the fact that I was the first person to corroborate John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, and one of the few TI's to promulgate this information over the Internet for the past two years. This done in efforts to alert the public to the criminal enterprise that the U.S. Intelligence community is, and that at the very heart of this community resides a group of the most EVIL and Nazi minded reprobates to have ever inhabited this planet.

I say with complete certainty, that while Adolph Hitler may be dead, there are people living within the United States including the current president, who are covertly espousing his Nazism, while looking to destroy us as a nation.

And anyone who is aware of the NSA's radiation intelligence technology, yet who fails to alert the public to it, is as GUILTY OF TREASON as those who are behind both the creation and utilization of this technology on both our American and global brothers and sisters.

These attacks must come to an end, and those who have perpetrated them must be tried before an International War Crimes Tribunal for their crimes against humanity.

FEDS Aggressive Attack To Cover Up These Crimes

Will Continue

I expect the next thousand days (should I survive them) to be just or even more harrowing than the past 2000 have been (not to mention the torture that being infected with the biological weapon Lyme Disease has caused my person over the past 15 years - nothing but misery).

As to the FEDS who continue their calumny through myriad cowardly and treasonous attacks on my person, while using every despicable trick in the book, they will find that I am more than ready for the task of continuing this battle against them, as well as the global exposition of the mind control technology which they have and continue to deploy against my person, Family and myriad others; those who have been made to suffer by these pernicious individuals, in the cruelest of ways imaginable.

These government reprobates (bathroom peeping and deviant sexual predators that they are) must now prepare to be held accountable to the people of this planet for their attempts to enslave our minds for their own nefarious means. For whether they like it or not, they will answer for the vicious crimes which they have waged against us, and even more important, the enormous pain and suffering that these heartless and EVIL minded Constitution raping thugs have caused each of us.

These FBI, NSA, DHS blackmailers and calumniators, can count on it.

What Americans Should Be Asking Themselves

I have documented a remarkable number of government crimes committed against both my person and a myriad of others, as they pertain to the U.S. Intelligence community's use of electromagnetic warfare on the human race.

However, in the interest of brevity, one focal point in these crimes continues to concern me the most, because of its obvious use in psychotronic warfare.

And this is the U.S. Army's Dosimetry Handbook.

A book which was compiled from an Army study created to determine EVERY SINGLE FREQUENCY OF THE HUMAN BRAIN.

We must ask ourselves, why would the U.S. Army be interested in such research? And why would they have shared it with the Intelligence community in this country?

The unfortunate answer here, is that this has been done for the express purpose of using remote means in which to electronically read and manipulate our minds. My Brothers and Sisters from around this planet, you and your Families have the most to lose by remaining ignorant in regard to this technology.

This is not a problem that you can pass on to someone else.

As for those of you who reside in the United States, I ask you now to please think about this when you turn in this evening, and give some serious thought to petitioning the U.S.Congress for a full exposition of this classified technology, as well as a 21ST Century convening of the Church Committee Hearings, in which to establish a formal investigation of the ENTIRE U.S. Intelligence community.

We have been allowing this government (and in the past 8 years current so called president and his administration) to get away with murder for the past three decades, and they have systematically carved our Constitution and its Bill Of Rights into pieces

George W. Bush -- "The Constitution is only a Goddamn piece of paper!"

And it is time that we held U.S. Intel accountable for the outrageous crimes that they have and continue to perpetrate against us and the rest of the people on this planet. These agencies are not comprised of good and decent American men and women. Oftentimes agents have shown themselves to be just the opposite.

And they sure as hell don't represent the interests of the American people. They are run by corporatism, which is how they have become so inherently corrupted.

NSA Mind Rape & The New World Order

As someone who's had his mind electronically accessed and abused by the NSA for the past 28 years, there in no one who understands the importance of exposing this technology to the people of this planet, before it can be used to cause us any further harm, than I do. I have been illegally spied upon by U.S. Intel for decades and tortured by way of satellite based directed energy weapons, while having my mind repeatedly raped through the NSA's use of psychotronic weaponry.

If there is an American citizen whose rights have been abused more egregiously by this government than mine have been, I would like to speak with them. However, I doubt that there has been.

I have also had it with these abusive pieces of LYING human refuse, and the ways in which they covertly torture and murder people. And I know that their intentions towards the Proletariat of this planet are EVIL.

The health of your minds and your futures are at stake here. I say this not to frighten you, but to open your eyes so that you may learn of the inherently criminal operation that the U.S. Intelligence community has always been, so that you can understand that your well being is the last thing that these indoctrinated Nazi's have in mind.

They'd don't give a good God damn if you live or die. That is how unimportant you are to them. As a long-term sufferer of the biological weapon Lyme Disease, I can tell you from first hand experience, that the U.S. Federal Government sees us as nothing but herds of cattle to be used as they see fit.

And I have seen how effectively they can brainwash people, in the horrifying way in which they have done so to my own Family -- perhaps the greatest motivating factor in my quest to see that these Nazi run agencies are abolished.

In fact, more than one comment has been passed in regard to the FEDS' terming of the people on this planet as "SHEEPLE" in regard to their complete disregard for our lives, and how we should be seen as nothing but inanimate objects.

And the time to stand up to these abusers, as well as for your rights is not when these Nazi's come to kick in your doors, but right now!

Let's learn from the Jewish Holocaust as well as the ones which occurred before and after it, and the horrors that they represent, by not allowing such crimes against humanity to ever happen again. We have the power to prevent such abuses, however, this power is only effective if we speak out against such oppressive governments, like the inherently flawed and corrupted one which is now dominating the American people.

For to remain silent at such an important turning point in human history, would be the greatest crime of all.

More on the Army's creation of the Dosimetry Handbook:
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