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Journalist Amy Goodman Arrested At Republican National Convention -- Roughed Up By Some New World Order GOONS! -- Payback For Breaking NSA Expose?

Alternative Democracy NOW! journalist, Amy Goodman, was arrested yesterday, at the Republican National Convention. Goodman is well known for her candid writings, especially as they apply to the oppressive nature of the Bush Administration. She also broke the story of former NSA head Russell Tice's blowing the whistle on treasonous corruption within the NSA.

See Amy Goodman's interview with NSA whistleblower Russell Tice here. And while we're on the subject, where is Russ Tice? Has Tice posted at all since joining Sibel Edmond's National Security Whistleblower's Coalition?

Amy is shown in the following video being shoved around and arrested by heavily uniformed members of the New World Order GOON SQUAD, complaining of a bloody nose, as supporters nearby attempting to help her, are threatened with arrest if they cross a police line which does not even appear to exist.

Journalist Amy Goodman gets roughed up by some New World Order Mercenary THUGS:

There's absolutely no doubt that Amy Goodman's only crime here was to ask some very important and unpopular questions in regard to the current state of the U.S. Federal Government under the Nazi indoctrinated Bush Administration; a criminal syndicate which has had American citizens arrested at political gatherings across this nation, for something as simple as having a T-shirt with a saying that they did not approve of. This is an outright assault on the First Amendment by this modern day Caligula and his staff of henchmen, who have high-jacked the White House and the U.S. Federal Government for their own criminal means.

First Lady Laura Bush -- Mind Controlled?

And speaking of the Bush Administration, Laura Bush's comments last evening at the Republican National Convention, in regard to her husband's making this country safe for us were as outrageous as they were hilarious.

From his having stolen the office of president not once but twice through election rigging, to his role in the premeditated attacks and murders of nearly 3000 of our American Brothers and Sisters on 9-11, George W. Bush has done everything possible to disnantle our Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

If the First Lady is not brainwashed (I think she is), she is certainly pathological in making a statement which even the RNC knew to be an outright LIE.

Under George W. Bush and the most criminal presidential cabinet in United States history, Americans have seen nearly 3000 of their American brothers and sisters blown up on 9-11, when the World Trade Center Towers were hit by two jets, or what may have been missiles cloaked in satellite projected holograms of jets,
while the Towers were imploded by way of strategically placed dynamite charges, that were brought into the Towers well in advance of the attacks on 9-11.

The FBI's LIES Have Destroyed Its Credibility

As for the Pentagon, few Americans can agree in regard to what hit this federal government facility on 9-11, but all seem to find it very strange (if not conspiratorial) that the FBI has refused to release more than 80 videos which it confiscated from the Pentagon and surrounding area on that day. The FBI has also been accused of *confiscating three of the four black boxes from the alleged aircraft which plowed into the WTC Towers on the morning of 9-11. However, the FBI has denied having ever found these flight data recorders.

* Firefighters Nick Dimassi And Mike Bellone claimed to have seen these flight recorders sitting in the back of an all terrain vehicle at the World Trade Center. However, when they asked about them, they claim to have been told by a man wearing an FBI jacket, not to mention having seen them to anyone. Yet, given the devastation of the 9-11 attacks, both Dimassi and Bellone refused to listen to the FBI agent, and quickly went public stating that three of these black boxes had been found, and that they were told by the FBI to remain silent about it. A further indication of the FBI's part in the conspiracy to keep the facts behind these attacks from the American people.

As for the World Trade Center Towers, Real Estate developer Larry Silverstein offered further proof of this horrific and treasonous conspiracy by our own government, when he unwittingly let the proverbial cat out of the bag, when Silverstein accidentally admitted that World Trade Center building 7 was imploded in the early evening hours of 9-11-2001.

Silverstein's comment immediately had those who would later form the 9-11 Truth Movement questioning if the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center had also been imploded by way of such dynamite charges; indicating that a U.S. Federal Government black operation had taken place.

Most Americans have now arrived at this logical conclusion, yet are unaware of how to deal with a government that has committed the premeditated murders of nearly 3000 American citizens, in efforts to find a plausible reason in which to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. A situation in which over a million Afghans and Iraqi's have since been murdered, in addition to several thousand more American soldiers.

And what most Americans still do not realize, is that even though the Bush Administration had gone public claiming that Osama Bin Ladin (a CIA asset since the Soviet Afghan War in 1979) was responsible for the attacks on 9-11, the head of the FBI, Robert Swan Mueller, stated that the FBI had no indication that Osama Bin Ladin was behind these attacks.

So how did the Bush Administration get away with waging wars on Afghanistan and later Iraq, using the excuse, that they were going after Osama Bin Ladin, when the FBI stated that Bin Ladin was not even a suspect? The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been based on a complete fraud! They are HIGHLY ILLEGAL wars being perpetrated by these Illuminists, in order to steal Iraqi oil, shore up the CIA's drug trafficking operations in Afghanistan, and destroy what is left of the U.S. Constitution, under the pretext of protecting Americans from an enemy which in reality can be found deep within the recesses of our own government!

As for Laura Bush's statement about her husband's focusing on helping out the AIDS situation in Africa, it is no less horrifying, since it was the U.S. Military along with the World Health Organization, who created the AIDS virus in the first place, for the express purpose of murdering Africans, in what is nothing less than a covert act of genocide. Bush's so called aid to South Africa is nothing but a red herring, looking to remove suspicion of the aforementioned organizations in the *creation of the AIDS virus.

*Dr. Leonard Horowitz' book "Emerging Viruses -- AIDS & Ebola" is based on documents obtained from the Freedom Of Information Act, which proves that the Pentagon and World Health Organization financed Dr. Robert Gallo's pioneering work in the creation of the AIDS virus. His book can be downloaded at the following Website in PDF format for free:

For example, the Bush Administration's concern for AIDS would allow U.S. Intel to claim that because the U.S. Federal Government is looking to help AIDS victims, that they could never have possibly had anything to do with the creation of AIDS.

In essence, by providing funding for AIDS to South Africa, the U.S. Federal Government has given itself further plausible denial in the creation and dissemination of the AIDS virus several decades ago.

How very clever of them. However, there is more than enough documentation to prove that Dr. Robert Gallo, while working for the National Cancer Institute, received a $10 million dollar grant from the Pentagon (in conjunction with the NIH's World Health Organization), to create an AIDS-like virus, back in 1969 -- a decade before AIDS first began to plague this planet.

As for plausible denial, what excuse will the GOONS who arrested Amy Goodman use for roughing her up? They are not about to admit that it may have been as payback for interviewing Russ Tice back in 2006, and breaking a scandalous story about the NSA and activities that would be certain to shock the American people.

Journalist Amy Goodman gets roughed up by some New World Order Mercenary THUGS:
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