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Barack Obama's Acceptance Of The Democratic Nomination For President Of The United States -- If Elected Will He Follow Through Or Waffle?

Diebold Incompetence - A National Tragedy

In reference to the following article, can Americans be certain that given the scandal with the recent Diebold company, relating to the testimony of one of its employees regarding the ability for someone to tamper with the computer code in these voting machines, Americans should be extremely concerned that even if Barack Obama wins this election, he may, like Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election, be cheated out of his win.

Instead of getting Al Gore as president, Americans got stuck with George W. Bush, an ongoing war for oil, and the most egregious violations of their rights in U.S. History. Moreover, there was also further evidence of ballot stuffing in the 2004 election, in which the General Accounting Office also found evidence of voter fraud in Ohio. However, the Bush Administration blocked the GAO's investigation into any wrong doing. How many investigations has this administration blocked in the past eight years? It's difficult to keep count.

We can't afford to have this happen again.

So how do Americans ensure that the Republicans don't STEAL another election?

We'd better figure out something, or we may end up spending another four years living with a president who thinks that George W. Bush was right in his decision making ninety percent of the time.

Is Senator Obama Ready To Change This Country?

In his televised message to the American people last night, presidential hopeful Barack Obama accepted the Democratic party's nomination , while promising to make sweeping changes throughout this nation. His constant referral to the abysmal way in which the United States has been run under the Bush Administration was a noticeable theme in his speech last evening.

Obama was also rightfully critical of John McCain's support of George W. Bush nearly ninety percent of the time; stating that McCain thought that Bush had done a good job running this country during his time in the White House.

In reference to this comment about John McCain, can any candidate running for the office of U.S. President, who would vociferously state that the worst and most criminal White House cabinet in United States History has done a good job of running this country the majority of the time, possibly be electable?

Moreover, can Americans even be sure of that person's sanity, much less candor, when their observations are so inherently wrong -- whether made as a deception, or out of blissful ignorance?

While I think that John McCain certainly deserves the respect of his countrymen for serving in the armed forces, as well as suffering as terribly as he did as a POW many decades ago, I believe that by supporting the Bush Administration and putting his own partisan politics before the best interests of the American people, McCain has shown us that he is incapable of doing what is necessary to bring about meaningful changes in this country.

And moreover, that if by some fluke, he manages to get elected, John McCain will bring us another four years of Bush-like politics. A situation in which Americans will only find themselves in worse shape than we are at present.

Obama's Promise For Change/ Threat To The Status Quo

Several months back I wrote a piece in regard to my concerns for Barack Obama's safety, given that his campaign was based on changes within this country which would be certain to shake up its status quo. Any president who has done so in the past, has attracted the ire of those Illuminati elitists who've depended on this status quo for their own survival.

Barack Obama's campaign promises, including one in which to give a tax cut to 95% of the American people, while placing heavier tax burdens on corporate America, are certain to cause him problems with Illuminati run organizations like the Council On Foreign Relations and Tri-Lateral Commission; just as they did the late John F. Kennedy -- the last real president that this country had.

And what most Americans have yet to realize is that these powerful organizations also control our judiciary system, as well as the U.S. Military-Industrial-Intelligence complex.

These are some of the most powerful organizations in the world. And in my opinion, if they are unable to "convince" Obama to work within their guidelines, then like the late J.F.K., they will foment a plot in which to remove him from the office of president.

And while there's no way to know exactly how they would perpetrate such a machination, in the past, agencies like the FBI and CIA have been used in which to to dig up dirt on anyone whom these Illuminati run organizations were attempting to remove from office, by creating some type of devastating scandal in which to do so.

"The same men who came for you today as an escort will come for you tomorrow as a firing squad."

U.S. Intel Stands Down Allowing The J.F.K. Assassination

However, as we have seen in the case of the late John F. Kennedy, when they are unable to achieve such means through the normal incentives, they are not above committing murder.

And as difficult as it might be for some Americans to believe, the hierarchy within the very organizations that are in place to protect the President of The United States, were not only complicit in the furtive murder of John F. Kennedy, but in also covertly overthrowing the U.S. Federal Government, by removing Kennedy, and installing their own puppet leader in his place, as we saw when Lyndon B. Johnson took over as president of this country in November of 1963.

It was quite clear that in Johnson, the military industrial intelligence complex would be able to continue their covert operations with his support, for L.B.J. had no illusions in regard to what murderers these people really are; nor that if he crossed them, Johnson too, would have ended up a casualty like the one which J.F.K. became when he aggressively threatened the status quo in this country.

A situation which began when Kennedy attempted to pare down the size of the Intelligence community after the Bay Of Pigs debacle, and directly taking on the privately held Federal Reserve central bank, through his creation of Executive Order 11110, which after fifty years stagnancy, again allowed the U.S. Treasury to coin U.S. Currency -- something which threatened the Illuminati's hold on the American economy through the Federal Reserve Bank.

Under Such Threats Will Obama Stand Tall Or Buckle?

If elected president of this country, will Barack Obama become as controversial a president as John F. Kennedy once was? And if so, will he be as beloved as J.F.K. was at the time of his assassination?

Time will tell. However in watching Obama's dynamic speech last evening, as well as the rousing support that his beautiful family and constituents offered to him, there was little question that many Americans now see Senator Obama as a modern day version of John F. Kennedy.

And in doing so, they are beginning to associate with Senator Obama and his young family, by reminiscing about Washington, D.C. in the early 1960's, when J.F.K and the lovely Jacqueline Bovier Kennedy took up residence in the white House with their young children, Caroline and John John; for those of us who are old enough to remember, what we once referred to as the Camelot White House.

And while Obama was humbled by this comparison, first made several months ago, by none other than J.F.K.'s daughter, Caroline, he was quick last evening to state that he's not necessarily the type of candidate whom many Americans may have expected to see running for the highest office in this country. And moreover, that he did not have the associated pedigree that most of the men elected to this office have in the past had.

His statement was atypical of that of most of the past candidates for this office, yet in keeping with his humble upbringing, not unexpected. Furthermore, few would doubt that it is such humble origins and Obama's having succeeded in achieving that part of the American dream which continues to remain out of reach for so many Americans, that makes him even more attractive to many of this nation's voters.

Obama, has in the past proven himself to be intelligent, assertive, good hearted, and unlike the current president, not born with a platinum spoon in his mouth.

Moreover, if he promises to stay his course once elected, Barack Obama will certainly become a formidable presence in the White House, and serious problem for those who have depended on the current corrupt government to maintain their dominance over mainstream America, through their historical use of such chicanery.

And should this occur, they will make themselves known to Senator Obama, in ways which he will simply not be able to ignore -- especially if he attempts to make corporate America carry their fare share of the tax burden in this country over the next four years. Something it has always been loathe to do.

One of the most pertinent questions here, is once Obama is faced with such extreme adversity, will he continue to antagonize such a powerful group of extremists, or take a pragmatic view to the situation and like many of the presidents to go before him, learn to play ball with these Illuminsts?

Once again time will tell.

Obama Has Played It Safe On The Issues

While Barack Obama has given us a broad sketch of what he will attempt to accomplish while in the White House, virtually every Democrat to come before him has done the same, while failing to address some of the most pressing issues, based on the fundamental knowledge that it could be imprudent (not to mention deadly) to take on certain situations which could truly improve that quality of life for middle class Americans.

Unlike Congressman Ron Paul who has in many respects illustrated for us chapter and verse, some of the most pertinent and serious problems plaguing America today, Senator Obama has chosen to take a safer route. In doing so, he has remained electable; something Ron Paul never was -- simply because he was attempting to tell the American people some very unpleasant truths about their own government which those who could have aided Paul's journey to the White House simply would not tolerate.

Instead of discussing such significant issues, Obama refers to the importance of protecting our Democracy. However, he has never once bothered to mention that the United States was never created as a Democracy, but instead as a Constitutional Republic which protects the rights of all its citizens, and not just those whose rights are protected because they are a Democratic majority who rule over the other 49% minority in this country.

No one who understands what a true Democracy is would ever want it for their own government, because it is an extremely oppressive form of government for those whose interests are lost through an oftentimes expensive and plagued electoral process.

Why do you think it is that Democrats and Republicans spend the outrageous sums of money that they do, in efforts to control the U.S. Federal Government? Because which ever party loses these elections, becomes the very controlled aforementioned minority.

Senator Obama has also never once mentioned that the privately held Federal Reserve Bank is not only operating illegally, as is its IRS collection private holding company, but that both are a tremendous financial drain being used by the Illuminati elitists within this country to break the back of its middle class.

Moreover, not once has Barack Obama ever discussed the U.S. Congresses own complicity in this treasonous fraud, or the myriad others which it has been party to over the past Century. These are the real issues which most Americans remain unaware of, and which must be addressed if they are to at some point in the future indeed realize the American dream.

Barack Obama has stayed away from these issues because he understands that to tell these real truths would be political suicide.

And given his newly acquired wealth -- earning over $4 million dollars in the last year alone, not to mention the Georgian mansion which he and his wife recently purchased -- it would appear that his pragmatic side is already overruling the one which Americans have been told they can depend on, for him to do what must be done to make their lives better.

And while this may sound critical of Senator Obama, it is by no means an endorsement for Senator John McCain, who through his many years in political office, has become a political hack who has used his time in a prison camp to convince Americans that such a dreadful experience also makes him uniquely qualified to run this country.

However, it does not.

John McCain is not in touch with mainstream America. He is in fact a very wealthy man, whose wife, the owner of one of the largest Budweiser beer distributorships in the United States, has an estimated worth of over 100 million dollars. Moreover, the McCain's by their own admission have enough homes to make them think twice when people ask where these homes are located. These people are not part of the middle class and haven't the vaguest notion of what it is like to go hungry while barely making your rent payments each month.

John McCain cannot possibly be in touch with middle class Americans, or understanding of their plight, because in many respects, he and the Republic Party's complete snubbing of middle class America, are a large reason for this plight. And the same can be said for the Democratic Party, who as some have put it is like the Republican party, just two different sides of the same snake.

John McCain's Desperation Now Clearly Shows

McCain's recently announced choice of Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin, for his vice presidential running mate, remains yet another desperate attempt to convince the American people that he is one of the hoi poloi, instead of the wealthy elitist and corporate protectionist that he really is.

McCain is a political hack who's repeatedly kowtowed to the military industrial intelligence complex when it's come to appropriating funding for their covert operations, while ignoring their abject abuses of the U.S. Constitution and the inherent rights of all Americans. And under the cursed and bogus black propaganda campaign which Congress continues to refer to as the war on terror. A fear based black operation campaign perpetrated by the very hierarchy within the aforementioned complex, which gave us the domestic terrorist attacks on 9-11; orchestrated as an excuse in which to tear our Constitution to pieces.

The entire U.S. Media system is constantly attempting to propagate these fear tactics, in efforts to brainwash the American people into surrendering their freedoms,when they should instead be fighting to the death to defend them from these Illuminati reprobates.

Democratic & Republican Parties Should Be Abolished

Republicans and Democrats, Democrats and Republicans; perhaps the former editor of the From The Wilderness Internet publication, Mike Rupert, described them more accurately than anyone to do so before him. I will paraphrase here: Rupert said something to the effect of: if you want to truly understand what the Republicans and Democrats are, look at one group as though they were the Gambino Crime Family, and the other as if they were the Genovese Crime Syndicate. While they may fight amongst themselves, as soon as someone else moves in to interfere with their card game, they band together to attack them.

The Democratic and Republican parties have maintained control of this country through such means for more than a Century. And their control of the U.S. Federal Government has made them the keepers of the gateway to which those who seek the key to the American Kingdom must pass through.

Unfortunately, this has allowed for a situation in which total corruption has now become pervasive throughout the U.S. Federal Government, including its three governing branches.

And those who tell the truth about this terrible situation are being demonized and dehumanized by those who've criminalized this government, so that they can continue to obscure their own complicity in what amounts to nothing less than a treasonous deception of the American people. A deception which the U.S. Media has for the past sixty years been used to help these high ranking criminals perpetrate.

The only logical conclusion given the aforementioned topics, is that neither the Republican nor Democratic parties have served the American middle class, in spite of the historic rhetoric spewed by the Democrats to understand the plight of the common American citizen.

Furthermore, both parties have consistently bowed to corporate interests (the Democrats as well), at the expense of the middle class. However, they will not admit to such treasonous frauds as the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS, nor the Congresses own complicity in creating these anti-American juggernauts for the specific purpose of fleecing the American people out of their hard earned wages, in what must be seen for the Marxist class warfare that it is.

Why else would an organization like the Federal Reserve central bank use the IRS to impose an illegal and unconstitutional tax on the wages of the American worker, when the Federal Reserve can print all of the counterfeit money that it needs to pay down the $9 trillion dollar national debt (that it claims it is owed by the U.S. Federal Government), in a matter of days? (Or how ever long it takes to print up this fiat money.)

The only logical conclusion which we may draw from the Federal Reserve's Congress approved taxing of the wages of the American middle class, is that there is a conspiracy afoot to keep the middle class from ever establishing any significant wealth, by imposing this tyrannical tax on the American middle class, as a way in which to secretly enslave them.

Making matters even worse is that few Americans see the Federal Reserve Bank as being responsible for creating the inflation which devalues their currency; or that inflation is in fact a hidden tax which only adds to their financial burden.

Another unpleasant fact, which neither John McCain, Barack Obama, nor their vice presidential running mates will ever even acknowledge, much less attempt to resolve.

If the American middle class is to not only survive, but also flourish in this country, sweeping changes in our system of government are immediately needed in which to restore our Constitutional Republic. This, while abolishing the Federal Reserve Bank, IRS and the current Democratic and Republican parties, which have made these treasonous and criminal organizations possible.

Americans need to restore our Constitutional Republic to its former glory. We need to utilize a system of government which strictly adheres to the Bill Of Rights; not a government which allows for agencies like the FBI and NSA to utilize satellite spy networks like Echelon and Tempest, in which to spy on Americans within the privacy of their own homes, while electronically reading and manipulating their sub vocalized thoughts by way of such remote means as Electronic Computer To Brain Link Technology.

Americans Have Been Lied To Long Enough

Americans need to hear the truth for a change, instead of the wall of treasonous LIES which the Congress has propagated against us for more than a Century. We need change alright. But change that is well beyond anything that either Barack Obama or John McCain can offer us.

In most respects, and in spite of their political rhetoric, just more of the same Democratic and Republican whitewash that has plagued the American people, and kept them from realizing the American dream which both parties claim to offer, yet always fail to deliver on.

As American citizens, we are the ones who must bring about these changes on our own, while maintaining control over our elected officials. This, instead of allowing them to become as corrupted as they have by the powerful and well financed corporate lobbyists who've been controlling this Congress for the past Century.

And this momentous change begins with all of you. Its genesis resides in an information revolution which has now been propagated over the Internet. And for those of you who are curious about how to take part in this revolution, you can begin by seeing Aaron Russo's America From Freedom To Fascism documentary, reading through my Website, and researching the myriad of other Websites which I believe are the best available in helping to understand exactly how it is that we as a culture now find ourselves coping with such an abysmal situation.

And until we break the matrix that we have been indoctrinated in, we will continue to deal with the same types of problems year after year, decade after decade.

See the best documentary on the Federal Reserve and IRS frauds ever produced, here:

See Aaron Russo's "America From Freedom To Fascism"
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