Monday, August 25, 2008

Marxism In The United States -- And They Said It Couldn't Happen Here -- Boy Were They Wrong! And Have You Ever Been Paying The Price For This!

Marxism does in fact exist in many forms in the United States, not the least of which is the unconstitutional graduated system of taxation which the U.S. Congress has authorized the Internal Revenue Service to impose on the American worker.

Amongst its many characteristics, Marxism, is oftentimes wrongfully described as an attack on property ownership of a Communist country's citizens, when in reality, Marxism is an attack on the ownership of property by the Proletariat (Middle Class). It is clearly a form of class warfare.

And we are seeing such doctrine in the United States at the present time, with the Federal Reserve Bank attempting to impoverish the U.S. Proletariat through an illegal system of taxation on their hard earned wages.

As an American citizen and part of the work force, ask yourselves the following question:

Since the privately held Federal Reserve Bank can counterfeit money, by printing it based on nothing of intrinsic value, this means that the Fed can print as much as it wants -- trillions upon trillions of Federal Reserve Notes.

In essence, the FED can print the trillions that it claims to be owed in the national debt, and wipe it out in an afternoon (or however long it takes to print nine trillion in Federal Reserve Notes).

So why does the Federal Reserve need to impose a tax on your hard earned wages? Especially when most of you are working extremely hard to simply keep your heads above water.

Class Warfare In The United States

The answer, is to keep middle class America from ever amassing any substantial wealth. And this conspiratorial plot has worked out quite well for the wealthy elitists who run the Federal Reserve central bank, since they control most of the wealth in the United States, while enslaving the American worker to an unconstitutional income tax.

To paraphrase a comment made be the author of the ground breaking book "The Creature From Jekyll Island," the income tax is a form of tyranny.

Of course, the wealthy have all sorts of tax dodges, which they use to get around this illegal system of taxation -- dodges that the American middle class does not have access to.

Take the impressive mega merger between Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffet, and Microsoft's Bill and Melinda Gates. Instead of paying billions in taxes on their vast wealth, they simply took advantage of a tax loophole created for the super rich in this country, to form foundations which they jointly control.

Wouldn't you like to form one of your own foundations, where you can avoid paying taxes on your hard earned wages and instead spend the money as you see fit? A new house, swimming pool, car, boat etc.?

Now let's face it, when it comes to earning money, and making it work for them, Mr. Buffet and Mr. and Mrs. Gates are nobodies fools. Warren Buffet in particular may be the smartest money maker/manager in the history of our modern day monetary way of doing things.

And with his joint foundation with these two Microsoft billionaires, Warren Buffet will never pay a penny of his enormous (53 billion dollars as of this year) wealth to the U.S. Federal Government.

Don't you wish that you could say that?

Well, the truth of the matter is that if you have some cojones and are willing to enforce your rights under the U.S Constitution, you too, can avoid paying a tax on your harder to earn by the year wages. Because, the federal income tax which the IRS imposes on you under Article 26 of the IRS tax code has never been legal. And the 16TH Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has never even been properly ratified by the three quarters of the U.S. States, required to pass it into law.

Which is why at least 25 Americans who have willfully refused to file a 1040 income tax form have won their tax evasion cases in court. However, the U.S. Media has not covered these cases, because if they had, Americans would realize that the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank are frauds, and simply stop paying the federal income tax.

Would the U.S. Federal Government go bankrupt if this happened?

Not according to the Grace Commission Report, which was commissioned by the late President Ronald Reagan in the early 1980's, and which found that 100% of the federal income tax goes directly to the privately held Federal Reserve Bank, in order to pay the enormous interest accrued on the national debt.

Interest which would not exist, if the U.S. Treasury was coining money interest free as it is supposed to be doing by law. It is illegal for a private concern to coin U.S. currency, yet the Federal Reserve central bank has been doing so since 1913.

So if the federal income tax goes to the Federal Reserve, how does the U.S. Federal Government keep operating?

The direct corporate tax, which is legal, as well as many other taxes which are collected from property taxes, imposts and tariffs. Americans have been duped into believing that the federal government in this country needs the income tax to operate.

Another of its myriad treasonous LIES.

And the FBI knows all about this treasonous fraud and crime against the American people, and continues to aid and abet the Congress, IRS and Federal Reserve central bank in perpetrating this crime.

There are only two types of taxes which are constitutional -- direct and indirect. And contrary to what the Congress will tell you, there is no THIRD kind of tax which can be imposed on the wages of the American worker. That was yet another of their LIES, when they were forced to admit that the federal income tax while being a direct tax, was not apportioned as it must be in order to be Constitutional.

Meaning that it must be imposed at an equal rate amongst all American workers. The graduated system of taxation which we have here in America is based on the system of taxation that the Communists use -- taken directly from Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto.

To learn more about this treasonous scam, and why you are working harder than ever, yet have less to show for it, see the best documentary on the Federal Reserve and IRS frauds ever produced, here:

See Aaron Russo's "America From Freedom To Fascism"
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