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The People Of This Planet Need To Unite In Order To Protect Themselves From The New World Order Global Government That Now Threatens All Races

"The NSA has been covertly spying on Americans for more than five decades, through an illegal treaty with the United Kingdom's Intelligence community, in which the NSA spies on the United Kingdom, while UK Intelligence spies on Americans; then the two agencies exchange their information, allowing them to covertly violate the rules of Constitutional law in regard to all of the countries which they spy on. The name of this treasonous spy legislation is the UKUSA Treaty. And this does not even take into consideration the first hand domestic spying that the NSA has been perpetrating against Americans when in 1980, it began to deploy its Artificial Intelligence computers by way of its spy satellite network, in which to electronically tap into the minds of selected American citizens (Remote Neural Monitoring by way of Electronic Computer To Brain Link {EBL} technology), whom the NSA began using for non consensual human experimentation.."

-- James F. Marino -- NSA Satellite Prisoner

Read more about the UKUSA Treaty here:


New World Order Pawns -- Out To Destroy Your Humanity

In the Illuminati matrix which has been governing our planet for millenia, the human race has been taught to focus on the differences between our many varied ethnicity's (rather than acknowledging that we are all from the same creational force, and as such should love and accept one another)while being encouraged to separate themselves into different groups, and finding reasons in which to war amongst one another.

And while such machinations have been going on for thousands of years, more recently, history has shown us that this has always been done by those who profit heavily from such divisiveness -- in the modern day, it is the military industrial intelligence complexes of our respective nations who reap the benefits of such bloodshed, while in far too many instances, millions of our Brothers and Sisters are slaughtered.

If we are kept at war with one another through the black propaganda campaigns espoused by such complexes, we will eventually destroy one another, while these complexes continue (as they always have) to shed our blood, and profit further at our expense.

Knowledge Is Power & It Will Save The Human Race

There is now an ever growing grassroots movement taking place around this planet to alert the global Proletariat to the Illuminati's pernicious agenda for humankind.

As a result of such EVIL intent by those in power, there is now an information war which continues to expose these criminals, and to undermine their efforts to quietly enslave us through the use of such satellite based technologies as those deployed by New World Order spy agencies; agencies which include but are not limited to the NSA, CIA, FBI, Mossad, MI5, MI6, and myriad other organizations, which were created to keep us in a state of unending conflict -- a conflict in which these agencies attempt to justify their very own existence.

However, this planet of ours would be a much better place if such nefarious agencies had never been created.

And there can be no doubt that much of the global bloodshed that we have seen, has been the direct result of the machinations of these agencies, using their advanced technology and unchecked autonomy, in which to overthrow legitimate governments for their own prudent interests.

The United States Wasn't Created As A Democracy

In the case of the United States, such malevolence is also presented by the U.S. Media as an attempt to spread democracy to the rest of this planet. However, anyone who understands what a democracy is, realizes that it is a terrible form of government in which the majority of a nation's inhabitants, rule over those within the nation who don't have control of the vote.

What most Americans still don't realize, is that the United States Of America was not created as a democracy, but instead, as a constitutional republic; the best possible form of government, and one which guarantees each of its citizens certain inalienable rights under the U.S. Constitution -- rights which the Bush Administration has clearly attempted to destroy during its criminal tenure in the White House.

The NWO Wants To Control Your Mind

The control which these NWO Nazi's seek does not end with their economic domination of this planet. Indeed, in goes well beyond that, and through the use of such clandestine technology as that which the NSA is currently using to remotely read and manipulate the thoughts of countless numbers of citizens around this planet, it has become quite apparent, that the NSA and its NWO masters seek to control our very minds for their own nefarious agenda.

And for this reason (in addition to a myriad of others) the people of this planet, our Brothers and Sisters, must be awakened to this global atrocity so that they may protect themselves from these disciples of EVIL.

See the following Websites to learn more about the National Security Agency's involvement in this outrageous betrayal of our trust. The NSA is making certain that the Illuminati and their nefarious agenda for the rest of us is SECURE, while deploying technology against the Proletariat (middle class) of this planet which will result in the destruction of our free thought, if we don't expose Nazi run agencies like the NSA ( globally) for the crimes which they are furtively perpetrating against us.

Government Thought Policing: The NSA and Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM)


NSA Uses Private Firms for Massive Unchecked Domestic Surveillance

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