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Rigging Our Elections By Way Of Satellite Tracking/Spy Networks Such As U.S. Intel's Echelon

Recovery of Westar Satellite by shuttle crew

Echelon Resources:

According to the following article, these elections are already being monitored by way of satellite, so what is to say that those who control these satellites -- for example the National Security Agency -- are above rigging these elections for their own Illuminist masters?

U.S. and international agents to monitor e-vote satellite activity during election
by Tom Flocco

Philadelphia—November 2, 2006——House and Senate members facing either re-election or removal from office on Tuesday are not telling Americans that satellites may have the capability to access, question and effectively monitor e-vote computer systems at polling stations and central vote tabulators at all government levels via two-way modems and wireless technology.

U.S. and international intelligence agents will closely watch the activities of satellites during and after the American elections next Tuesday according to government sources who declined to be named due to the sensitivity of the issue, even as reports indicate that electronic vote tabulators in some states are now being linked to and monitored by global positioning satellites.

The federal and international agents are reportedly concerned that satellite activity of a criminal nature could render the U.S. election vulnerable to changes in certain key vote counts without polling place volunteers or county election officials knowing that clandestine vote tampering was taking place---all this notwithstanding the potential for a large voter turnout next week.

Widely-reported polls generally acknowledge that Democrats are likely to take control of the House of Representatives, but Senate power is still the subject of public conjecture.

Control of the upper legislative body has ominous implications for President Bush, the potential for impeachment and the possibility of removal from office should both bodies fall into Democratic control, particularly if enough votes are accrued in the Senate.

Missing satellites

Close races where polls indicate ties or percentages falling within the plus or minus range make electronically fixed senate or house races more believable to a trusting public, unaware of possible satellite vote tampering on the part of foreign sources—or even covertly transferred Westar satellites reportedly removed from government records control prior to the Reagan-Bush Iran contra investigation.

Even today, reports are rampant regarding missing or stolen arms in Afghanistan and Iraq, with billions of dollars missing or unaccounted for in the Department of Defense, while other reports indicate that Iridium satellite technology may also have been illegally transferred to China during the Clinton administration.

The national use of satellite technology in the voting process is not being completely revealed and fully explained to the public regarding the ability of the technology to access, query or potentially alter the vote count during or after an election using two-way modems or wireless capability.

National battleground state Pennsylvania was recently required by state law to employ electronic voting machines and central tabulators throughout the state, nullifying all other voting machines or paper ballot systems used in prior elections.

It is generally acknowledged that Tuesday’s election results will have a profound effect on the Iraq War and U.S. troops, energy and immigration policy, worldwide economies and international trade.

But House and Senate members are not revealing the possible effects of e-vote election fraud and secret corporate proprietary technical information still unavailable to county or state election officials, while the full extent of possible vulnerability to election fraud from outside the country via satellite is also unrevealed to Americans.

Other countries are already employing satellite capabilities to interface with local electronic election computer systems in recent elections in Palestine, Serbia, Buenos Aires and Bangladesh which all use Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite technology according to the National Democratic Institute Online (NDI).

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