Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Organized Stalkers Damage Mailbox With An Aluminum Bat -- Typical Harassment By These New World Order Disciples of EVIL

As usual, the human refuse whom the FEDS use to do much of their dirty work, visited about an hour ago to damage our mailbox. In keeping with plausible deniability, they also damaged our next door neighbor's mailbox (the only other one to be damaged in the neighborhood) so that it would be more difficult for me to claim that this attack was planned in advance, rather than perpetrated randomly. And of course, even if the local cops were not privy to what went on, they would certainly just go along with it -- yet another sign of the total collapse of legitimate law enforcement in this country, under the Nazi idealized U.S. Intel community -- a total disgrace by any measure.

In any event, the FEDS continue in their Nazi minded tactics, to obfuscate their own crimes, through the use of such intimidation tactics; none of which for that matter, will ever amount to more than criminalizing entire communities for the FEDS' own wicked purposes.

The Vehicular Stalkers Lay In Wait

As I have written recently, the vehicular stalking is for the most part down to the bare minimum given the high cost of fuel. However, this evening, there were vehicular stalkers strategically placed across the street, and at either ends of the neighborhood, no doubt to support the claims of the miscreants who damaged our mailbox, if I had given chase.

The destruction of the mailbox was in and of itself illustrative of the vast criminal conspiracy that these federal anathema continue to propagate.

However, unlike these criminal punks, I am not going to violate the law here. Instead, my intention is to document their violations of the law, which I have done myriad times on this blog. As usual, family members out of fear for their own safety (as well as having been totally brainwashed -- my family members are all brain tapped by way of NSA satellite) continue to remain silent in regard to these federally orchestrated crimes.

Moreover, as the FEDS are well aware, not only have I refused to remain silent, I have documented in great detail the extreme nature of these government orchestrated crimes against my Family, self and many other TI's, and will continue to do so until I take my last breath.

This federal refuse is not operating within the rule of Constitutional law, and as such can no longer be considered as legitimate law enforcement.

Never in the history of this country, have Americans been subjected to such egregious violations of their rights, by a government which is supposed to be representing their interests, yet is clearly not doing so.

Those who are well educated in the rule of constitutional law and defending their rights as citizens of this once great nation continue to be set upon by this federal plague of locusts, and both demonized and dehumanized, as this garbage continues to cover up their own treasonous crimes.

However, there is nothing that these reprobates are going to do which will prevent us from propagating the truth about their filth of mind, or Nazi loyalty. This is a campaign to expose these criminals for exactly what they are -- mercenaries on the government dole, who are no longer enforcing the U.S. Constitution, but instead violating every aspect of it.

These are NAZI WHORES whom I am referring to here. Those who've sold the American people out, by subverting our Constitutional republic.

They are covert terrorists who are guilty of Hi Crimes Of Treason.

My message to these federal criminals is that no matter what they do; no matter how much they demonize me, dehumanize me, or violate my rights; I will continue to document in great detail the fall of this country under this shadow government. These so called agents, are an abject disgrace and failure to the American people, and traitors to the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

And it's about time that someone had the guts to tell them so!

They cannot win this situation legitimately, so they do what all cheating and LYING scoundrels do -- manipulate the situation through their own evil machinations, in efforts to deceive the public into believing that they are representing their interests. However, it is quite apparent that they are doing the exact opposite.

And the situation has become so outrageous, that people whom have historically kept their mouths shut, are now speaking out in great numbers, a result of their total outrage of the complete decimation of their rights under this Nazi lunatic in the White House -- the one who holds the distinction of being by far the worst President in U.S. History. And easily the greatest and most treasonist politician since his father George H.W. Bush held the same office more than a decade ago.


And these traitors, like the FBI punk who illegally orchestrated the criminal conspiracy to deny me my rights under the color of law (Raymond Migliore), are EVIL.

Moreover, AKWEI VS NSA clearly illustrates that these so called agents of the NSA have sold their souls to the devil for a paycheck, and that their true allegiance is to the Satanic minions within the Illuminati.

And that is the legacy that these law breaking and hypocritical miscreants will leave upon their own deaths. They are not about the truth or justice. They are instead, nothing but a pathetic group of greedy and wickedly minded subhuman beings, whose despicable characters are now showing through their masquerade as government elected and appointed officials of this country.

However, the fact of the matter is that THEY ARE FOOLING NO ONE.

And through such machinations, they have also managed to criminalize entire communities across this once great nation; communities which now believe that they too are above the rule of constitutional law. A further indication of the refuse that we have operating within the shadow government in this country, while those *politicians who are decent and desire to represent us, are too frightened to speak up, out of fear for their own safety.

*With the exception of Ron Paul, Cynthia Mckinney, and Dennis Kucinich; all of whom have spoken out on behalf of the American people.

The FEDS Violate Their Own Laws

Ironically enough, damaging a mailbox is a federal crime which the FEDS are supposed to be prosecuting; however in this case orchestrated. And this is minor in comparison to the crimes that these covert Nazi's perpetrate under the cover and color of law.

Crimes which include the furtive spying, remote mind reading/manipulation, and torture and murder of their victims, through the use of psychological warfare and satellite based psychotronic and directed energy weapons.

This has now become a battle for the survival of the American Proletariat, who are gradually awakening to the fact that it is the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex and the wealthy Illuminati elitists who control them, that have subverted this country.

And this is only further evidenced by the hi-tech forms of satellite predation that these federal miscreants in agencies like the NSA, FBI and DHS, continue to perpetrate against us.

And there is little doubt that as the people in this country continue to become aware of this precedent setting betrayal, they will, like the many of us who've already awakened to this, fight to the death to take back their freedoms from this treasonous scum.

I know that I will die before I ever acknowledge this treasonous garbage for anything other that what it is.

Once you cross the line and violate your own rule of law, you destroy your own credibility, as these so called government representatives have now done. And there will come a time where none of the citizens in this country will take anything that these representatives say seriously, knowing full well that they are being LIED to.

The truth of the matter is that for the past Century, the history of this country as it pertains to the U.S. Federal Government, has been grossly misrepresented, with many individuals who were reported in a positive light, deserving of having been seen for the treasonous criminals that they were. Many, like the late Ronald Reagan, died having been celebrated as great Americans, when they should in fact have been condemned for their treasonous betrayal of the American people and their country.

This is an ugly truth that most Americans would find difficult to believe. However it is painfully true. And Ronald Reagan was far from the worst of these people. There are many who've gone both before and after him (including every presidential administration since) who are far more dangerous than Reagan was.

It is about time that we ALL spoke out in defense of our rights. Or would you rather sit back until these covert Nazi's kick down your doors and haul you and your loved ones off to one of the many FEMA detention camps which presently dot the U.S. landscape, under legislation which has been covertly passed since the Patriot Act was made the law of this land?

See more on the REX 84 Program here:


It is our own ignorance and apathy which remain as great a danger to our freedoms, as the Illuminati and its New World Order Totalitarian agenda for each of us.

So are you ready to speak out on behalf of your freedoms and those of your loved ones?

Remember that a coward dies a thousand deaths; a brave man dies but one. Which will you choose to be in the horrifying face of the upcoming 21ST Century Holocaust?
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