Wednesday, August 06, 2008

FBI Attempts To Close Case On Anthrax Mailer -- However, The Entire Situation Has Resolved Itself A Bit Too Conveniently

The FBI Denied Dr. Bruce Ivins His Right To Due Process

Since the exoneration of Dr. Steven Hatfield as the Anthrax mailer, and the hospitalization of and subsequent suicide of the FBI's other main suspect in the case, the FBI has now sought to flood the airwaves with the "evidence" that it claims to have had against Dr. Bruce Ivins.

Radio newscasts are now reporting that Ivin's was the Anthrax mailer, even though he was never arrested, tried or convicted of this crime. And of course the FBI waited until they had killed him (even if his death was a suicide, the FBI drove Dr. Ivin's to such a state, given its use of psychological warfare in which to destroy him psychologically), in order to propagate this information -- for how many years did the Bureau lead us to believe that it was Dr. Steven Hatfield who was responsible for the Anthrax mailings? And moreover, that the FBI would have gone on doing so had Hatfield not fought back in court to defend himself.

Moreover, if the FBI had such condemning evidence in regard to Dr. Ivins, there surely would have been enough in which to long ago convene a grand jury in order to determine if the evidence was sufficient enough to conduct a trial against him.

However, the FBI never did so, because it didn't have evidence that would have stood up in court. Instead, they chose to decimate Ivin's rights as an American citizen through the use of their despicable COINTELPRO operations, in which to drive him to a state of suicide, which it appears they've succeeded in doing. I say appears, because I believe that the FBI may have covertly murdered Dr. Ivins in a made to look like suicide.

Given the FBI's history of fabricating evidence against those whom they could not arrest legally, while omitting exculpatory evidence which would've been of benefit to those whom the Bureau was targeting for COINTELPRO, the FBI's sudden claim that the case is now closed, leaves the public believing that Dr. Ivins was the Anthrax mailer, even though he was never arrested, tried or convicted of the crime.

Justice has not been done here.

It is also quite obvious that with the recent multimillion dollar settlement of *Dr. Steven Hatfield, as well as his exoneration in the Anthrax mailings, that the FBI was desperate to hang this case on someone else, and that Dr. Ivins became the FBI's main scapegoat in which to do so.

*If Hatfield had not fought back aggressively in which to defend himself from the smear campaign that the FBI waged against him, the FEDS would still be listing him as their top suspect.

What Steven Hatfield (and those of us who've met the FBI's aggressive and illegal COINTELPRO tactics with equally aggressive campaigns in which to expose the Bureau's own complicity in crimes -- as well as its shoddy investigative tactics) has learned, is that the FBI is nothing but a criminal syndicate who will intimidate those whom it believes it can get away with pushing around. And that if the FBI harasses you, you must enforce your inherent rights under the U.S. Constitution in which to expose the crimes which the FEDS are perpetrating against you.

The FBI has no respect for us or our Constitution, and as such, we should have no respect for them, or their Draconian and tyrannical ways of operating. FBI employees have forgotten that they are public servants who have taken a sworn oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

Not some sancrosant cult which operates well outside the rule of Constitutional law.

In addition to their treasonous crimes; their arrogance in regard to these crimes is unprecedented.

While I have no way of knowing for certain if Bruce Ivins was in fact the Anthrax mailer, what I do know for a fact is that he was targeted for an FBI COINTELPRO, denied his Constitutional rights, and if not covertly murdered by the FBI, certainly driven by them to take his own life; the result of the demonization smear campaign which the FBI ruthlessly subjected him to.


The FBI Is Pathological In Its Deception Of Americans

The FBI is not a legitimate policing agency and has never been interested in the truth. It is instead a secret and fascist political arm of the office of the U.S. President, and used expressly to violate the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights, while obstructing justice in regard to the crimes of those within the hierarchy of the federal government; especially those within the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex.

Bruce Ivins is but the latest of the FBI's murder victims. And unless we abolish this despotic group of reprobates, he will not be their last.

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