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Government Biological Weapons Spread Through Myriad Vectors Including Mosquitoes & Deer Ticks

As a long-term sufferer of the biological weapon Lyme Disease, I spend quite a bit of my time researching various forms of such weaponry, since they are covertly disseminated by governments such as the U.S. Federal Government in which to test their effectiveness on the human population.

You can learn more about this by reading "The Brucellosis Triangle" by Dr. Donald Scott and "Lab 257" by Michael Christopher Carrol, as well as "Emerging Viruses - AIDS & Ebola" -- by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. All three books can be found through the Google search engine and purchased online. *Dr. Horowitz' book can be downloaded at the following Website. Be prepared to be shocked in regard to the crimes against humanity that this *government has been and continues to be capable of perpetrating against the American people (as well as the citizens of other countries), in regard to its creation and dissemination of myriad forms of biological warfare into the U.S. population.

*Dr. Horowitz book Emerging Diseases -- AIDS & Ebola can be downloaded at the following Website in PDF format for free:

*The U.S. Federal Government is far from alone here, as most governments have taken part in the creation of biological, chemical and electronic weapons, used against their own citizens in which to test their efficacy (efficiency).

In fact back in the late 1990's, I was advising one of our local town officials on the situation in regard to chronic *Lyme Disease (she used to include my information every year in a newsletter update each Spring) when she sent me the latest information that she was going to include in an - at the time - upcoming newsletter, which included a recommendation to the citizens of our town to get the Lymerix Lyme Disease vaccine sold by GlaxoSmithKline.

* Lyme Disease is one of many biological weapons.

Being familiar with the experiences of several Lyme patients who had volunteered for the GlaxoSmithKline vaccine trials (with disastrous results), I quickly advised her to strike the recommendation in regard to the vaccine, stating that it was unsafe and could cause serious side effects in those who already had Lyme Disease, as well as those who had a genetic predisposition to a particular aspect of the vaccine which would result in crippling arthritis.

A disaster was averted as a result of my suggestion, for there surely would have been myriad individuals sickened by the Lyme Disease Vaccine, who would have rightfully sued the town for recommending that they get vaccinated. My own nieces and nephews' pediatrician insisted that they get the vaccine until I vociferously stated that it was a terrible idea. Fortunately, their parents listened and prevented them from getting this vaccine. A number of other parents did not, some of whose children did become very ill from the vaccine.

*Read more about the dangers of the Lyme Disease vaccine, which the Lyme community fought to have taken off the market, through lawsuits and education campaigns which resulted in poor sales for the vaccine. Ironically, there was nothing altruistic in the removal of the Lymerix vaccine from the market place. It was due to the poor sales which resulted from the Lyme community's education campaign, which resulted in GlaxoSmithKline's pulling Lymerix from the market.


Some Mosquitoes Also Carry Lyme Disease

As for mosquitoes and their uses in which to deploy such dangerous and sometimes deadly biological agents, while seated out on the patio this afternoon, reading a copy of Kathrine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre's' SPYCHIPS (highly recommended reading if you wish to learn of the New World Order's agenda to implant RFID chips in everything from our shoes to our bodies), I must have been bitten by several mosquitoes at least half a dozen times.

*Some mosquitoes have been found to carry the Lyme Disease infection - so much for Lyme Disease is difficult to contract because you can only get it from a tick bite -- more disinformation.

Given the myriad infections that the FEDS use such vectors to covertly spread amongst the human population, getting bitten in this day and age by such vectors may infect one with any number of bacterial or viral infections -- some which the body can handle on its own, others which may require medical assistance; and still others which can oftentimes be fatal.

For this reason, I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of wearing a repellent which masques your body scent from these skeeters, since that is how they home in on you.

And beyond such typical vectors, we must now concern ourselves with the chemtrails which can be found in our skies; a cocktail of harmful chemical and biological weapons (and God only knows what else) being sprayed into the air we breathe through the contrails of jet aircraft. This is yet another illustration of the New World Order's genocidal plan to covertly murder a large part of the global population, through a myriad of programs such as the chemtrail spraying which has been occurring for at least a decade or more.

Given all of the toxins that we are exposed to in the modern day (not to mention the constant radiation which runs through our bodies as a result of the electromagnetic fields given off by cell phones, cell phone towers, satellite based weapons, computer monitors, and other forms of electronic pollution), any protection which we can avail ourselves of is extremely important.

The fact that our bodies can withstand such a barrage of attacks from the aforementioned toxins, is in and of itself amazing.
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