Friday, August 01, 2008

The NSA's Echelon & Tempest Satellite Tracking/Mind Reading Systems -- "Big Brother's" Eyes In The Sky

"An NSA network of spy satellites that can electronically read our thoughts while seeing a dime on our kitchen floors, or the numbers on our automobiles' license plates (from 30,000 miles in space) should scare the hell out of everyone. Especially when considering the Nazi minded criminals within the U.S. Intelligence community who have a history of abusing their authority and access to this technology. If most of the American people knew that the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex had used their sophisticated technology in order to weaponize outer space, they'd be horrified! Especially when they learned that they were the primary focus of such technology."

-- James F. Marino -- NSA Satellite Prisoner

Target For Non Consensual Human Experimentation
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