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The Many Varied Vehicles Of Organized Stalkers -- Some Are Expensive Others Are Inexpensive -- All Are Owned By Those With Evil Machinations

Why U.S. Intel Must Lie To The American People

If U.S. Intel agencies like the NSA, CIA and FBI were operating legally, there would be no need for them to blackmail others in order to hide their own criminal activity from the public. Nor would there be a need for the organized stalking groups which can now be found throughout the 48 U.S. Continental States.

Unfortunately, these federal agencies don't operate legally, which forces them to spend most of their time circulating propaganda in which to deceive the American public, who falsely believe that these agencies operate within the guidelines set forth by the U.S Constitution; when they in fact do exactly the opposite. The FBI, NSA, DHS and the rest of their Intel associates blatantly violate every aspect of the U.S. Bill Of Rights, and then arrogantly refuse to answer for these outrageous crimes.

A quick visit to the FBI's Website and one will find a section on how the FBI vigorously defends Americans whose rights have been violated by federal officials under the cover of law.

This is an outright lie, and piece of propaganda used to deceive the public.

However, the FBI's COINTELPRO history of committing such terrible violations of these rights stands as a testament to the complete hypocrisy with which the FBI operates; a situation in which the Bureau violates every aspect of the Bill Of Rights including that of due process of law. And when caught in such crimes, rather than admitting its own culpability, the FBI instead destroys the credibility of those whom it has wronged, while using the pathetic U.S. media disinfo system to aid and abet its deception.

In fact, the FBI has a history of going much further than that -- including its use of psychological warfare in efforts to drive these poor souls to commit suicide, or to such despair that they act out in a criminal manner which they would never have done, had they been left alone.

The truth as it applies to the FBI is that its role as premier law enforcement agency in this country is a total fabrication from beginning to end. The FBI is a complete and utter LIE, and has perpetrated every crime there is, including murder.

For the past five years, I have witnessed the Bureau cruelly brainwashing my own family, to the point where they are no longer capable of thinking for themselves; refusing to acknowledge the FBI and NSAs' egregious criminality as it applies to the violation of their rights as American citizens, regardless of the evidence put forth (including that from the Freedom Of Information Act). My family now sees the FEDS in the ways in which victims see their captors -- a Stockholm Syndrome type of dependence which is absolutely horrifying.

*No doubt the FEDS will show them this paragraph to cause us further problems, since this is how these filthy Nazi reprobates operate. They illegaly spy on you, twist your words around, and pathologically deceive the public, while perpetrating crimes that should put them in prison for life.

However, whenever I bring this up, I am told that I am paranoid, and that the FBI, NSA and DHS have nothing to do with this harassment, even though it is quite obvious that they are each directly responsible for perpetrating what have become precedent setting crimes against us, and now so incredibly desperate to justify what they have done, that there is no longer any rule of law in regard to how they are operating.

A cell of agents spend their days figuring out the best ways in which to torment us, while these filthy criminals violate every aspect of our rights as U.S. citizens.

My Family may tolerate being attacked in such ways, but I never will.

Even many of the Bureau's own agents have said that the agency is Evil and operating based on a Nazi ideology, where the inherent rights of all Americans are placed in jeopardy, depending on whom the Bureau decides to attack on any given day.

However, there's an information revolution going on in this country at present which is going to eventually result in the abolition of the cancerous FBI and many of its Intel brethren. The agency is on a respirator and its days are clearly numbered. And the same can be said for its organized stalking subordinates, who do much of the FBI's dirty work for it.

The FBI's agents have taken such a steep dive, that they will perpetrate any crime imaginable, as long as they believe that they can get away with it -- including murder. Which is why the agency must be abolished, and those agents who have and continue to commit such crimes must be named, and tried for their crimes against humanity. They can no longer be allowed to commit their heinous crimes under the shadow of the FBI acronym. The FBI is only as good or bad as those who operate within its clandestine walls. And based on the experiences of many of those who've been illegally targeted by it for years, it is quite obvious that most of the agents within the FBI are in the latter category.

Vicious, murderous, treasonous, and pathologically deceptive; these are some of the typical characterizations of this Nazi run juggernaut and those whom through their sadism and cowardice, are to blame for the FBI's failed and despised legacy.

A group of filthy reprobates who've sunk so low that they are now videotaping American citizens using their bathrooms and having sex. These agents are PIGS. And they belong in prison.

Why Organized Stalking Will Eventually Cease

Organized stalking groups are a manifestation of the New World Order's global domination. They are as much a symptom of the NWO and its Nazi ideologies as are corrupt central banks like the privately held Federal Reserve. Americans are living in a matrix of lies which are being propagated by the Illuminati's NWO and criminally enforced by federal agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS.

Those who document these unpleasant truths are demonized by these NWO disciples, through orchestrated smear campaigns used to destroy their lives. Their privacy is obliterated, in the most abjectly criminal ways imaginable, as these agencies abuse their authority to obfuscate their own criminality.

The situation within the United States has become completely intolerable as these agencies continue to provoke a response to their outrageous behavior. However, in time those who take part in these internationally networked groups of organized stalkers will begin to realize that it's those whom they have been stalking who've been propagating unpopular truths about their own treasonously corrupted governments and intelligence communities.

And at that time, these groups, having lost confidence in those within the intelligence communities who've organized them, will gradually disband, joining those of us who have been propagating the truth about the New World Order and its agenda to remotely enslave the minds of this planet's proletariat all along.

As it presently stands, vehicular stalking is in a dramatic decline, because of the outrageous price of a gallon of gasoline. I have noticed a significant decrease in this aspect of the organized stalking which I am subjected to. It is simply too expensive to have these stalkers driving long distances in which to harass people, when to fill up the average fuel tank can cost upwards of $60 dollars, and more than a hundred for many SUV's (a common vehicle used in this type of covert crime).

Even the neighbors who usually take part in these crimes are easing back, simply because their illegal tactics have not been effective, and their own common sense is finally forcing them to realize that they are throwing their money away.

And while I could focus on these people, the fact is that many have been hoodwinked into taking part in these crimes, when prior to doing so, they were simply living their own lives and not bothering anyone else.

The culprits here, as usual, are agencies like the FBI and DHS; the consummate and predatory trouble makers who have the technology in which to cause such trouble, and complete lack of conscience to routinely abuse it. My neighborhood was once a quiet and beautiful area where neighbors were cordial to one another, yet minded their own business. That has always been perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of living in such an nice locale.

However, five years ago, these federal buzzards descended upon us like a plague, in which the peace and quiet of this area were completely shattered.

The FBI and DHS are the ones to blame here. They are the agencies who are responsible for causing ALL of the hatred which we as a community are now experiencing. New World Order Nazi Jockeys whose existence is to decimate each of our rights as citizens of this once great nation, while using their evil machinations in which to divide and conquer us.

A Gestapo tactic.

These agencies are not crime fighters. They are criminals and they are the consummate trouble makers; those who use satellites as their venue for predation -- and each of us are their unwitting prey. And there will come a time in the not too distant future when their orchestrated stalking community -- spiritually destitute and exhausted -- will simply turn on the federal organizers of these sick and depraved protocols.

The U.S. Intelligence community's role here will finally be exposed both nationally and internationally, as will their use of satellite based psychotronic and directed energy weaponry, on those of us whom they've illegally targeted for non consensual human experimentation.

The American people (as well as the rest of those from around this planet) will then be made painfully aware of their own vulnerability to the satellite based technologies deployed by the NSA, FBI and the rest of their NWO brethren, and the NWO will finally be exposed globally for its genocidal intentions.
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