Friday, July 25, 2008

Cancer Patient Randy Pausch Passes Away After A Most Heart Wrenching & Gallant Battle

Most people who've become familiar with Randy Pausch's courageous battle with pancreatic cancer knew that this day would come sooner or later. And finally, and in some ways mercifully, it has.

There are many people throughout history who've earned the respect of others for their courage, however none more so than Randy Pausch, who decided to spend his last months here on earth educating the public about the horrors of pancreatic cancer, as he courageously battled on each day, while his talented doctors managed to find ways in which to give him a bit more time to do so.

While much has already been written about his courageous battle (including a book that he co-authored) and there will likely be a movie of his life to further memorialize him somewhere down the line, no characterization of Randy could be more accurate than the following statement: Randy Pausch was the very definition of the indomitable human spirit. His courage and love for his beloved family as well as life itself were certainly evidence enough of this.

Randy will not only live in their hearts for time immemorial, but also in those of the tens of millions whose hearts he touched since speaking out publicly once he became afflicted with this pernicious illness.

May Randy be as dynamic in his next life as he was in this one. And may his family's grieving be lessened in knowing how truly remarkable a person he was.

See the latest on Randy's passing here:

See Randy's last lecture here. The lecture which made him internationally renown.
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